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Peter Pan for President!

Carly Fiorina has been on my short list for a potential endorsement since she started her campaign. I never quite got over her affinity for data mining of personal information, but I respected her as a candidate and a person.

With her announcement today, there are no adults left in the field in either party. We are left with a roomful of children. That fact, more than any other in this election season, speaks very poorly of the electorate.

I may or may not endorse a candidate, but it is clear the choices I’ll have will be second-rate at best. The GOP has an unprepared blow hard, a theocrat, a naive nice guy, a few members of the Mitch McConnell wing of the Democratic party and Jim Gilmore.

These, to face a socialist or a criminal in the general election.


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Schadenfreude Dreamin'!

FOX is already calling it for Sanders at just after 7:00 PM. It is shaping up to be a terrible night for Clinton…and his wife, for that matter.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know that I pretty much like everybody. When I thump someone for political reasons, you know it is just business. For example, I have said repeatedly that I don’t agree with a single economic policy that Sanders espouses, but I consider him an honorable man. I’ll still pund away at him until he is gone from the scene. I blast Trump on a routine basis, but constantly hold out hope that he is the real thing. Maybe he is just pacing himself BEFORE he has to start using more than Twitter to prepare for an event.

But that tolerance ends with BJ Bill’s wife. Tonight I don’t want to see her defeated. I want to see her candidacy completely repudiated. I want to see her utterly and personally humiliated.

Those are strong words for me. Seeing someone laid low, even  someone I dislike, is an uncomfortable experience. But in this case I believe it would actually be uplifting. It is becoming clearer with each passing day that the Kabuki dance being performed by the State Dept, and the FBI is intended to protect Clinton. The only way we can be rid of her and the stench of her corruption, criminality and incompetence would be if the people of New Hampshire handed her a devastating and embarrassing defeat.

I may be asking a lot from a state where fully 23% of the people polled there will vote for a candidate that “cares about me.” Disturbing, ain’t it?

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