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Post Debate Quick Shout-Out Series: Kasich

John Kasich had his best night so far. The previous debate wasn’t too bad either. It isn’t likely to help him. Even if he wins Ohio, a huge IF, he is not going to be president. He won’t even be the nominee. He pretty much has his portion of the kindly grannies and McConnell Republicans locked up. He shares this group with Rubio. Neither is going to add substantially to their existing numbers.

Here’s why. The vast majority know that his answers are formulaic, feel good, government drivel. Consider his comments on Social Security. He pounded away on his experience fixing SS the last time. Nobody fixed it the last time. Enough congressmen mustered the guts to kick the SS can down the road about 12 years instead of to the next election year. They walked the problem about half-way to the Baby Boomer retirement line and stopped. Now he wants to approach the looming SS deficit with the same attitude. This will make the problem worse than it already is. Even people who don’t know such specifics about this and other of his “policies” have a gut feeling that Kasich is an empty suit and they are right.

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