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Wiggle E. Tooth: A Young Family's Must- Have Book

Rosemary Mele is a devoted mother of teenagers and a productive member of her community. She’s a lady with a good heart and a quirky sense of humor. Until recently, few knew she is also a writer of a children’s book.

When her children were young, she used story-telling to help them understand the world around them. She decided to tell one of those stories in a book, and Wiggle E. Tooth was born.

One of my most vivid childhood memories is the fear my siblings and I had of that moment when our mother said, “Okay, it is time for that tooth to come out.” I only wish I had Wiggly in my corner then.

This is a colorful and imaginative tale that makes loosing that first baby tooth fun, even adventurous. With lively and colorful illustrations by Mike Mann, this book is already making that first rite of passage, for tots and their young parents across the country, a positive one.

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