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SOTU My Dying Ass! This Was Pure Insult!

Steve Hayes, Fox contributor, hit the nail right on the head with his summation last night – “gob smacked”.

I predicted BHO would go out and give a “love me” speech, but in my worst expectations, I wouldn’t have been able to predict such a childish and twisted departure from reality.

It seems that with every statement, from Iran to the economy to civil discourse, BHO took truth and turned it 180 degrees with a completely straight face and arrogant tone.

The closest he came to truth was pronouncing our economy as the strongest in the world. But thanks to his policies for the last 7 1/2 years, we are merely the healthiest horse in the glue factory. The fact is we have contributed to a global meltdown and political instability to the detriment of the entire civilized world. We have followed them into the economic sewer. But since we started from a position of great advantage, we just got there later than they did.

And no, I am not going to say that it was Bush’s fault. The bubble burst on his watch, and yes the bank bailout was the second biggest ripoff in financial history. But the “stimulus” (money distributed to friends of the Democratic party) was even bigger and far less productive. Dodd-Frank was the worst of all [1. That bill is a part of the government’s plan to take over the mortgage industry like they did student loans.]  But in reality, every single economic and tax policy promoted by this clown, with the help of the four morons, especially Obamacare, has done extreme damage to the economy and thwarted any recovery. Any jobs created were created by extremely gutsy business people DESPITE everything this administration has done.

Obama’s talk of sixty-five imaginary countries fighting beside us against ISIS is a lie on so many levels and such an insult to the few stuck with the job of doing the fighting, that he should be censured by Congress for saying it. And many wonder why I am so hard on this guy, why I don’t show respect and civility in his case. I don’t because he has forfeit every consideration. Like BJ Bill’s wife, he has insulted us with his lies so egregiously, that he is owed not the slightest respect. He had disgraced his office.

His lecture on civility was the lowest point of the night. Again, Hayes put it perfectly. Obama has been the king of provocative insults throughout his presidency.

You’ve read all this here, in one form or another before. But last night, watching BHO demolish the truth, really got my goat. I will probably pick apart each of these lies and others in future posts. For today I though it important to register my disgust with the whole circus and tell everyone to look forward to a 2017 without an Obama or a Clinton to care about.

And oh, the good news: the government is going to cure cancer before the decade is out. That’s a little over three years from now for those counting. And Joe Duh will lead the way! Yay! But don’t ask the greedy medical industry to help. They just want to victimize us. We need to tax them extra for trying. Government bureaucrats have always been much better at curing diseases. So we have that going for us anyway.

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They Did What?

Is there any more proof one needs to see that Obama’s lack of courage and loyalty have cost the US nearly all our prestige in the eyes of the world? Is there anyone ignorant enough to still believe this is a good thing?

Last week our “president” was emasculated by Iran’s Supreme Leader, The Grand Assaholla Kumblomee, piss be upon him. [1. You might check my spelling on that. My Farsi is a bit rusty.] When the Iranians fire missiles in an effort to provoke the USS Truman last week, and tested intercontinental missile before that, even Democrats called on the Jarrett administration to maintain sanctions on Iran. Obama’s instead reiterated his loyalty to the Grand Assahola by saying he didn’t want to say anything about the missile shoot because he didn’t want to derail the Iran Nuke deal. You remember that. That’s the giant Christmas stocking of full of goodies Obama gave Iran a few months back, getting absolutely nothing in return.

Today, the Dark Ages Republican Guard attacks and takes custody of two American gun boats, kidnapping  the crews, adding to the collection of American they flout in front of our noses. Again we’ll hear that we need to continue to guarantee Iran’s nuke program and allow this to go unpunished. Even if Obama wanted to do something (he doesn’t) the Iranian-born Jarrett wouldn’t let her errand boy do so.

The solution? We should quietly inform the Iranians that failure to return the crews and 100% of their boats and gear, along with all the other American held by Iran, will cause the rapid going-away of Republican Guard facilities all over the country. Cruise missiles are such a lovely tool.

But that won’t happen. Iran will release these guys when it suits them and continue to spin their centrifuges with glee. They will have their nuke weapons as soon as they wish to have them and their loyal servant, BHO will free up the extra funding they need to do it.

How’s your shame meter, Obama fans?

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Another Love Letter to the Left.

Update: Watching the polls, I have to give proper respect to a growing number of Democrats who are showing real character and are no longer supporting Hillary just because they were ordered to do so by the thought police. Well done to all. I mean that sincerely.

When I was a kid, my mother worked for the Democrats. My parents were FDR fans who once had the opportunity to drive his son to our hometown from the airport – big stuff for a small-town couple.

A man named Joe Burleson would come by the house a lot during election seasons. He organized the distribution of leaflets and saw to providing poll monitors (a job my mother did every election, in all weather). I’m sure Mr. Burleson did more, but I don’t recall the details. He was a nice man.

I do remember that as I got older, I started to ask him questions about politics. I asked the difference in the parties, how hard it was to get elected to an office and so on. I also remember him being different from other Democrats as I understood them to be. The party was multi-faceted in those days. Everybody from local business people to early hippies to hard-nosed blue-collar types were a part of the mix and discussion was lively.

It’s not that way anymore. The only “business” people on the left nowadays are looking to the government to protect them from competition. They don’t really give a hoot in hell about issues. They just want to purchase a politician or two. The free-spirited hippies are now the thought Nazis running the party and everyone else is expected to fall into line lest they be labeled a hater, a liar, a scab or worse. It’s a pretty lock-step affair.

And the standard-bearer is someone without scruples, who will sign on to any idea, use anyone and throw anyone under the bus in order to garner more personal power. Does she care about the “war on women”? Not on your life. But it sounds good.

I started to believe that there was nothing, and possibly no one, in Democrat politics left to respect. Then, almost out of nowhere comes Bernie Sanders. He is a brash, sometimes cranky, unapologetic Socialist. I am fairly confident that he doesn’t understand how his ideology is in itself a corrupting influence. That, in a weird way, makes him more appealing to someone like me.

Photo By Gage Skidmore via

If Sanders were elected President, I (libertarian, fiscal conservative) would be disappointed, but would count myself as the loyal, if strident, opposition.

His chief opponent, HRC, is a complete contrivance of party and press. Real excitement for her candidacy exists only in the minds of Clinton doctrinaires, the press (often the same creature) and her staff. If you see her interviewed, you’d think the nation was on fire to see her elected and this illusion has been pushing the poles lately. Yet she still has a hard time filling even the smallest venues. That’s because many already think they have to hold their noses and vote for her. More on why in a minute, but that is the reason I am most bewildered by the modern lefty.

Who the hell says you must be so damned obedient? Look at Sanders again. Look at the folks who have ventured out to listen to him – by the thousands. Observe how steadfast he is to his principles. Can you say that about Hillary?

No, of course not. The fact is she hasn’t carried out a single post in government honorably or effectively. And that is not me talking. Every aspect of her political life has resulted in the need to lie, obfuscate, apologize or rationalize in order to justify her pending coronation.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York April 29, 2015. (REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)
(REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

I’ll give you one example among hundreds. I have watched with amusement as this woman’s campaign trotted out the misogynist-in-chief to stump for her. I hear pundits ominously warn the right not to go after Bill for his rapes and dalliances because he is so popular, being the first black president and all.[1. An interesting take on the term, discussing the woman who coined it] But the key to this discussion is not Bill. It’s Hillary. While Bill was mindlessly slapping his meat on tables across the country from California to Arkansas and DC, Hillary took it upon herself to be the lead character assassin, directing low-life operatives to destroy the character and sometimes the lives of those Bill used or abused. [2. Details here from Hitchens, no wide-eyed conservative, he.] In the present argument, Hillary is the problem and is most deserving of scorn. This can’t be spun.

In order to get past this, real liberals, honest Democrats must pretend it never happened so they can justify falling into line with the rest of the cattle and voting for this wretched political creature.

Look, Sanders is a Socialist. When she is not street-walking for big money donors, so is Hillary. While I see such politics as utterly wrong-headed, I still can’t understand why so many on the left would still give their loyalty, much less their vote to someone so undeserving as Clinton.

I hope many on the other side of the political divide consider this soon. I hope so as fervently as I hope Donald Trump proves he is not just a fly in the ointment before Iowa. What are the chances of either, would you say?

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here!

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