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They Did What?

Is there any more proof one needs to see that Obama’s lack of courage and loyalty have cost the US nearly all our prestige in the eyes of the world? Is there anyone ignorant enough to still believe this is a good thing?

Last week our “president” was emasculated by Iran’s Supreme Leader, The Grand Assaholla Kumblomee, piss be upon him. [1. You might check my spelling on that. My Farsi is a bit rusty.] When the Iranians fire missiles in an effort to provoke the USS Truman last week, and tested intercontinental missile before that, even Democrats called on the Jarrett administration to maintain sanctions on Iran. Obama’s instead reiterated his loyalty to the Grand Assahola by saying he didn’t want to say anything about the missile shoot because he didn’t want to derail the Iran Nuke deal. You remember that. That’s the giant Christmas stocking of full of goodies Obama gave Iran a few months back, getting absolutely nothing in return.

Today, the Dark Ages Republican Guard attacks and takes custody of two American gun boats, kidnapping  the crews, adding to the collection of American they flout in front of our noses. Again we’ll hear that we need to continue to guarantee Iran’s nuke program and allow this to go unpunished. Even if Obama wanted to do something (he doesn’t) the Iranian-born Jarrett wouldn’t let her errand boy do so.

The solution? We should quietly inform the Iranians that failure to return the crews and 100% of their boats and gear, along with all the other American held by Iran, will cause the rapid going-away of Republican Guard facilities all over the country. Cruise missiles are such a lovely tool.

But that won’t happen. Iran will release these guys when it suits them and continue to spin their centrifuges with glee. They will have their nuke weapons as soon as they wish to have them and their loyal servant, BHO will free up the extra funding they need to do it.

How’s your shame meter, Obama fans?

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