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It's Like SURVIVOR Sometimes, Only Cringier.

I know everyone has been siting by their computers waiting to hear from me. Hey, I had to do some chores today.

This is my take on the debates.

  • Trump was his usual inarticulate self. No damage done. Reality TV fans will continue to swoon.
  • The four from the early debate plus Kasich and Huckabee are the walking dead.
  • Bush may be mortally wounded by his own hand. I don’t see a comeback here. He will lose $$. He’ll drop to 6th or 7th in most polls.
  • Rand Paul needs to learn how to get into news cycles or he is toast.
  • The winners, Christie, Fiorina, Cruz and Rubio will remain the same in relation to each other, but move up over Bush. They’ll split points from Bush, Kasich and Huck.
  • The exception to that may be Rubio. He did very well and is creating buzz. A solid third in all polls, possibly even nipping at Carson is not out of the question.
  • Carson did well.

I remain very disappointed with Jindal. He is a fine statesman. But he is clearly a weak national politician. That probably means he is a decent human being. But that’s not enough to become president.

Bush is similar. He was a good governor. He left office almost as popular as when he was elected. His problems are obvious. The most glaring are his physical ticks and I can’t believe his handlers didn’t beat them out of him. I’ve written about how his shoulders go up when he speaks. He’s not sure he is getting through, or he is stressed. But he does two other things that kill his message. He shakes his head “no” while he is talking. That is suicide when you are trying to make an affirmative point. If you move your head at all when making your case, you move it up and down – “yes”! Worse, when asked a question, he leans his head to one side and leans forward a bit as if to be saying, “This isn’t as bad as you think. Please believe me.”  And worst of all, his tone matches that posture. This happens with friendly and unfriendly interviewers alike. If he can’t clean up his act, he will be lucky to be at the next debate.

Trump remains the press favorite. He will be so until he drops out or is nominated, at which time they will turn on him like rabid pit bulls. He was no closer to ready for a real debate with anyone on the left last night than he was last time. He doesn’t prepare for debates – or speeches for that matter. Some say that means he is honest. Bullshit! You can be prepared and articulate and honest all at the same time. The lack of prep makes him look stupid. It tells the listener he is taking your vote for granted. “You’ll vote for me because I am the Donald.”

Fiorina still looks better than any of them in jeans and a flannel shirt.

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