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Why We All KNOW Apple is Right!

This call is not even close. Since when can we compel someone to fight crime as opposed to voluntarily getting involved. And how do we require someone to actively do what police should be doing at huge risk to their livelihood?

  1. No government has the authority, and before now even Stalinist Russia never served a court order, to require someone to invent something. If something does not exist, you can’t order another person to succeed in making it.
  2. Apple is being told they only have to do it this one time! BULLSHIT! Absolute, undiluted BULLSHIT! This week it will be just this phone! Destroy the code if you want, just crack it this once. He is a really bad guy. Next week it will be three phones. Those targets will be almost as bad as this guy. Three years from now it will be deadbeat husbands and tax evaders. You see where this is going.

As a side note, I hear commentators, including Rush saying See? This is proof that the government can’t read your messages or hear your phone calls. That was all just over reaction to data sweeping. Yes, they can. Right now it is a bit more complicated because they can’t just vacuum up metadata for future use as they did until last year. But they can get the messages and conversations. What they are trying to do here is different and it would be irresponsible to explain it. But it isn’t JUST a list of calls and texts the govvies are after.

The NSA gets countless billions every year to do spook shit. You want into that phone, put your (presently over-rated) geniuses to work on the problem. Then give it to the FBI to use.

But you can’t legally and legitimately cause someone to invent something for you. The moral choices are impossible. The would-be inventor would pretend to fail, if he really has the solution to begin with. Or he opens Pandora’s box to the detriment of his company and the public. Apple should fight this and honest Americans should be behind them.

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