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Myth, Lies and the Rubes That Love Them!

There are a number of myths that have grown out of this election season. Sadly, there is no shortage of people who have happily abandoned reason and skepticism to gleefully immerse themselves in the mythology.

One myth I like most is the talk of Donald Trump’s “genius” in dealing with the press and labeling. In gaining press, Trump has had to do exactly NOTHING. Because of the circus-like atmosphere of his events, the certainty he will say something stupid (which will be immediately reworded by his cult), and the fact that the press wants him to win the nomination, no genius had been needed in getting in every news cycle.

Consider this. Before leaking he was going to make a VP announcement, when was the last time you saw a FOX News camera, in split screen trained on an empty podium over the words “Awaiting a Cruz Event”? This, while the talking heads went on with the rest of the news. When was the last time you saw an anchor raise his hand and say that Cruz was at the podium and they were cutting to the event, no matter how important the news at hand was?

I’ll save you the energy. The answer is once or twice since the beginning of the election season. But three or four days a week we see that camera pointed at a Trump podium with the anchor breathlessly announcing they will be cutting away the moment the Donald arrives to speak. Here’s breaking news; the same news that was broken here since last summer. The media are carrying Trump. All the major networks and newspapers do because they can’t wait to destroy him in the general election and FOX because they don’t want to get scooped and miss yet another cringe-worthy speech.

No other candidate has gotten such fawning treatment from the media. BJ Bill’s wife is the only close second.

On labeling. I have repeatedly heard that Trump is a “master” at labeling the opposition. Really? I mean, EFFING REALLY?! The examples of this “mastery”? One is “Lyin’ Ted”. Say anything you want about Ted Cruz. But you can’t change facts just because Trump chooses to ignore them. Not only is Lyin’ Ted not a mark of ANY kind of genius; but it refers back two or three months to issues that Cruz truthfully stated that he personally had nothing to do with. In one case, he fired the staffer who did. No matter for a growing number of fatuous fairy tale lovers among us. The cult leader came up with the ingenious name that a 4 year-old could have invented. So it must be true. Brilliant!

Another “brilliant” label: “Crooked Hillary”. It seems that Trump was the last person on the planet to discover Hillary Clinton is a lying, unscrupulous criminal. So Trump mustered all the marketing ability he’d learned in a lifetime of exaggerating his worth and abilities. He studied the situation intensely and came up with the incredibly creative moniker “Crooked Hillary”. His cult followers, and enablers like Eric Bolling, cheered the amazing creativity on display. Who on earth could have thought of such an amazing label?

Personally, I think “BJ Bill’s Wife”, coined here, is a far better reference, but that’s just me.

And what of other myths? Here’s one. “Clinton cares about black people.” Unless you aren’t an Occupy Wall Street sissy or living under a rock, that one SHOULD leave you in stitches. There is no evidence on record anywhere outside of an election appearance that indicates Hillary would give a damn if all the minorities in the country slid into a sink hole. And she wouldn’t. Clinton ONLY deals with any minority on a wholesale basis when it is going to benefit her. Since the only time talking to a roomful of black people during an election will benefit her, that is the only time you’ll see her doing so voluntarily.

What Hillary cares about is money and power. The latter more than the former, but as much money as she can get to acquire more power. accordingly the only people she cares for are gullible rich people. And even then, the caring isn’t sincere. She must drive away from Hollywood events laughing her fool head off at the naivety exhibited by the entire entertainment industry. But hey, they’re famous and have big bucks. They live in nice houses and dress well; so she much prefers their company to anyone else’s, save Wall Street executives living in the Hamptons.

As I stated in an earlier post, Clinton doesn’t care about anyone south of Manhattan and anyone not wealthy enough to live there.

I could go on all day about myths here; Ted Cruz’s religion, Bernie Sanders’ understanding of Denmark, John Kasich’s sincerity. They are all BS. And we all know it. And yet, a third of us in each party, have chosen to believe the BS we are being fed and beg for more. That is enough to keep the two worst candidates in our history on a path to nomination. It virtually guarantees Mrs. BJ will be our next president.

But there is one more myth I’ll hit on. It is the most important myth; and the most disturbing. This is how I first approached the myth in a previous post:

As of this week I am beginning to suspect the FBI of slouching toward the Clinton vortex of corruption.

We have heard FBI Director Comey say repeatedly that the FBI was apolitical and above reproach on issues political. Then, oddly, we hear that same thing repeatedly from the Agent heading up the terror investigation in San Bernardino. Why the hell would he say that? He is investigating a multiple homicide.

I am beginning to suspect that we are being inoculated [by the repetition of the phrase “the FBI is apolitical”] in preparation of the announcement that no charges will be recommended by the FBI.

This would, of course, be ridiculous. No competent law enforcement officer can say that there has been no crime committed here. And those crimes are serious. The only question is how many.

It is now late April. Clinton will soon have the nomination sewn up. Clearly, Comey has been given orders to slow-walk this investigation. They had enough evidence to arrest Clinton the day they discovered she had a private server in home, on which she held official information. But Comey is allowing his people to be used, their offices disgraced, by political hacks. I suppose that makes him a hack as well.

Oddly, this points back to the media carrying Trump. They cover his every word, no matter how stupid, while the most scandalous criminal in American political history cruises toward the White House. They make Trump the story, not Clinton.

And 60% of you shrug your shoulders. I am ashamed of what we have become.

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From Whence Cometh the Gap?

Often, of late, we’ve heard our two socialist candidates, Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton’s criminal wife, speak of the growing gap between the rich and middle class. They don’t even say “rich and poor” anymore.

The fact is there is a growing gap in wealth between the two cohorts. But not for the reasons these two dishonest people will tell you. (I’ll go out on a limb and say that Bernie may not be dishonest, just ignorant of economic realities.) They will say it is because the government doesn’t have enough control over the free market and people have made other people poor out of greed. The oil companies for example will charge what the market will allow and sell you your gas, thereby making you poor while they reap – gasp – a profit!

This, and all other examples of free market activity, are not the reason for the growing disparity in our wealth. All market activity, when you subtract damage done by government interference, is good for both parties and contributes to the wealth of both participants.

Just look at my fuel example. The left is forever talking about the greed of the oil industry. But while the companies make about 2% on a gallon of gas, our bloated government (state and federal,sometimes local) takes 15%. While I am sure greed is a personal attribute most human beings share, if the oil companies acted on that greed, they’d shut the tax man out of the equation.

So what has caused the growing gap in wealth we see today?

I could answer that question and have several times, here and in my book, 16 20 24. But I have answered as a common sense commentator. I will let Kyle Bass of Hayman Wealth Management answer that for you. Best you hear it from an expert this time. Somehow, common sense becomes “more true” when conveyed by an “expert”.

In an appearance on Wall Street Week today, 17 April 16, Bass pointed out the artificiality of the “strong” market is caused by cheap or free money made available to Wall Street banks, who then pump it into the stock market, maintaining artificially high prices. It goes without saying that being the ones who set market trends they are the ones who see a healthy return on their “investment”, made sweeter by the fact the government supplied the investment money.

This is not to say that the companies selling the stock are bad companies. But their fundamentals vs the capacity for risk on the part of the big investors don’t reflect real market reality. In other words, if a bank was playing with money they didn’t get from the government at, say 1%, they’d be much more cautious about what they invested in and would have to know they would make a much higher return to make the buy worthwhile.

Don’t believe me, look at the volatility we see these days. Do you think it is because all CEOs are manic/depressive? No! It is a result of big buys with free money causing the price of a stock to start to rise. Smaller investors and computer buy signals initiate a migration to the stock. The big, government backed, first buyer then sells after a healthy (sometimes considerable) return and the price falls. Woe betide those late to the game; they lose again!

But more interesting is the future we see with past as prologue.

Back in 2006, this very same Kyle Bass, stood in the board room of Bear Sterns, the second major company to be crushed by the 2008 crash, and basically predicted their demise from said crash. Over 90 minutes he outlined their risk and exposure to unsecured credit default swaps and derivatives. A friend and former colleague at BS told him his presentation was fascinating and that he prayed to god he was wrong. We now know, Bass wasn’t wrong.

As we would see, the real estate market was floating on a sea of worthless paper created by the government’s interference in the sale of homes. When banks, insurance companies and investment houses could no longer carry the risk of this paper (despite the fact that the government was buying it from everybody to keep the game going) the gravy train rolled to a stop and those exposed took a pounding.

The government’s response to a crash of its own making? Why, make the banks whole again. To accomplish this, they did two things. The first was to steal $800,000,000,000 from the American taxpayers and handed it to the banks. This was the greatest swindle in all of history. The second step was to replace the phony government money pouring into the mortgage industry with phony government money pouring into the equities markets. They called it Quatitative Easing (QE). After what they called QE3, they stopped using the name and continued to print funny money and giving it to Wall Street.

Companies no longer need to invest cash holdings. They can use the near zero government money. If they lose, so what, borrow more and play the market again. If they just made three percent on a deal, that was more than double the interest rate they were paying their co-conspirators in the government. Borrow again and play again.

This is what causes the illogical volatility we see in the market. Investment XYZ takes funny money created by the Fed. It makes a huge buy on Company ABC. This could be a very good company or just the healthiest horse in a glue factory. It doesn’t matter much. The big buy is read by computers programmed to react to such moves. This triggers automatic buys across the market. The stock starts to climb. At a prearranged point, or when the stock starts to look wobbly Investment bank XYZ begins to divest itself of the stock, taking profits with it. Company ABC’s stock settles back toward it’s previous market value.

We now have 8 years of people playing the market this way (not investing based on fundamentals and real risk). Entire business models are now built on this unethical bond between investor and the state. Traders are losing the expertise needed to trade legitimately. That is why every time the Fed hints at pulling the banks from the tit, the markets take a shit.

What all this amount to is the rich get richer from the availability of corrupt cash from the government and an endless string of short term byuing and selling of stocks. Meanwhile, the poor get poorer due to the lack of productive activity in the larger economy.

The economy is not healthy. And a busy stock market doesn’t make it so. The stock market, as it would be running right now, if cut off from the near-free funny money, would be a reflection of the real conditions of the economy. It would be in collapse and chaos.

You should fervently hope you won’t experience that chaos and collapse soon. At least not before we get rid of all the corrupt, job-killing politicians we have inside the beltway. So long as they survive, we move closer to the next one or two gigantic bubbles [1. I haven’t mentioned the student loan bubble.] bursting with no safety net.

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Another National Embarrassment to be Ignored.

I have referred to the Left’s (read: Obama)use of Orwellian non-reason many times here at Street Politics. Here are some earlier examples.(Reference 1) ((Reference 2)What leaves me gob smacked is the glee with which so many people pretend to believe the nonsense and how many more simply shrug their shoulders and permit our American Experiment to be perverted by those who employ such non-logic.

This morning we had the opportunity to see the American version of un-knowing things being exported to Jolly Olde England by an incredibly self-righteous Barack Hussein Obama. In a joint presser with England’s amateur head of state, he discussed terrorism (ineptly), Earth Day (a monumental annual farce) and explained to the little English people how they are better off remaining in the European Union.

One may reasonably agree or disagree on whether Great Britain does benefit from membership in the EU. But only BHO can stray so far from reality as to say that being in the EU magnifies the United Kingdom’s influence in the world. This is the Orwellian untruth, the antifact. All the EU has done is drag the United Kingdom into continental economics on a level harmful to all the stronger, smarter member nations. The UK was one of those superior nations. It has heavily watered down the unique influence, rebuilt by Thatcher, that the London enjoyed prior to joining the Union. All UK policies, especially in the area of foreign affairs are overshadowed and sometimes diminished by the influence of the EU. Certainly, it can be said that membership in, and the influence of, the EU has damaged the UK and other formerly great nations by the glorification of rampant immigration of neanderthals from Muslim countries. The cultural and economic damage done with these policies may be irreversible. Surely, they will be generations in the undoing if Europe is to be restored to its former glory (pre-EU).

While lecturing our most important ally and abandoning reason in the process, Obama insulted them with a thinly veiled threat. He insinuated that trade with the US would be made difficult for the UK if they left Europe’s failed experiment in the balance of power. (The EU  is just the latest attempt at achieving this un-achievable misnomer. there is power and there is stasis. Power is, by its nature, a dynamic force. To try to “balance” brings the kind of results we see in Germany and Greece, as examples. Germany repeatedly pretends to be powerless while feeding less responsible, more corrupt countries. Greece is “awarded” imaginary and undeserved power by being carried by the EU. Germany hurt itself by not employing it’s true power in a positive way and telling the EU the spigot is closed. Greece continues it’s death spiral because no one had to take responsibility for righting it.

But this is the kooky club our president has, once again, embarrassed us over. He has insulted our friends in support of his socialists utopian ideas in the face of one such utopia’s naked failure. Thanks again, Mr. “President”.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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The Fix Is In For BJ Bill's Wife!

I am frequently overwhelmed with a desire to slap that silly, smug grin off Hillary Clinton’s face and make her look like this:


This is especially true today. In a Virginia Pilot article dated 8 April we are treated once again with the realization that her presence on the campaign trail is a standing insult to justice and every American voter.

A U.S. Navy officer is under indictment on charges of espionage. The specifics? He improperly transported classified information, didn’t properly report a foreign contact and didn’t report that the material MAY have been compromised. When you read the charges that way, you may wonder if he may have done all this out of simple carelessness. Perhaps he was just ignorant of the principal laws and regulations regarding the documents, as unlikely as that seems. I mean it isn’t like they charged him with directly supplying a foreign government with military secrets. Not yet anyway. They have much more to investigate, but he is properly under arrest already.

And here’s the cool part for prosecutors. In the case of mishandling classified material, ignorance of the law is no excuse. And it isn’t reasonable to assume a Navy Lieutenant Commander was aware of the applicable laws. So the man is in deep doodoo. And so he should be. The question asked by some in this case is whether he could see the death penalty for his actions.

This is serious a business. As we’ve seen, with even General Petraeus, having a few classified documents in a desk and a careless relationship with an American, there are no excuses or exceptions in the need to prosecute these cases vigorously. If you’ve ever held a government clearance, you’ve signed documents telling you so.

But somehow, with an even more ominous cloud over her head, BJ Bill’s wife continues to campaign with confidence and vigor. There can be one, and only one reason she would have the temerity and lack of dignity to do so. A bit of history would be illuminating here.

Very early in his administration, in order to create the false narrative that American guns were fueling the drug wars in Mexico, BHO allowed guns to be smuggled into Mexico to fuel the drug wars. This criminal act was a naked attempt to justify restrictive gun laws. The result was that hundreds of Mexicans and an American Border Patrol agent were killed with the weapons BHO supplied.

As grounds for impeachment, this was a no-brainer, a slam-dunk. But the gutless wonders on Capitol Hill could not muster the requisite testicles to pursue the crime. No one in DC was ever held responsible. The government machine was equally agnostic about the criminal intent and neglect demonstrated with Benghazi, Clinton’s use of the Office of Secretary of State for personal enrichment, the IRS goon squads, the VA, HHS strong-arming “donations” from contractors, spying on reporters and other actions by the administration.

So it isn’t the least stretch to say the President of the United States has told Clinton that he would help her bury her crimes in the event an indictment is recommended – no matter how serious. She is confident because she knows her pardon is in the bag. Of course it is. She was likely the architect of the administration’s vilest of scandals and knows far too much to brought into a courtroom.

But wait! There’s More!

The administration, Clinton and her big money friends have teamed up to ensure she will get away with her countless crimes and still be the Democratic nominee. Through the corruption of super delegates, bought and paid for, Obama finds phony vindication his for his “legacy” in a Clinton victory. Likewise, Clinton gathers more power unto herself.

And yet we pretend to be left aghast at stories of Vladimir Putin’s corruption. Hell he has it a lot harder. He has to arrest or even kill his critics. In this country the population just shrugs off the crime, and goes back to watching TV shows about pawn brokers or middle age bimbos (called “Real Housewives”)!

Confident in this, the very sources of corruption, at the highest levels of government will, in the cold light of day, cynically commit further crimes against the people of the United States. For doing so, half the population will applaud them. We could actually see a felon, the most corrupt First Lady and Secretary of State in history, be sworn in as our next President.

In the unlikely event Bernie Sanders were to convince super delegates to turn their backs on their criminal benefactors, Hillary might be seen as suddenly powerless and be vulnerable to prosecution.

I would love to be proven wrong here. If the FBI has the guts to not be used as goons – if Obama has the integrity to prefer charges undoubtedly appropriate here – I would immediately publish a written apology for these remarks. I would mail a copy to the White House. But that’s not going to happen.

The Navy should and will take their idiot officer down. But with Hillary and Obama as a precedent and example, this guy should be looking forward to his promotion to Commander.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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The Donald Tells It Like It Is (at the moment)

On Obama Care: “I like the mandate. I don’t want to see people dying in the streets.” Four days later: “We will repeal and replace Obamacare.” Is that telling it like it is or is it a complete lack of understanding?

On Abortion: “Women should be punished.” “Women shouldn’t be punished, doctors should be punished.” “We shouldn’t change abortion laws.” Then from his campaign, “he meant he wouldn’t change the law during the election.” (WTF?!) And from Trump again: “What I said was that women were punished enough.” Is this all Donald “speaking the truth” or is it Donald groping for ANYTHING that might sound coherent? And this was all in a four day period.

On who Trump consults about foreign policy: “I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.” If this is a man telling it like it is, then what the hell is “it”? He never seems to arrive at “it”.

Read more: last quote

This is all quintessential Trump. Follow any Trump video objectively and see if you can actually come away with a clear message from the man without putting words in his mouth.

Note the endless tangents of nonsense while he tries to form a thought. “I’m highly educated. I know words. I have the best words.”

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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Trump vs Clinton More Painful Reality

One of the most egregious of myths being touted in the political arena is the idea that Trump is leading Clinton in head to head polls. What makes it so offensive is that some of the TV talking heads like Hannity and Bolling along with Trump himself, use the myth to advance his campaign. The fact is, Trump hasn’t led Hillary since last fall in any major poll. And even then, that poll number was a one-off. She was at her lowest ebb and the Donald had a good week. He hasn’t been close before or since.

If, Trump were say, as he does too often “Look at the polls. I’m the only one to beat Hillary” and he was referring to a stand-alone, two-week old poll, that would be a little white lie. He has never been the only one beating Clinton in a head-to-head. But it wouldn’t be an insulting lie. But when he says it now, when every major poll has had him him dragging behind Clinton for months, he is playing his fan club for idiots. And they seem to enjoy it.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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It Is Happening As I Said It Would!

As I have warned countless times here, and in my book last summer, (example here) the press is starting to ratchet up the pressure on Trump; but only a tiny bit. The MSM, who have been carrying Trump since June, are almost 100% certain that he is going to be the nominee. So they feel confident enough to start tenderizing him.

In the last three interviews I’ve heard, the hosts are for the first time, pressing Trump to answer questions. The interview with Chris Matthews is one example. For months, when asked a tough question, Trump would meander through several disjointed thoughts, often falling back on how he built a great company. He kept a battery of stand-by distractors as well; look at my poll numbers, unfair, nice to me and believe me. The questioner might take a second stab at it and meet the same wall of mud. Then it would be on to the next question. But now, they are pressing until they get an answer. Matthews, who has a reputation as a hothead, effortlessly parried Trump’s non-answers until he got what he wanted – a predictably absurd response. They still haven’t opened up with all guns. That will come in July. But they are working their way up to it.

Have no doubt, it will happen. And it will be ugly. Trump has only now started to be challenged. And these first few punches, on abortion, the “arm pulling incident” and nukes, are so general, so basic, he should have been able to swat them away like gnats – and he couldn’t. He is not equipped. If the Donald thinks that having to follow party rules like everyone else is “very unfair”, wait until someone asks him a question about something he didn’t read on Twitter that day – and insists on a coherent answer!

I have been trying my best to warn people about this happening. But the parade marched on, everyone with big grins on their faces. The only times the grins would fade was when critics would point out Trump’s obvious, fatal flaws. Then the drones would attack the messenger, just as Donald does; just as (not too ironically) the Clintons have always done. And the parade moves on again, never challenging, never questioning.

Mark my words, and you’ve been reading it here for months already: If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, within one week he’ll be interviewed. The interviewer will bring up a boatload of stuff networks have been sitting on since last year! The interviewer, whether it’s Matt Lauer or Megyn Kelly or whoever, will twist the knife and not let up until Trump is left stammering with a confused, angry look on his face. And then it will be over. Worse, it will be pathetically easy to set Trump back on his heels like this, even for the most inexperienced reporter in the business.

Later, he’ll complain that the question was “unfair”, as is every question he can’t answer. He’ll say he was “treated very poorly” as he always does when challenged. But the media that carried him all this time, and for this very reason, will laugh loudly at him. There will be no suggestions that he may have a point, in that odd way Trump may accidentally hit on something. There will be only a bonfire of scorn and editorial ridicule.

Remember John McCain. At the time he was running for the presidency, he was one of the most respected politicians in the country. He was an institution. Remember also, the campaigns were only slightly more civil eight years ago. Throughout the primaries, McCain’s biggest sales lines were his ability to work across the aisle and how much the press loved him. He called it being a “maverick”. The press used the same term and spoke glowingly of him. Then he was nominated. From that day until November, he couldn’t have bought a break from the media for love or money. And his favorable ratings going into the general election towered over what Trump sees now. Shredding Trump in a general election will be child’s play.

These words are not written to diminish Trump’s competencies. Just as Ben Carson was a gifted surgeon, but lacked the wide-ranging understanding a strong executive needs, Trump has his own arsenal of talents. He is better suited for an environment where he demands unstintingly what quarry a marble casino floor comes from, then commits the money to do it. This is where he has always and correctly been driven by personal gain and profit. But he lacks the dispassion and the ability to go beyond self-interest required to be the President of the United States. Such attributes are antithetical to the person of Donald J. Trump. Further, he demonstrates no aptitude for complexity and nuance.

Donald Trump would be a disastrous nominee. First, because he is not the man his followers think he is. But secondly, because no one wants to see the moment I described earlier, whether it is in an interview or a debate. It would not only ensure a Clinton presidency, but it would be pathetic beyond words to witness.

Spare Trump the disgrace. Save the country from Clinton. Vote for somebody else; anybody else.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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