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The Fix Is In For BJ Bill's Wife!

I am frequently overwhelmed with a desire to slap that silly, smug grin off Hillary Clinton’s face and make her look like this:


This is especially true today. In a Virginia Pilot article dated 8 April we are treated once again with the realization that her presence on the campaign trail is a standing insult to justice and every American voter.

A U.S. Navy officer is under indictment on charges of espionage. The specifics? He improperly transported classified information, didn’t properly report a foreign contact and didn’t report that the material MAY have been compromised. When you read the charges that way, you may wonder if he may have done all this out of simple carelessness. Perhaps he was just ignorant of the principal laws and regulations regarding the documents, as unlikely as that seems. I mean it isn’t like they charged him with directly supplying a foreign government with military secrets. Not yet anyway. They have much more to investigate, but he is properly under arrest already.

And here’s the cool part for prosecutors. In the case of mishandling classified material, ignorance of the law is no excuse. And it isn’t reasonable to assume a Navy Lieutenant Commander was aware of the applicable laws. So the man is in deep doodoo. And so he should be. The question asked by some in this case is whether he could see the death penalty for his actions.

This is serious a business. As we’ve seen, with even General Petraeus, having a few classified documents in a desk and a careless relationship with an American, there are no excuses or exceptions in the need to prosecute these cases vigorously. If you’ve ever held a government clearance, you’ve signed documents telling you so.

But somehow, with an even more ominous cloud over her head, BJ Bill’s wife continues to campaign with confidence and vigor. There can be one, and only one reason she would have the temerity and lack of dignity to do so. A bit of history would be illuminating here.

Very early in his administration, in order to create the false narrative that American guns were fueling the drug wars in Mexico, BHO allowed guns to be smuggled into Mexico to fuel the drug wars. This criminal act was a naked attempt to justify restrictive gun laws. The result was that hundreds of Mexicans and an American Border Patrol agent were killed with the weapons BHO supplied.

As grounds for impeachment, this was a no-brainer, a slam-dunk. But the gutless wonders on Capitol Hill could not muster the requisite testicles to pursue the crime. No one in DC was ever held responsible. The government machine was equally agnostic about the criminal intent and neglect demonstrated with Benghazi, Clinton’s use of the Office of Secretary of State for personal enrichment, the IRS goon squads, the VA, HHS strong-arming “donations” from contractors, spying on reporters and other actions by the administration.

So it isn’t the least stretch to say the President of the United States has told Clinton that he would help her bury her crimes in the event an indictment is recommended – no matter how serious. She is confident because she knows her pardon is in the bag. Of course it is. She was likely the architect of the administration’s vilest of scandals and knows far too much to brought into a courtroom.

But wait! There’s More!

The administration, Clinton and her big money friends have teamed up to ensure she will get away with her countless crimes and still be the Democratic nominee. Through the corruption of super delegates, bought and paid for, Obama finds phony vindication his for his “legacy” in a Clinton victory. Likewise, Clinton gathers more power unto herself.

And yet we pretend to be left aghast at stories of Vladimir Putin’s corruption. Hell he has it a lot harder. He has to arrest or even kill his critics. In this country the population just shrugs off the crime, and goes back to watching TV shows about pawn brokers or middle age bimbos (called “Real Housewives”)!

Confident in this, the very sources of corruption, at the highest levels of government will, in the cold light of day, cynically commit further crimes against the people of the United States. For doing so, half the population will applaud them. We could actually see a felon, the most corrupt First Lady and Secretary of State in history, be sworn in as our next President.

In the unlikely event Bernie Sanders were to convince super delegates to turn their backs on their criminal benefactors, Hillary might be seen as suddenly powerless and be vulnerable to prosecution.

I would love to be proven wrong here. If the FBI has the guts to not be used as goons – if Obama has the integrity to prefer charges undoubtedly appropriate here – I would immediately publish a written apology for these remarks. I would mail a copy to the White House. But that’s not going to happen.

The Navy should and will take their idiot officer down. But with Hillary and Obama as a precedent and example, this guy should be looking forward to his promotion to Commander.

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