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Politics Is Inevitable

The one thing we need to keep in mind is that while BHO and the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett will surely appoint a candidate to the bench who will be to Jarrett’s liking, the Senate is under no obligation to act on it.

What the Senate does have to do is what the Democrat Senate did in 1960. When faced with a vacancy in an election year, they passed an amendment to invalidate any recess appointments to the Supreme Court. For this, McConnell might consider doing what Reid did with his appointment agenda. Do away with the filibuster and just vote the amendment out with a simple majority. If someone could hand McConnell a couple of gonads so he can stand his ground on this issue, that would be great.

It wouldn’t hurt to keep the Senate in session for the entire year. It isn’t hard to do.

At any rate, even a recess appointment can be done away with when the next congress is seated, IF we have a Republican president. This is the biggest reason for Republicans to take care in the nomination process.

THINK about what you are doing. George Will nailed it when he pointed out that if Trump achieves what Romney did with the black vote (16%) he would still need 67% of the white vote to win a general election. This is why Trump will never be president. He has his base who call everybody who disagrees with Trump’s Tourette Syndrome exclamations haters (they borrowed that from the liberals). But that’s as far as he’ll get. It will amount to about 1/6 of the popular vote in the general election.

Trump, by the way, borrowed a line from the weak-ass Occupy Wall Street types when he said “Bush lied, people died.” Only a world-class simpleton would blurt that out in a Republican debate in South Carolina.

When weighing the importance of getting it right, this would make for a good read.


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