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A Love Letter to SC, et al. Dump the Cults! Part II

Until a few weeks ago, the standard-bearers of the conservative movement most often cited by the average conservative were Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Ted Cruz, sometimes Rand Paul, sometimes Bill O’Rielly. Certainly Rush and FOX News. The female darling of the right was, of course, Megyn Kelly.

Did you know that they are all either dupes of the RINOs or all in with the Republican establishment and false conservatives? For the record, Rush’s standing changes day-to-day now based on his show. Megyn is permanently hell bound because she asked a defenseless child tough questions.

The Merriam Webster online dictionary defines a cult as:

  • : a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous

  • : a situation in which people admire and care about something or someone very much or too much. (emphasis mine)

  • : a small group of very devoted supporters or fans

I would assert that there are all kinds of cults from the silly and harmless (the teen heart throb) to the unhealthy or dangerous. The hall marks of the latter would be the level of lunacy the adherents are required to believe or voluntarily buy into. Another hallmark is the rejection of all ideas or individuals that disagree with or embarrass the group or the object to their credulous worship.

Talk about a cult movement! I was watching Trump bloviate about terrorism today. He claimed to be “the only one” to be watching and reading about Osama Bin Laden prior to 9/11.[1. Here, Trump pretends to think there weren’t millions of people far better read than he was on the subject, and thousands who spent every day tracking the guy down. He also overlooks the times Clinton had the bastard in his sights and let him walk instead of ordering him killed.]Trump’s claim about 9/11 was it wouldn’t have happened if her were president.  His evidence was “believe me” and “we would have found a way”. This is ALWAYS the extent of the evidence offered, along with “I built great companies” and “I made billions,” to every claim Trump blurts out.

His mindless adherents (and the media carrying him until the nomination process is over) are so blinded by devotion or eager to see him destroyed in the general election, they immediately start defining what Trump blurts out in ways he is incapable of articulating and likely never conceptualized. The hope is to try to make him look intelligent and forgive the fact that Trump confuses Twitter with real knowledge and experience.

What boggles the mind is the ease with which Trump roped in all of his loony followers. The least glance shows him to be a shallow, self-absorbed man who knows nothing of substance outside his occupation as a real estate developer. I have rarely come across a man of his stature less informed about the world around him and less able to relate on an adult level.

Even less impressive are his decision-making skills. This is the constant barometer against which he chooses to engage an opponent or the Republican party he intends to destroy: He’s nice to me. Or they are nice to me. If someone calls him out on his own record that person is labeled a “liar”, sometimes a “big liar”.  “Stupid” is a big rebuttal argument employed by the Donald. Sometimes he gets really complex and calls the opponent “boring” or cites poll numbers. And then there are the lawsuit threats, since his late adolescence, the Trump equivalent of I’ll tell my mommy on you.

Donald J. Trump is a testament to the gullibility of the “Reality” TV culture we have created. He has succeeded in garnering about 1/6 of the electorate. He won’t gain more. Fortunately, there aren’t many more people so stupid or that much interested in electing a clown as their king.

It is cold comfort to know that I had this guy’s number from the beginning. The fact is, if he loses the nomination, he will run a third-party bid. This is how he’ll justify it: The Republicans didn’t respect me. They are mean and stupid so I can ignore the pledge I made (That was all theater anyway). This will result in one of the possibilities he got into the race to accomplish. BJ Bill’s wife, friend of the Donald and crony capitalists everywhere, will be president. If he wins the nomination, as I have said here more than once, HRC or Sanders, or any other Democrat nominated will skewer him in debates. The “media” moderators will throw verbal bricks at him. Then they’ll actually hold him to account for his responses. He will be left standing on the stage looking pathetic and stupid. As I personally don’t dislike Trump, I would find this a very sad sight indeed. Hell, I don’t think I’d want to see anyone but Hillary made to look that foolish.

The long shot is he survives the primaries and gets elected. To those in the Trump cult that claim to be conservative: What kind of Supreme Court justices would he appoint? He has, until inconvenient, been a proponent of abortion on demand. He has actively supported the appointment of the last two justices. He believes in eminent domain, not the utilities and bridges kind, but the Kelo v New London kind, the ultimate crony capitalist/big government rip off.

What will his criteria be for an appointment? That guy was “nice to me”? This one won’t do because he disagreed with me on anything, and is therefore “mean” or “stupid”.

I have been saying since to the beginning that I hoped Trump was on the level and would actually start communicating like an adult. Sadly, we now know he is not. We now know that he is incapable of mature reason. But his cult may be large enough to make Clinton or much less likey, Trump himself president.

To South Carolina and the primary states to follow: Yesterday I addressed your liberal counterparts pointing out the farce and insult that is Hillary Clinton. I told them that she is a crony capitalist and a phony. I disagree with everything Sanders stands for. But I said that if they were to have a conscious with which to vote, they should abandon the Hillary cult.

Today, to my conservative readers, I say find the most grown up candidate to support and dump the Trump cult. Otherwise we’re likely to get schlonged in November. If this country slips any further into the present abyss, we may never recover.

Full disclosure, while I never endorsed a candidate, I believe the most adult and level-headed candidates are already out of the race. Despite that, I still believe that 5 of the 6 remaining candidates would make a far better president than Clinton or Sanders. Should Trump get the Republican nod, I would support him in the general election. To hope  that someone around him may be able to counter his remarkable ignorance would be a better bet than guaranteed socialism and inevitably, authoritarianism. Just by a hair’s breadth. It should be pointed out that electing someone with Trump’s childish ego risks authoritarian impulses almost as much as electing a socialist.

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