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Climate Hustle: Could Have Been Done Better.

I attended a showing of Climate Hustle on 2 May 16 at the Cinemark 16 in Gulfport. It was very instructive. In terms of content, Marc Morano did a very good job.

Using evidence and argument, as opposed to the vitriol and emotionalism exhibited by climate alarmists, the film stepped through the history of the Global Warming/Climate Change (GW/CC) debacle.They discussed the group think quality of the “scientific” work used to create the alarmism over the environment, and how much like witch hunters the movement’s protagonists have become. Skeptics are not debated. They are stigmatized, “excommunicated” if you will, from the offices they hold or groups they subscribe to if they dare to question the only airtight, settled science in all of history.

The film spends a bit of time discussing how the dogma of Global Cooling alarmism was replaced by the Global Warming kookiness. It shows the unvarnished fanaticism of many GW/CC who say the most outrageous things and make ludicrous claims with a perfectly straight face. One “respected” researcher suggest engineering the human race to make people smaller. His thinking: smaller people have a smaller “carbon footprint”. There are those who would see skeptics, called “deniers” by the GW/CC cultists, put to death for crimes against humanity. For the truly slow, that’s killing someone because they disagree with a “science” that has been wrong on every level since it’s genesis. Genesis is the correct term. The most faithful to the concept of catastrophic, man-made climate emergency are as religiously fanatical and unscientifically entrenched as any member of the ISIS high command.

One point no GW/CC will ever address is the fact that CO2 is not only one of the lesser influences on the environment/climate, but is only one of hundreds of other influences. These influences create more variables than can possibly manipulated intentionally with today’s technology, far less quantified and understood.

Another point barely touched on is what it truly is GW/CC enthusiasts are trying to accomplish vis a vis our climate. It is clear to the least observer that the real agenda is wealth redistribution and the weakening of free markets. But with the direct application of their silly suggestions of tinker toy technologies, death to deniers, forced sterilization, what do they think will actually result? Put more directly, do they wish to put the earth at the optimum temperature and keep it there? And what is that temperature? Are we moving toward it or away from it? At the moment, GW/CC fanatics will meet such questions with naked and aggressive insults. You might as well ask a drunk Irish Catholic if he is REALLY SURE about the reputation of the Blessed Virgin around 9 months BC. There is no answer, so you will be attacked for asking.

Oh, eventually someone will pull a optimum mean temperature out of their ass, the same place the hockey stick graph came from, and you will then be expected to believe it. Because someone said so and for no other reason.

Where the film hurts itself is in the presentation. There is an attempt to be friendly arbiters through the use of comedy. As all good stand-up comedian will tell you, if you are not funny, you know it. Don’t try to be. The laughs, the intra-sequence transitional images, the funny vignettes fall flat. I found myself distracted from the argument and annoyed with the poor quality of satire or comedy.

But the argument is well joined by the film. Perhaps it is time for those with the ability to do so, to take this material and make a more appealing and engaging film and carry the battle to the fanatics. What do you say James Woods, Penn Jillette?


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