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Bam! Right again! Wake Up, Y'all!

This week has proven every word I have said about Trump and more. This post is for thinking people. For writing it, the Trump-ettes, goobers who belong to his cult, will simply declare me a member of “the Establishment”; as if they even know what that means. So you can relax, learn a bit and put aside the moronic drooling on social media. I’ll give you an example of the type of idiots I am speaking of.

Mailbag of Hate: Make America Great Edition

Dana Loesch pasted this on her site today. It explains PERFECTLY how ridiculous the public debate has become and how many people there are in this country, as stupid as Michael Wilkinson. “The right to question or criticize…?” Really?! Is this the kind of person we want to align ourselves with?

This has become the mindset of millions of people in this country. It is the reason we were stupid enough to elect BHO not once, but twice. It explains why a man who can’t express a single thought in an adult fashion, is now seen as a savior by people who think we elect the “boss of everybody” when we elect a president. This is the cost of NOT teaching civics in K thru 12 and real political theory in college. We now have two generations where the majority in each cohort is utterly ignorant of the true workings of our constitutional government. If you don’t believe me spend a little time in Watters’ World.

Since he announced last summer, I have been hoping against hope that Trump was playing rope the dope with his monosyllabic moron routine. I have said here repeatedly that I wanted to see him shift into gear, prepare for debates and appearances with more what he read on Twitter in the limo ride to the event. I wanted him to start constructing real argument instead of letting his goobers try pathetically to add nuance to what are clearly illogical or inaccurate statements.

I have given up hope. Today we have a couple of stories to chew on that would give you pause if you have two brain cells to rub together.  The first is a statement by Trump in a news conference where he was asked how he felt about the Healthcare mandate. His answer was classic Trump and vindicates everything I’ve ever said about the man.

“I like the mandate,” he says. “But we don’t want to see people dying in the streets.” Right out of the gate, I will say with complete confidence, at the time he was asked the question, he didn’t know what the mandate is. (Surely he is being educated right now and will later attempt to dial back his remark and say he’s against the mandate. He will make a hash of that as well. In any event, his cult followers will take to Twitter and “explain” what he means both times and will have two different stories to tell. That’s how cults work. You don’t question or challenge. You don’t even employ reason. You just keep reinventing truth for the cult and the leader.

And what of this “people dying in the streets” idiocy? The only people who die in the streets are the severely schizophrenic or those who have chemically destroyed their brains. They were here before Obamacare and will be here after (If there is an after – there won’t be with Trump. He doesn’t even know what the hell it is). But we don’t let people die in the streets. And they wouldn’t if we got rid of this intentionally failed program before the single-payer replacement kicks in.

Back to Dana. The tweet above was likely a reaction to the expose she broadcast last night, 2/18. You can find it here. But to see it, requires a subscription. (I effing hate that. I want them to make money, but I am a tightwad)

In her piece she annihilated DJT’s constant claim that he will be a good president because he surrounds himself with the best people. It is here Trump looks more foolish than he ever has before, but shows what the media – and they told Loesch this – are planning to unload with IN JULY. For the uninitiated, that is after the Republican convention. For the truly slow, that is after Trump might get the nomination. The media want him to get the nomination so they can then bury him with what Loesch addressed and much more.

Let’s explore that, shall we?

Here’s the most interesting thing about the cult goobers. 90% of them consider themselves Tea Party types, raging against the establishment. And DJT is their champion. Under no circumstances are you to ever mention his record. It disturbs the alternate reality they have established for themselves.

Well, speaking from the non-retarded wing of the Tea Party (I was at the first local meetings of the Fredericksburg Tea Party and at the biggest Tea Party rally ever in DC after Obamacare passed) your darling Donald has repeatedly funded candidates to defeat Tea Party challengers. This was done to specifically support the Democratic Party and what the Trump-ettes call the “Establishment”. That would be McConnell, Boehner (now Ryan), McCain, Cochran and the like. But the cult minions accept, without question, that Donald has always been a man of the people, especially conservative people. He did those things a long, long time ago: almost two years ago.

Now it seems Donny is quite dirty. I always wondered why a man worth billions would dress like a goombah and talk like Joe Pesci. Now we may know why. Citing information which can also be found here, Loesch identifies the great people with whom Trump surrounds himself. My, oh my! Russian and Italian mob, drug dealers, along with having his children lie about the value and progress of projects…for shame!

When the dirty little troll, Bagwan Shree Rashnish was controlling the lives of his cult followers, there was nothing you could say; no concrete fact you could provide to his rubes would sway their thinking about the man. It was frightening to watch their mental processes as they struggled to continue to believe the con, even as he paraded passed them in luxury Mercedes-Benz limos every day.

Donald is demonstrating what you can do with nonsensical messages in the high-tech world to achieve the same ends.

Being very good at FINANCING real estate projects FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT does not mark someone as strong presidential material. Even less so when the corruption surrounding that success starts to near the level of Clinton-esque corruption. It becomes embarrassing when the person in question CANNOT demonstrate the least understanding of even recent history.

And in case you are about to go on Facebook and embarrass yourself, the answer is no. The Daily Beast is not an organization in bed with Ted Cruz, as you can see here.

Two quick nuggets before I go. Trump constantly claims to have been against the Iraq war, he wasn’t. The Howard stern sound bite is floating around out there. You can find it. The claim, of course, is pure fiction. In what Trump and later, his cult followers thought was a stroke of pure genius, Donny made up the story to distance himself from the Bush name. This from the guy who says he cares about the vets. He is a standing insult to vets. He cares about Donald and only Donald.

I’ve been meaning to get around to the second one for a while now. Mr. Flock of Seagulls claims that if not for him, no one would be talking about illegal immigration. That fact is illegal immigration was never NOT a part of everyday politics. Unless you believe American political history started when Trump announced his presidential bid or you believe your slice of sunshine rises from Trump’s ass every morning, you’d know that.

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