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You are far more powerful than you may realize!

On the night of the Paris attacks, I posted an article in which I said I never wanted to be the idiot waiting for the shooter to deliver my bullet. None of us need to be that idiot.

This is a long-overdue concept. The key is in what the author of the link below calls changing the paradigm. We must start thinking of ourselves as the arbiters of our destiny, not only in the classroom or work place, but when we are in situations where we are threatened.

As a kid I used to watch the old films of Nazis loading Jews into rail cars and carting them off to their death. I would always ask why they didn’t do anything? In some of these pictures they outnumbered their guards 100 to 1. There is no way, if they rose up, the guards would have been able to control them.

In an active shooter situation, the targets have an even stronger advantage. In most instances, the shooter is after a certain person or type of person. A spouse, a person in authority, a religious target. They are, by their motivation and actions, excellent targets for counter-attack.

Read the associated link and start NOW to think of yourself as a combatant and not a victim, should you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation.

I’ll allow a qualified expert to explain.

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