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Children of the Beltway!

When political arguments slide to the level of utter childishness they become difficult to address. How do you employ reason against statements utterly devoid of logic, reason or honesty?

When you catch a child playing with matches who then tells you he was only burning them, one at a time, to prevent his little sister from getting them, you first have to stifle the smirk at his saying such a silly thing, if not admire the creativity. My little brother tried this at age six when he set fire to the kitchen trash can. Then you have to make your case for the seriousness of the situation, completely ignoring his silly excuse. If the child insists on maintaining the excuse, a greater punishment should be in order to discourage him from growing up to be a Mizzou student.

Reasonable adults presently face a similar challenge with a recycled meme, popular on the left, regarding nut bag Islamic terrorism. This week, Obama embarrassed the nation once again on the world stage. Along with a host of unsolicited apologies for the condition of American society, a condition that exists only in his imagination, our “president” reaffirmed his contention that terrorism is caused by climate change.

When hearing something so blatantly Orwellian (and not a little stupid), where to start a counterargument is almost bewildering. Language fails.

Fortunately we have writers like George Will. He has said on more than one occasion that there are  a billion people on this planet living without electricity. If there was ever a reason for becoming a terrorist, shouldn’t they look at their lives compared to ours and start blowing up climate change enthusiasts? How terribly unfair it is!

No, the religiously motivated scum that torture this planet are in no way motivated by the planet’s temperature relative to the global ideal (still an unknown value). Nor are they motivated by the number of storms that form over our oceans or the number of heat waves. All these things pretty much occur as they always have, which is to say inconsistently and mostly doing no individual any consistant harm.

No, the only link between terrorism and the climate exists in the imagination of American politicians. The two tend to become linked when worries about climate change wanes.[1. In a recent Gallop poll, climate change ranked at 11 of 13 of the top issues among Democrats and dead last among Republicans.] And that doesn’t sit well with Valerie Jarrett, she and her ilk need issues such as GW/CC to justify and advance an aggressive social agenda. Since phony religious terror is a much sexier issue, the solution is simple, pretend there is a link between the two.

It matters not how stupid the assertion is. The regime knows that the usual suspects in the press will line up to support it and (hopefully for the left) enough of their doctrinaire sheep will pretend to believe it. With luck they can get some weak-wristed college brats to hold some dramatic die-ins to hammer the point home.

But it may very well be one of the official arguments in our political future. With that in mind, would someone please pull Trump aside and teach him how to string two or three adult sentences together? If he is to be our nominee, he’ll need to sound about 400% smarter than he does right now to beat these left wing knuckleheads we face today.

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