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Trump is Right About Clinton and the Media!

In a previous post, I blasted Donald Trump and his childish tantrum at his last press conference. I have never witnessed such a display of petty girlishness in all my life. I mean, I’ve seen adults behaving like total idiots, feeling sorry for themselves and lashing out in an immature way. But I have never seen that in a leading candidate for the Oval Office. But being utterly devoid of an argument, Trump does the only thing he knows how to do, hurl middle school insults and vapid, ill-considered phrases.

That said, he hit one nail right on the head. The press does have its head up its own ass when it comes to the ethical application of its trade.

Yesterday, I listened as Brit Hume, a journalist I respect, miss the mark completely in what he considers the upshot of the Trump debacle. He basically recounted Trump had said he would donate $1 million to a veteran’s charity (that was true). A reporter, followed up on that promise last week. That reporter found out there was no donation made. The Trump campaign’s reaction seemed to indicate more damage control than action and rushed a few donations out. This sent the press into a feeding frenzy.

When reacting to Trumps embarrassing petulance, Hume said quite heatedly, “He made a claim…and a reporter followed up on it; asked questions. It’s what we do!” But Hume is only theoretically correct. The reporter DID have every right to ask a tough question about the veterans donation claims Trump has been boasting about since the debate he skipped.

BUT, when you compare the media’s vociferous pursuit of a donation not being completed by a date certain, to the ginger, almost frightened way most have handled Trump’s opponent, you must agree with Trump’s basic premise, if not his silly antics.

The fact is Hillary has given reporters concrete reasons to ask a simple battery of questions over and over again until they get answers from her. Just a short list includes Benghazi, the illegal server, the Clinton Foundation and the canvassing for donations from foreign entities and foreign governments (which include North Korea for chrissake! You can’t make this up!) There is a stinking pile of criminal activity and incompetence at work here. But you would think the only thing the American media smells is a bit of administrative difficulty on Clinton’s part.

It is long overdue that the media start to treat BJ Bill’s wife the way they treat every republican. That includes FOX News. FOX is bending over backward to try to prove they don’t have an editorial bias. They don’t want anyone to say they are mean.

There are exceptions, of course. James Rosen and Katherine Herridge are pretty thorough. But, if the wider media give Clinton the same weight of concern they demonstrated with Trump this week, Rosen and Herridge should be pushing out the lead story, Clinton’s criminality, every night until the felon leaves the race.

Compare a donation getting blown off for a few months to people killed by Clinton’s incompetence.  Or compare it to tens of millions of dollars of influence sold brazenly by Clinton – TO FOREIGNORS! Compare not making a charitable donation to multiple national security laws broken by Clinton to skirt congressional oversight and her own State Department.


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