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Stalinist and Stupid, Part 1: No Gun For YOU!

In recent days, we have seen stunning attacks on free speech, political activity and due process in this country. There was a time, not too long ago when such attacks would have seemed inconceivable to anyone of any political stripe. To have put forward such ideas would have seemed Stalinist, stupid and embarrassingly immature. But, with “congressmen” who hold sit-ins on the House floor, heartlessly groaning out lame 60’s protest songs, I suppose maturity and dignity are in very short supply. 

No Fly, No Buy

The first, and still ongoing assault on citizens is the “No Fly – No Buy” gun restrictions. At first glance by the uninitiated, the idea seems relatively harmless. If you are a terrorist, you shouldn’t be able to purchase a gun.

But for those who know how to use the government as a weapon (Obama used the IRS to thwart political opponents) the No Fly list is a real gift. At the moment anyone can find themselves on the No Fly list. It was a bit of theater cooked up by incompetent politicians with no protection for the honest citizen.

Let’s say a commentator, we’ll make up a name – Matt Jordan – is toiling away on his political blog. In this blog – we’ll call it… I don’t know… call it Street Politics – Jordan labels Barrack Obama as the most paranoid and incompetent president in our history. There are thousands of people in this country with access and authority to add to the No Fly list. How easy would it be for this hapless scribbler to end up on the list?

Keep in mind the former Secretary of State, now Democratic presidential candidate, once made Imelda Marcos look honest and distinguished. When serving as our First Lady, Hillary Clinton made use of 1700 FBI files to construct her husband’s shit list. It was and is illegal for her to have been in possession of those files. She should have done jail time for it. But so corrupt was the Clinton Administration, so feckless our Congress, she got away with it. The obedient, often ignorant media played along.

What would stop an ethically bankrupt person like BJ Bill’s wife from using this list as punishment? What of government bureaucrats who believe it is okay to break the law and deny someone their rights and ruin reputations in order to protect such a politician? Couldn’t they put this madman, Jordan, on the No Fly list? Sure. It’s done all the time.

And once on the list, it has been made intentionally tedious and costly to get off. People spend years trying. At no time is anyone required to tell you why you are on the list or who put you there. Talk about your basic 1984 scenario. Not only is it abusive, it would be maddening. Oh, and it can all be done without a warrant and with no explanation to anyone.

Now, this is the list the Democrats want to use to control the sales of firearms. They introduced legislation, in a fit of drama and insult to the dead in Orlando, to say that if you are on the No Fly list you can’t buy a personal weapon. The Republicans, of course voted it down.

The GOP Is Not Being Helpful

Not to be outdone, the GOP announced their legislation saying that if you are put on the No Fly list (we’ll say by the pussy FBI employee whose car you bumped with a shopping cart) you’ll have a whole 72 hours to demand redress.

So okay, what citizen, who isn’t a well-connected Beltway tool, would be able to lawyer up and fight this inside of 72 hours? The result would be the same for most people who have been put on the list erroneously or spitefully. Years of hassle and a complete denial of due process. No matter. The point of the legislation is to grow the list as quickly as possible and to deny people their Second Amendment rights.

Now, Paul Ryan (one of the Four Morons) has announced the Republicans would offer a new bill that should pass regarding No Fly – No Buy. What is he going to offer as a redress window for the people on the list, thirty minutes?

If anything remotely similar to these bills passes, you will get whiplash watching the list grow. Few, if any of the names added will be terrorists. Liberal hacks will put every name they can come up with on the list. There are already a million names on it. Dummies who publicly state what worthless, witless boobs we have passing for a government will be among the first ones enrolled. We’ll won’t get guns. We might get cavity searches.

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One thought on “Stalinist and Stupid, Part 1: No Gun For YOU!

  1. Are government bumbles along and the no-fly list is a fine example. However I do see the sense in not releasing to the public domain, ways a terrorist might keep him or herself off of that list. I would liken the government’s mishandling of the no-fly list to the effectiveness of Amtrak, another quasi-governmental nightmare. Next I pray that particular fetishists do not add you to their No Blog list for your catty swipe at the 1st Lady of Feet, Imelda.

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