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If You Can't Say Something Nice…

Okay, as promised, here goes.

Bernie Sanders: How can you not like this guy? If not for politics, he’d be at home, yelling in the distinct Sanders meter: “Hey you kids — get off–my goddamn lawn!” He is a character. He doesn’t even comb his hair. You don’t have to agree with the guy to get a kick out of him.

Marco Rubio: Cool under pressure. He can make a well prepared interview sound utterly unrehearsed. Great recall.

Ted Cruz: Disciplined. Usually stays on message. Doesn’t care what others think.

Donald Trump: Bull in a china shop attitude. Can often get what he wants with bluster alone. That’s harder than most people think it is.

Chris Christie: You know this guy raised hell on the Jersey shore as a young man. Where I come from, that’s a compliment. It is part of what gives him the “I’ll kick your ass” attitude.

Jeb Bush: Smarter than George W. (And I am a W fan!) He’d be kick ass if he were more likable.

John Kasich: You get the impression that he is really a nice guy. He’s definitely not about appearances. He has a classy way of disagreeing with you.

Carly Firoina: Definitely getting the shaft with the ABC debate. The adult voice in the field. Looks better than Chris Christie in a flannel shirt and tight jeans. Funny blast at ABC and RNC here.

Ben Carson: Patient, unassuming, friendly. I would be comfortable with him as president.

HRC: No way. I can’t find anything nice to say. Sorry.

I am not endorsing anyone yet. I may not endorse anyone and let the thing play out. I feel the most level-headed candidates have left the race (likely because they didn’t read my book). But I would not panic if any of the GOP field made it to the White House.

Something nice to the entire Democratic Party. I’ve watched as many of you have shed the lock-step obedience to HRC. I don’t agree with Sanders on anything. I am okay with some of his thoughts on guns. But I consider him an honorable person. That many of my friends in the opposition are seeing this is a good thing. I’d rather you moved to the right just for this election, but you can’t have everything.

So it is going to be down to South Carolina to cement this movement. I’ll have a lot more on that later.


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