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Letter for Your Senators and Reps.

Go to your Senator and your House Rep contact pages. Cut and paste this letter.

Dear Senator,

If Congress had done its job when this idea was first floated, this letter would not have been necessary. But Congress did not, so as of September 2016, we will lose control of ICANN and the Domain Name System (DNS) governing communications on the internet.

Only the most naive will believe that entities hostile to the United States and Western Values will not immediately move to take advantage of the loss of protection these entities will experience. They will no longer be protected by our Department of Commerce or the IANA. At best, they will be run by wide-eyed idealists who will lose control of them almost immediately, or they will be handed directly to those who will use political or religious ideology to thwart the free movement of information throughout the world.

ICANN and DNS are two of the painfully few things this country has done right. Giving them up, we will not only see something we did well turn to muck, but we will see personal liberty take a giant leap backward.

Please sponsor and vigorously promote legislation to stop this event from occurring! Keep ICANN and DNS just as it is!

Thank You,

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