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With Biden's Exit, Republicans Need To Worry!

So, Joe Biden is out. Too bad. As I said recently, if he had come out swinging for the fences, Hilary would have been indicted. If Joe had done so, she would have lost enough support to have been defanged. The bureaucrats investigating her would have lost all fear of her. Echoing in my mind is the voice of Howard Cosell in Manila screaming, “Down goes Frasier! Down goes Frasier!” But in this case it would have been HRC dropping to the mat. It would have been exciting to see, and it would have been well deserved.

So Hillary is the future of the Democrat Party. I say that with complete confidence. O’Malley and Chaffee will soon drop from the race. At the moment, Sanders is enjoying his new-found notoriety but poses no real threat to Herself. If he does have the temerity to up the stakes and go after Hillary, he will suffer greatly. Clinton has reassembled most of the old gang of character assassins she and Bill used to destroy opponents in past elections. Bernie, who I like and vehemently disagree with, would be left broken, disgraced and disillusioned. It would be a sad sight indeed. But I don’t think that will happen because Sanders is nothing if not loyal to the left. He is following my admonishments against party fratricide as if he had read my book. So the most incompetent Secretary of State in modern memory, and the most corrupt first Lady since Imelda Marcos, is a shoe-in for the nomination of the Democratic Party.

Under normal circumstances, I’d have called that a good thing for Republicans, especially conservatives. As I wrote in 16 20 24, there are hundreds of hours of video with which the Republicans can thrash Hillary from now until next November. But in the course of that writing, “The Donald” entered the race. We are no longer looking at normal circumstances for the GOP.

It seems, as in the last two elections, huge numbers of voters are dying to suspend their incredulity and throw in with someone utterly out of his depth. That candidate may likely succeed in getting the nomination of the GOP, but as a result the party stands an excellent chance of once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

At the moment, Trump is in the thirties in some polls. He holds court with the media; they come to him. His appeal is pure bombast. The media see him as a circus clown. He is inarticulate and unfocused. While I don’t want to see him run the formulaic campaign that crushes the GOP message year after year, I think we have reason to worry about his performance one-on-one against BJ Bill’s wife. If he goes into the debates with no more evidentiary rhetoric than, “Believe me,” or, “…it will make your head spin.” He’s toast. If he can’t preface an answer with anything more than what great companies he’s built, Hillary will wipe the floor with him. And that press corps, so ingratiating and accommodating as they have been, will turn on him when he has the nomination. They will tear into him like a pack of coyotes. The millions of conservatives who stayed home in 2012 and ensured Obama’s second term will be demoralized and will stay home again.

If Trump doesn’t bring his A-game and start talking like an articulate adult, or if the other GOP candidates don’t use some of Trumps bombast and get themselves into more news cycles, we will lose in November 2016, and we will lose BIG!

Matt Jordan is the author of 16 20 24: A Path to consistent Conservative Victory and host of

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Down and Dirty

I am not endorsing anyone yet. And I don’t see eye-to-eye with Cruz on a few things (identity voting for starters). But I give him two thumbs up, five stars, a high five and a secret handshake for this sentence. Kudos Ted. Read the sentence heard around the world.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. The holidays are fast upon us! Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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So, What's Up in Southern MS?

I went to a meeting of the Jackson County Republican Club on Wednesday at La Fiesta Brava.

If you are a local conservative or Republican (not always the same thing) and are not spending time with these folks, you’re messing up. These are good people getting involved in what is happening and trying very hard to make a difference. You would do well to count yourself among their number.

I really enjoyed the lunch. Lyn and I, new to the group, spent most of our time with Eureka, a very lovely lady indeed.

While there, we discussed politics and planning, as you might imagine, but we also had  chance to meet Sam Britton, Republican candidate for Public Service Commissioner for southern Mississippi. I liked him straight away. Not only is he a straight shooter, but I think he read 16 20 24.

He is following all the rules. He is direct, says what he really thinks, and doesn’t mind rocking the crony capitalist boat. While there is nothing particularly flashy about the man, when he speaks you want to listen. You get the impression that he is serious about the office he is running for. AND…he’s got the credentials to back it up. Most critically, he is following rule number 1: Be yourself. That is the surest way to political success these days.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock in recent months, you know that Kemper has been a controversial issue. While Sam is not working to hurt Kemper, he is very saying, quite assertively, that he will not see Kemper become a beneficiary of the kind of crony capitalism that is running rampant across our state and this country.

Anybody who reads my stuff will know that I eschew endorsements this early in the campaign season. But I feel perfectly comfortable calling an audible here. If you were to lock Sam and I in a room with instructions to discuss everything, we’d find areas we disagree on. Some social issues; certainly religion. But I’m sure my assessment of Sam Britton would remain intact. He is a good man. He is the type of guy we need to see much more of in our political zoo – on every level.

So my first endorsement of the political year goes to Sam Britton. I wish him every good fortune.

I will be signing books at the Mullet Festival tomorrow and Sunday (17 – 18 Oct). This is my first time there. Come on out and enjoy what I am told is the best food you’ll ever eat. Make sure you make time to stop by my table and say hello.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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