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Pregame Thoughts on Obama Speech.

Tonight, the man who has actively facilitated the chaos in the middle east is going to lecture us. He will instruct us on how to react to subhuman scum who commit acts of violence in support of those scum Obama helped create.

The regime has also released trial balloons about his invoking “executive authority” to interfere in the exercise of our second amendment rights.

I will watch the speech and comment later. But if he does talk about deciding, in the style of a fascist that insulting the rights o honest people will help stop terrorism, religious or sociopathic, I will call for the complete disregard of his pronouncement.

Understand that even if he declared, by imperial fiat, something that I favor, like outlawing the present  stupidity on our college campuses, I’d still call for it to be ridiculed and ignored. We have no goddamn king in this country.

But I’ll hold my fire until I see the speech.

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