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DHS and FBI: Partners in Failure

What the Partners Failed to DO

Well, almost 15 years after 9/11 national law enforcement and intelligence have still not learned the basic lesson it should not have needed to learn to begin with. No stove piping. On three occasions the FBI had the pleasure of Omar Mateen’s company. It seems this unworthy piece of garbage had made terrorist remarks to coworkers, which included a desire to kill cops in a Jihadi suicide.

But thanks to BHO and his fetish for all things Muslim, all FBI training and policy and training has been purged of terms like Jihad, Radical Islamist, terrorist. When Mrteen mentioned being persecuted for being Muslim, the FBI folded like an accordion and kindly turned him loose. They also sat on the information they had gleaned.

At the time of his death (the sonofabitch got off easy) Mateen held a job with a security company that contracted for, among other people, the Department of Homeland Security. Had the FBI been kind enough to notify DHS that they had a religious nut bag on their hands, we might at least assume he would have been out of a job. It may not have stopped the massacre, but the FBI would have done its job.

Is that too much of a stretch? After all, there are multiple dozens of religious nut bags known to be on the terrorist watch list who, after knowing about them for over a year, still have access to high security areas in airports. No reason to think the DHS would have fulfilled its primary obligation of protecting the Homeland. Making religious nut bags feel good about themselves trumps everything.

I’ve heard the excuse offered that the FBI just don’t have the funding or the manpower to do their job effectively. Who am I to argue? They must have the same problem with investigating BJ Bill’s wife because that has been a circus from the beginning. Still, even a reeeealy busy agent might find the time to enter a name into a database.

So as unindicted co-conspirators in the deaths of 49 people, you can add the FBI and DHS. They utterly failed on this case. They have on several others, most significantly the Tsarnaev brothers. No one will be fired or even disciplined. They know by now that they are not expected to do their jobs. They know not to ask questions. According the existing regime, they did their jobs flawlessly. the deaths of 49 people weigh as nothing compared to some FBI guys keeping secrets from proper authorities and Mateen not getting his feelings hurt.

There is nothing new here. Read chapter 15 of my book.  Before 9/11 FBI failures and stove piping were the result of simple incompetence and Bill Clinton’s physical cowardice. Under Obama, handing our country over to religious nut bags has been codified into policies. This was done at his, or the (Iranian-born) Valerie Jarrett’s direction.

Married to Feces

Who else could have stopped this? This morning, we learned Mateen’s wife knew of his plans and said nothing. For that, many talking heads say she cannot be held legally culpable. One can only be compelled to report a crime in the event of treason.


Am I correct to say that it is the official position of the U.S. Government that we are at WAR with terrorism? As much of a misnomer as the term is, if it is official policy, this would be a classic case of treason to let the enemy kill Americans. It would have been an excellent test case against the wife.

Alas, as it turns out she may have helped plan the attack and perhaps even given him a ride to the club that night. If found innocent of that, she should be tried for treason anyway. Whatever the government decides, no American citizen is in any way bound to provide Mateen’s wife with the least considerations. Anyone who recognizes her should feel free to refuse her service, merchandise or assistance. One can ethically feel free to treat her with complete contempt.

A Thought About Terrorists Themselves

This morning we woke to find that a religious nut bag in Paris killed a cop, tortured and killed the cop’s wife in front of a three year-old and streamed it live on Facebook. This rodent and Mateen are the face of our enemy.

As a military man, I’ve heard to the point of cliché, the adage that one should respect one’s enemy. The average American has taken this to mean respect his culture or the fact that the enemy may have a real beef. That is not the meaning behind the admonishment. It only applies to the enemies capabilities to resist our forces. We need to respect that as we would the speed with which a snake can strike.

But if we are to successfully engage and kill our enemy, we are psychologically required to hold all that he stands for in utter contempt. This is especially true of the ones who willingly pursue status as our enemy, like those who volunteer to kill people for god.

We owe these subhumans nothing in the way of common respect. They are stupid, gullible and depraved. Those who send them out are cowards and equally depraved. I would also contend that those who send them out don’t actually believe in all the allah crap, or they’d be strapping on the bomb vests and shooting at innocent people themselves.

No, we owe them nothing but the courtesy of killing them. They are beneath contempt. To say they are sons of whores who bred with pigs would be too kind. Sadly, terrorists are always celebrated, even lionized, by entire communities, even countries, of subhuman creatures who are every bit as depraved and gullible as the killers themselves.

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