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Indicted? If only it were true!

Below is an interesting article floating around social media. It makes very good points about what BJ Bill’s wife should be facing. Sadly, the headline is somewhat misleading. If it were true – if the Justice Department already knew she was to be indicted – the word would be flooding out from everywhere. I’ll include the headline and story here because it does illustrate what the Clinton’s have done with the “charity” foundation they run their slush fund out of.

I am still of a mind that James Comey is allowing himself to be used as a tool, slow-walking the investigation. As I have said before, if proven wrong on this point, I will retract and apologize. I am confident I will never be put in that position. I would be overjoyed to eat crow otherwise. See link below.

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Even If Trump Wins, GOP Loses.

This is yet another occasion where I hope I am completely wrong about Donald Trump. The evidence suggests I am not.

Yesterday, I asserted Trump was doing the right thing by bringing up Hillary’s hateful treatment of the women her husband used on a routine basis. More than anything, with the possible exception of the illegal server compromising national security, her orchestration and participation in the destruction of these women demonstrates her lack of decency and total disregard for the rule of law.

Saying so, however, doesn’t get Trump out of the line of fire. As he has from the outset of the campaign, Trump has based every remark and every poorly worded “policy” statement on one of two things. One is to determine what a conservative might sound like answering questions. Then in an attempt to sound conservative, as in the abortion disaster with Chris Matthews, he blurts out poorly constructed thoughts. His attack on Hillary is one of a few times he’s gotten something right in that regard.

The other is to attack anyone who he perceives to not like him, or as he has stated even more sadly, to have treated him “unfairly”. This week was possibly the low-water mark for an already dismal record.

When grownups among political allies disagree, there is an altogether reasonable expectation that the disagreement will not be made a wedge issue, dividing the party. Public pronouncements asserting each person’s own opinion are fine; even healthy. But only a political idiot would raise the infighting to the point of embarrassing both individuals and thus damaging the wider party. Trump, once again, proved he is just that idiot.

Governor Susana Martinez R-New Mexico is a popular figure, especially in the Western United States. She chairs the Governor’s Association, a position highly instrumental in national elections of presidents and congressmen. She is popular in all demographics in her state. Martinez has been repeatedly been mentioned as a possible VP. More than a few would have been happy to see her make a run for the top of the ticket this year. Overall she is seen to be a very effective governor.

But in Trump’s eyes, she’s a terrible governor and worthy of loud and immature, underdeveloped attacks from a podium at a large rally. Why? Because she didn’t endorse him. And to add imaginary insult to imaginary injury, Martinez, having to make strategic considerations Trump doesn’t, didn’t attend the Trump rally.

Trump’s reaction? We have to get your governor to get going. She’s got to do a better job, ok? Your governor has got to do a better job. She’s not doing the job. Hey, maybe I’ll run for governor of New Mexico, I’ll get this place going. She’s not doing the job. We’ve got to get her moving. Come on, let’s go governor.” Note the classic Trump style; in the absence of a real point, make up a point and repeat it two or three times to fill space. Then say something self-promoting. It ain’t Churchillian prose, but his cult followers always love it.

The blatant immaturity on display not withstanding, the attack represents a much more serious problem. Trump is destroying the GOP down-ticket. This means he really is irretrievably stupid and doesn’t realize that he might win the presidency and, by his own hand, install a Democrat congress. OR it means he really is a shill for the left and will happily go into office with his Democrat friends in control of both houses.

Either way, Trump is still making it impossible for thinking voters to get behind him.

But Trump is just a real estate financier who got carried through the primaries by the press and a credulous electorate. So in a sense, he doesn’t carry all the blame. It’s been obvious since the 80s that we weren’t dealing with Solomon here.

I pulled a few lines from IMDB and posted them below to demonstrate my point. The sad fact is that the quotes, though fictional, are an accurate depiction of modern politics. The people, ignorant as they are of the American Experiment created in 1787, actually are searching for leadership. They shouldn’t be, but I’ll save that for another post. Or you can read my book. Put that search for “leadership” together with the damage done to our economy and society, and you see how someone as incompetent as Donald J. Trump can win the GOP Nomination.

Lewis Rothschild: They don’t have a choice! Bob Rumson is the only one doing the talking! People want leadership, Mr. President, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they’ll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership. They’re so thirsty for it they’ll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there’s no water, they’ll drink the sand.
President Andrew Shepherd: Lewis, we’ve had presidents who were beloved, who couldn’t find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight. People don’t drink the sand because they’re thirsty. They drink the sand because they don’t know the difference.

Chew on that, dear reader. And hate me if you want to.

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Trump Was Actually Right On This!

If this guy gets it, what’s your problem?

I am still waiting for Trump to demonstrate even a rudimentary understanding of the office he pursues. To date, we must wait for the completely disassociated translations of his rants to hear what he meant on ANY subject. So when he gets something right, I celebrate!

The loyalty of the left-wing media to BJ Bill and his ethically bankrupt wife defies belief. I have always said there is no creature more pig-headed and obedient than the modern “progressive”. I have to giggle when I use that word because there has not been a clear-minded liberal in real leadership in this country since JFK. He would find “progressives” as narrow-minded and non-progressive as I do.

Since Bill Clinton decided to sexually harass his intern and other women, and then lie about it all under oath, as a sitting president, the media have tripped over themselves to abandon their supposed principles and cover for him.

Before I go any further, let me clarify something. What two consenting adults do in private is none of my business. I am the last person in the world who would call some one out for any type of consensual sex.  Sex, in my book, is never a bad word. It’s awesome!

But that is simply part of my world view. As a matter of law, I am obliged to accept the limitations placed upon us all to live up to a certain level of decorum. For example, when a president has sex with someone, it is only sex. It is none of our business. But when a President breaks the law and has an affair with an intern; when a sitting Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces intentionally pursues an affair his subordinates are routinely punished for; when the primary executive charged with protecting the constitution lies, in court, about sex with said subordinate; when that President exposes himself to blackmail by political opponents and our enemies; then even the most obtuse commentator is obliged, by reason alone, to call that president a criminal.

But not in our media. The policy of most of the American media is to meekly submit to their political betters and carry water for them. And that sick relationship between the press and the Clintons has continued uninterrupted since Bubba announced his candidacy for the Oval Office.

I mention this because the dandies in most media outlets have picked up the talking point assigned to them and declared BJ Bill’s crooked little schledium to be off-limits in this election. We are told Donald Trump crossed “the line” when he brought it up.

The real Hillary

Here’s why Trump was absolutely, undeniably right to call out Mrs. Bill Clinton over her husband’s behavior: She was the enabler who repeatedly allowed for Bill’s low treatment of women over decades. She was the architect of the character assassinations of anyone who spoke the truth about Bubba’s adolescent sexual pursuits. She was the person who attacked women who made rape allegations, thus enabling BJ Bill to go on to abuse more women. Since she lies about all that to this day, she is that same vicious unethical person today as she always was. Hillary Clinton is of a character both undeserving and too dangerously self-absorbed to serve as our representative to the world.

So in calling out the Clintons on Bill’s past, and in some cases, very recent past, Trump is nailing a character issue that is more clearly universal and real than any raised in a campaign in modern times (with the exception of the illegal server). In fact this may be the only thing that will stand between Mrs. BJ and the White House. It is near certain the FBI Director, James Comey has offered the FBI to the Clintons for use as a tool. So the illegal server, for which she should be doing time, isn’t going to stop her.

So perhaps Hillary’s proactive support and encouragement of Bill’s abuses will.

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Nooooo! That's NOT what I meant!

Yesterday, I wrote that this was the perfect time for third candidate in the general election. Today I wake to find the Romney is trying to talk John Kasich into being that third candidate! Nooooo! Do these guys actively try to find ways to keep the country off track?

Don’t get me wrong. Kasich seems like a very nice man. But as a “Republican” and a “Conservative” he is the very same poison that has led to the emergence of a semi-articulate clown as the Republican nominee. He would also have the effect of peeling off very few voters, and all of them from Trump. That is because he is as boring as dry toast. He will not draw a following away from the Democrats.

No, dummies. The whole point of running a third party/independent is to get rid of Clinton and Trump and at the same time put a man in place who will thwart the Four Morons! The Four Morons will abet Trump or Clinton, both of whom think it is the President’s job to “run the country”.

We need a President who will shame Congress into doing their job and not one who will appoint federal judges who believe in safe spaces and the tooth fairy.

At the moment, there are only two viable candidates who can do that: Ted Cruz and Gary Johnson. Johnson has the greatest chance of pulling from both parties, but both could conceivably reach the 30%+ threshold to at least deny the election to Trump/Clinton.

Mitt, I went easy on you when you first stuck your foot in it this year. But it is time for you to shut up! Your good intentions won’t be worth a bucket of poop with Clinton sitting in the White House.

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A Shocking Shift of Realities!

Street Politics will provide much more about this and even outline ways to make it happen. In the meantime, I’ll ask the reader to share this link and get the conversation going. Seriously, this could change the American political landscape in ways we couldn’t have imagined just last year.

As of a few months ago, I was still telling people there is no path for a third-party victory in presidential politics. The reason, I would say with professorial certainty, is that we need to build third-party viability starting the day after a general election, fill state and local offices with third-party people and then build a known entity into a realistic presidential candidate over the entire election cycle; maybe two cycles.

 To achieve wide-spread success for such a party, this is still a true assessment. HOWEVER!…

There has never been a more perfect moment for a new insurgent to WIN a presidential election in more than 150 years. Right now, the stage is set for a sober and honest politician to emerge and pull the rug right out from under the smug and incompetent candidates and handlers in the race.

Remember Lincoln! He was a relatively unknown member of his own party and utterly unknown in the US when he took the nomination and won the general election. He did so as a member of a party that was far younger than the Libertarian Party we have today. He was likely the most lampooned man to run for the presidency next to Richard Nixon. His success in the nominating process was a matter of circumstance which very much resembles the elements at work in our present-day general election. More important, his opponents were far more worthy than the silly lot our insurgent would face today.

Source: Fox
trump face

And there is the critical word. It is the year of the insurgent candidate. Presently, according to the media there are only two choices. A man who ONLY knows how to finance real estate deals and blurt out populist concepts he barely understands himself, stands on one side. A corrupt felon with ZERO regard for national security faces him. These are the two main choices we are supposed to go along with. It’s like being asked, “Which has lovelier scent, the bleu cheese or the Limburger?”

When you look at the solid support both the leading candidates have, and I use the term “solid” advisedly, it comes to about 35-40% of the entire electorate. That leaves 60-65% of the population available for an independent or third-party candidate. Keep in mind that in exit polls, among those who voted for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the majority usually said they disapproved of them anyway.

Right now, we have at least two candidates available to fill the void. One is Cruz. He has a huge following and could easily gain the support of many of those who supported his primary opponents.

Even better, we have Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico. His resume is superior in every respect to that of every other candidate and potential candidate under consideration right now. He is running as a Libertarian and espouses ideas that would not only attract many conservatives but a lot of Democrats. Many Democrats and independents understand wide-eyed socialism and untrammeled corruption are not what is good for the country.

If this idea takes hold, the talking heads and political class will scold us. They will tell us (with a smirk) that little people cannot emerge and take on the sacred cows of DC or the media darlings. There is NO WAY a third-party candidate can win. They know this is no longer a true statement. They hope that enough of us will continue to be mindless lemmings and obey their implied command to fall back into line and stay there! I am betting that ship has sailed. American voters are starting to think for themselves again.

But here’s the best part. If we reject the reality TV clown and the criminal, we don’t have to have 50% of the vote to win an election, although we could achieve it.

This may be the year legalized marijuana advocates and small government conservatives BOTH thank their personal god for an electoral college; and maybe even an election forced into the House of Representatives.


At this moment, Gary Johnson is at 11% in the national polls, with almost no mention in the media. This number WILL go up. Cruz would hold sway with huge numbers of the 60% of Republicans who would rather vote for their dog than for Donald Trump. In Cruz’s case that is almost 30% of registered voters. For Johnson, his appeal to millennials (legalized marijuana, less military intervention, etc.) would resonate wildly. He would do more damage to BJ Bill’s wife than to the Donald.

Not only could Cruz and Johnson make enough of a splash to justify a realistic run, if the election were forced into the House, the congressional electors would be blessed with two choices which wouldn’t actually cause them to vomit; two candidates we could take pride in as citizens.

And, for the record, Johnson is running on the Libertarian ticket.

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BHO: Racist-in-Chief

Barack Obama may be more articulate (he can read and write) and less personally abrasive than Al Sharpton (tax dodger and mob rat #7) but dissimilarity ends there.

He is every bit the racist hustler “Reverend” Al is. He has sullied the office of President of the United States with – among many other offenses –  his brand of racial pandering.

Listen to this characterization by Andrew Beatty at Yahoo News. “Acknowledging that more needs to be done to reduce inequality, Obama took head-on the issue of race relations that have sometimes appeared to fester under his administration.”

Race relations didn’t sometimes appear to have festered under Obama’s administration. Racism from every corner was intentionally provoked by the intentional acts of an administration committed to the destruction of everything good that we had become, before a demonstrably credulous electorate put Obama in power.

Obama’s recent commencement address is fraught with condescension and rhetorical head fakes. He sounds like he is being broad-minded by telling colleges not to dis-invite or ignore conservatives. He then poisons the well (in terms of spurious argument) by implying that being conservative is “ridiculous or offensive”. Well, thanks a load, butt head, but that won’t inspire open-mindedness.

BHO refers to “righteous anger” which Beatty says inspires groups like Black Lives Matter. BLM is a childish, racist tantrum being thrown by people who think everyone should treat them differently because their genetic code provides them with a different skin color. Such attitudes are exactly the problem we have in this country in terms of race. With the exception of city, state and federal governments, institutionalized racism had ceased to exist in this country. Social racism existed in the minds of only the most ignorant and ineffectual.

Now, thanks to the efforts of BHO and his ilk, racism, as he intended, is becoming fashionable again among all races. If anyone wishes to make the point that only white people can be racists, look at the last four words of the previous paragraph and see yourself.

Anyway, for those interested, here’s Beatty’s take.

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Climate Hustle: Could Have Been Done Better.

I attended a showing of Climate Hustle on 2 May 16 at the Cinemark 16 in Gulfport. It was very instructive. In terms of content, Marc Morano did a very good job.

Using evidence and argument, as opposed to the vitriol and emotionalism exhibited by climate alarmists, the film stepped through the history of the Global Warming/Climate Change (GW/CC) debacle.They discussed the group think quality of the “scientific” work used to create the alarmism over the environment, and how much like witch hunters the movement’s protagonists have become. Skeptics are not debated. They are stigmatized, “excommunicated” if you will, from the offices they hold or groups they subscribe to if they dare to question the only airtight, settled science in all of history.

The film spends a bit of time discussing how the dogma of Global Cooling alarmism was replaced by the Global Warming kookiness. It shows the unvarnished fanaticism of many GW/CC who say the most outrageous things and make ludicrous claims with a perfectly straight face. One “respected” researcher suggest engineering the human race to make people smaller. His thinking: smaller people have a smaller “carbon footprint”. There are those who would see skeptics, called “deniers” by the GW/CC cultists, put to death for crimes against humanity. For the truly slow, that’s killing someone because they disagree with a “science” that has been wrong on every level since it’s genesis. Genesis is the correct term. The most faithful to the concept of catastrophic, man-made climate emergency are as religiously fanatical and unscientifically entrenched as any member of the ISIS high command.

One point no GW/CC will ever address is the fact that CO2 is not only one of the lesser influences on the environment/climate, but is only one of hundreds of other influences. These influences create more variables than can possibly manipulated intentionally with today’s technology, far less quantified and understood.

Another point barely touched on is what it truly is GW/CC enthusiasts are trying to accomplish vis a vis our climate. It is clear to the least observer that the real agenda is wealth redistribution and the weakening of free markets. But with the direct application of their silly suggestions of tinker toy technologies, death to deniers, forced sterilization, what do they think will actually result? Put more directly, do they wish to put the earth at the optimum temperature and keep it there? And what is that temperature? Are we moving toward it or away from it? At the moment, GW/CC fanatics will meet such questions with naked and aggressive insults. You might as well ask a drunk Irish Catholic if he is REALLY SURE about the reputation of the Blessed Virgin around 9 months BC. There is no answer, so you will be attacked for asking.

Oh, eventually someone will pull a optimum mean temperature out of their ass, the same place the hockey stick graph came from, and you will then be expected to believe it. Because someone said so and for no other reason.

Where the film hurts itself is in the presentation. There is an attempt to be friendly arbiters through the use of comedy. As all good stand-up comedian will tell you, if you are not funny, you know it. Don’t try to be. The laughs, the intra-sequence transitional images, the funny vignettes fall flat. I found myself distracted from the argument and annoyed with the poor quality of satire or comedy.

But the argument is well joined by the film. Perhaps it is time for those with the ability to do so, to take this material and make a more appealing and engaging film and carry the battle to the fanatics. What do you say James Woods, Penn Jillette?