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I'm Not Completely Heartless!

If you visit here, even occasionally, you know I am very hard of Trump. Part of that is simple, cold analysis. Part is because his cult following has required nothing from him and leap for joy with his every utterance, even those that run contrary to their interests. And there are many.

However, there is one place where Trump could be useful. When he does have moments that near actual lucidity, he is usually talking about trade imbalances. They result from a combination of simple supply and demand (we still make the most and often the best of everything) and politicians who make “free trade” deals that are actually designed to benefit a few cronies and do nothing to actually break trade barriers (an example: the sugar subsidy).

If Trump could put his ego in neutral, or just throttle it back 80%, he could be a great special envoy for international trade. He would have to accept a position on someone else’s cabinet (Does he have the patriotism in him for that?) and work for a result that would not benefit him personally (A complete break from everything he’s ever done). He could polish his brand a little bit. Catching an occasional banner headline with his hair on the front page would give him cache and leverage. If he had the trust and the backing of a Republican president and congress any negotiating partner would understand that he is up against the true weight of the United States.

An interesting concept, yes?

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