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Classic Rock: Do You Still Believe the S**t We Shoveled?

Have you heard the news and the associated sound tracks in the dispute between Led Zeppelin and the group Spirit? It seems there was a group that toured with LZ back when people believed that rock bands represented something transcendental and non-materialistic (as opposed to the greedy, money-grubbing materialistic reality). This group laid down a very smooth riff for one of their songs.

Later, Robert Plant lifted it to create one of his most enduring hits.

I’m no expert on copyright law. I know that all musicians are influenced by those who go before them. It certainly affects the music they make and the style they use. But I do know when I smell a very obvious rat.

The work Plant used to create Stairway to Heaven Is the very core of the song. It is also the very core of the song Taurus. Only a willfully dishonest person, or a vapid LZ fan can listen to the tracks and not know that. Plant ripped off a hard-working tour band’s music and got away with it for decades. I hope the courts stick it up his ass.

You listen and tell me. Legal or illegal, there is such a thing as ethics. If anyone listens to this and says Stairway to Heaven was a bolt out of the blue for Robert Plant, I’ll call you a liar or sell you some used aluminum siding. The side-by-side.

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