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Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All…Stupid is Redefined!

TV’s Most Dangerous Night EVER!

That’s the tag line for the stupidest thing TV producers have created since Jersey Shore…and it’s aimed at the same audience.

I have always tried to avoid being too abrupt discussing religion. I have no attachment to the spirit world, but I know some folks get a little touchy when you criticize too sharply.

That said, if Exorcism Live! gets even the audience an MSNBC panel discussion gets, I won’t be able to edit my reaction. Talk about circus-freak stupid! There is no dignified way to address how far entertainment has fallen in this country. We are supposed to be a post-enlightenment society. We used to, as a society, have a kind of dignity that would make putting on such a ridiculous program a laughable non-starter.

Oh, and get this: (cue deep spookey voice) They even take you to the house that inspired movie! In my heart, I am screaming in terror.

And OMG (pun intended), did you see the goons on the show poster? They look like carny barker meets Duck Dynasty meets MMA.

Some of us remember the movie Network. It was released in ’76. It featured Howard Beale, the Mad Prophet of the Airways, a fortune teller and a social militant. It was an entertaining movie, but the consensus everywhere was that this was Hollywood. No TV audience was dim witted enough to think any of that garbage would be interesting.

By the 80s, TV preachers who used to con people at county fairs were making millions on the boob tube and we had late-night fortune tellers on the air.  By the 90s, news programs looked like gossip shows. The following decade brought “Reality” TV.* We started watching other people living their lives in lieu of living our own. I use the word “we” advisedly. I was put off by this crap.

Here’s the reason I am so agitated. The people who create this garbage have marketing experts who evaluate their ideas, test them. They have a pretty good idea how many truly stupid people there are out there. And you need a lot of them to have a hit show – or even a profitable one. They are betting on you being that stupid. PLEASE disappoint them!

Was Idiocracy really was a goddamn documentary disguised as a comedy?

* For the irretrievably slow, Reality TV is like Pro Wrestling. It’s fake. It’s a set-up. When the characters act really ignorant and you think it’s really cool, they’re just pretending. Now go see if you can’t lose that extra chromosome.

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