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Dems, Don't Sacrifice Your Dignity for This Sleazebag!

Don’t you love how the Orwellian statists pervert the argument? After showing breathtaking cowardice FOR YEARS in the face of violence by superstitious nut bags, they then accuse those who reject their plans, out of common sense, of acting out of fear. Please, everyone on the left and center left, reject these embarrassing, extreme idiots and become the new Reagan Democrats. Just do it for one election so we can finally decontaminate the fetid sewer that DC has become. Anyone who stands with Clinton and Obama now has no dignity.

I exclude from this argument anyone who supports Bernie Sanders. I disagree with his arguments entirely, but I believe he is a man of principle. His candidacy can be countered with reason while still being treated with respect.

See the point of this post here.

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