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What Price Treason, Bob?

Sometimes, you can’t outlive being surprised. When Fox news recently discussed the holdouts on the Iran Nuke Sellout, Bob Casey (D-Pa) popped up. My immediate reaction was, “Well, there’s one they won’t get.”

But lo and behold, today it was announced that Casey, along with a Delaware idiot signed onto a process that guarantees an enemy of America nuclear weapons.

What the hell do they have on you, Bob? Video of you snorting coke from a prostitute’s naval? Soliciting sex in a men’s room? What?

Or is it even sadder than that? Did someone tell you they’d support your stupid safe oil railcars idea (that, instead of a pipeline, which would hardly ever derail)? Did someone promise a nice honorarium? Or several? Maybe a bump up in the governing class? Seriously, I’d love to know the going rate for selling out your state and your country. Maybe your betters told you that you are not up for reelection this year so you need to kneel before Dear Leader, Obama.

When I was a boy, and my family was Democrat, I knew of your father. My mother worked for his campaigns. As I grew older, I disassociated myself from the Dem party. But your father was one of those Democrats I held in esteem like Pat Moynihan or Tip O’Neill. He was a man of conviction. Your father cashed in all his political chips based on his convictions.

What kind of a twisted thing have you become? You waited. Held out on this vote. In the interim, you learned the Iranians would surely cheat on the deal, and indeed, already had. You know as well as I do that they won’t wait ten years to weaponize. They won’t wait five. So what did you get for helping sell your country out to a bunch of phony Imams? There are no convictions in play here. Just empty rhetoric which no one is buying. The choice was never this sham agreement or war. There is a huge chasm between rejecting the nuke sellout and going to war. You know that too.

If your father were alive today, he’d punch out your running lights. That’s Navy talk for smashing your stupid face. You only have a political career thanks to him. You’ve disgraced the legacy.

To my Democrat friends in Pennsylvania, and I still have a bunch, primary this sorry bastard in ’18. He should represent an embarrassment to anyone associated with him. To my Republican friends, in the event this creep survives the primary, have a candidate ready with today’s news cycle on video. My old home state isn’t perfect, but I don’t think they take kindly to this sort of naked treachery.

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