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When I'm Right, I'm Right! Where Ya Been, Dana?

This morning I watch Dana Loesch (hot, smart) on Morning Joe. She was hawking her new book and discussing the election. She was asked about her book and how it applies to the present political picture. Shaking her head and shrugging, as if to be still wondering at a great new discovery, she said that non-elites outside “the Beltway” are sick and tired of the business-as-usual politics. They are tired of being ignored and want a candidate who speaks from the heart and speaks the truth.

Well, Dana and Will and Krauthammer and McCain (Meghan) and Hume and every other talking head, with painfully few exceptions, welcome to the real world. It has been a frustrating year, saying the same things over and over again while listening to commentators creeping toward acceptance of what is. The reality we little people have known since Bush 41 threw away the presidency in favor of the Bubba-in-Chief.

Both here and in the book, I banged away at what the voter and the nation as an entity needs in a candidate. Only one candidate took the lesson Dana is bringing up at this late date. But that candidate only followed the first two chapters. The ones who followed the other 18 chapters (quite capably) but ignored the first two, in favor of a low-risk run, are sitting at home now.

Would someone send Gary Johnson a copy of my book? I don’t want to do it and be seen as self-serving. He can use my ideas all he wants. He doesn’t have to mention my name. No one else has that permission. Only Johnson. If you use my ideas, you have to cite my work. This goes double for the cable news outlets!

I am blowing raspberries right now.

Dana’s book, Flyover Country: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To is available on Amazon.

So is mine!!!!!

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