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How Low Can BHO and Congress Go?

Important stuff first:

On the recommendation of my friend and widely respected philosopher, Tom Martin, I thought this an excellent opportunity to weigh in on some significant social issues.

  • Kim Kardashian is a fat-assed bimbo.
  • Bruce Jenner is still a guy in a dress.
  • In the last debate, Donald Trump looked like Joe Pesci imitating Donald Trump.
  • Fluffy kittens make me sneeze and serve no useful purpose.

Now the we have the important stuff out of the way…

Well, it was finally said. But worse than I expected, the dirty work was done, not by Obama, but by one of the Four Morons. I fully expected Obama to drop this one on Congress, but the chinless, worthless, gutless McConnell? I didn’t see that coming. Still, the result is the same and it was of course, done in close coordination between the two ethically bankrupt snakes.

I wrote here that Obama never wanted the hostages released from Iran. He knew he would need them later to have leverage to ensure Iran got their nukes as soon as possible, and with no interference. I said he would counter opposition from congress by dangling the hostages as bait.

Well, McConnell has shown where his loyalty lies by conspiring with Obama and the Iranians with a ham-handed bit of misdirection. This had to be facilitated by his not doing his job in the first place, and not moving quickly to have the Iran deal handled as a treaty. His hesitation was intended to allow time for the White House to buy off or threaten corrupt members of the Democrat caucus, like Bob Casey, Jr. (D-PA) and create a filibuster against a proper vote. Let’s be honest here. McConnell had no intentions of allowing his own party to have a proper vote on this issue. He is a member of the governing class, not a Republican.

But there were still maneuvers afoot to thwart Obama’s attempt to provide nukes and money to Iran.

So yesterday McConnell announced the Senate would vote next week on a resolution saying, get this: We won’t release $150 billion in assets to Iran until they release the hostages. Did you see that? We’re no longer talking about nukes. He is trading $150B for four hostages.

The Four Morons (Congress) Lend a Hand

When Harry Reid, McConnell’s coconspirator, was Senate Majority Leader, he voted away the filibuster rule to pass appointments. If there was ever an issue upon which the Republican should have responded in kind, it was this one. Obama, with the loyal assistance of the Four Morons (Pelosi, Boenher, McConnell and Reid), is working tirelessly against the interest of the American people and our allies to PROVIDE Iran with nukes and money. And now, their hostages, the ones they share with their Iranian partners are being dangled over the heads of Congress, not to stop the provision of nuclear weapons but to reward Iran with vast amounts of money. As far as the weapons are concerned, Obama and the Four Morons consider that mission accomplished.

I always felt the slavery exclusion for the southern states was a low point for our government, defacing the most amazing article of governance in history, which they had just created. But what we’re seeing here is worse. The utterly corrupt rodents at the center of our government are precipitating a wide-scale conflict that would cause untold loss of life and destruction.

What should happen immediately is the suspension of the filibuster and a vote to declare the nuke deal what it is, a treaty. Then vote down the treaty. (The Iranians already violated the terms anyway. That was part of the Administrations plans too. More on that in a minute.) Then, hold a vote calling on Obama to start reducing Iranian military targets to rubble if the hostage are not released in 72 hours.

Why is 72 hours important? Well, in the process of violating the agreement Obama arranged for his betters in Iran, the Quds commander struck a deal with Russia for surface-to-air missiles. Any thing we can do would be best done before those missiles become operational, if they haven’t already. Either way, the duty of Congress is to kill this suicidal treaty and make it clear to the Iranians that we are done mucking about. They release the hostage now. They get their money when the centrifuges and fissile material is turned over to a Western power.

Also, 72 hours indicates that we are serious. Iran is not yet the kind of player Russia and China would go “all in” with if we are engaged in a finite mission to muscle the release of hostages.

If McConnell had the fortitude to do this, it would leave Obama standing alone and trying to justify his collusion with a foreign power, against the interests of the United States. I seriously doubt McConnell’s courage, much less his fortitude.

If Obama and the Four Morons continue on the present path, prepare yourselves for large-scale, theater war. This will be real war. It won’t be like Iraq and Afghanistan, where three casualties would make the evening news. We will be talking about single engagements to dwarf Antietam and  Monte Cassino. The front will stretch from Finland to the Arabian Peninsula and from North Africa to South Asia.  And the primary aggressor, no matter what their ally in the White House tells you, is spinning centrifuges with gleeful abandon as you read this.

History vindicates this assessment. Weak, vacillating, narcissistic politicians, like those that are metastasizing in our government today, lead their countries to war and ruin. For the facts on the ground to support these assertions, we need an officer of flag rank, to stand up and alert the country directly. It may cost his commission. In the sea of post-Vietnam “yes” men wearing the uniform, I doubt that officer exists.

I’ve never wanted to be so wrong on anything in my life.  Sadly, it would take a major sea-change, and very soon, to change the equation.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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Are You a Groupie, or an Adult?

The last week has demonstrated how easy it is for someone to gain notoriety with a credulous public. And I was just starting to warm up to Trump. Dang.

In Kentucky, an elected official decides unilaterally to stop issuing licenses to gay couples wishing to marry. Sounds awfully Obama-esque. And the woman uses Christianity as her excuse for doing so. Not only does half of all cyberspace dive in and say she’s right (the same people should and do go batshit when Valerie Jarrett orders her lap dog, Barry, to ignore the law) but they automatically believe everything Kim Davis says because she invokes religion for having done it.

Last time I checked, the applicable admonition here was “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”, or was that a line from War and Peace?

If this woman was a woman of principle, she should have resigned her post rather than take a paycheck for not being able to do her job. She knows that. She also knows that her post is one that represents all the people in her jurisdiction – even the gay ones. She knows all this if she is not irretrievably stupid.

I am guessing she is not stupid. So that leaves her groping for her 15 minutes of fame and/or setting up her reelection among voters she considers religious rubes. And why not? She is a Democrat. But all that is just a guess. She may indeed be stupid.

I am not saying this because she is opposed to gay marriage. I am criticizing her approach to her job and her dilemma. Instead of employing reason and ethics, she instead uses petulant emotionalism and extreme shortsightedness.

But to a greater extent, I criticize my fellow conservatives. Will we never evaluate and analyze an emerging figure before rushing out to lionize that figure on Twitter and Facebook? We immediately become groupies of those who we think are the least like us. We see it as validation. It is in these moments, those who observe us, considering whether to join us, must wonder how easily distracted we are from the greater causes at hand. And further how blind we must be to the possible consequences.

If today, it is right that a clerk not issue something as banal as a marriage license, as an act of faith, why not tomorrow deny a Jew a building permit. After all, in the heavily edited European version of the bible, the Jews did say that the blood of the Christ was forever upon their heads and the heads of their children. Cannot a devout Baptist claim the mantel of god and be right in making a Jew’s life difficult? How could we dare question an act of faith? It’s of no importance who signs the official’s paycheck if he is only acting to please his god.

Cannot a devout Christian county supervisor ban my books in public libraries? I live in a conservative county and there is little light between me and my neighbors on most issues. But I am a blasted Atheist. I can only poison the minds of the god-fearing. Wouldn’t it only be right for the county official to declare his office a minor Christian principality and ban my work? It is against the law to do so, but isn’t he just expressing himself religiously?

Think! No more Ready, Fire, Aim!

Finally, this. Two politicians, in my opinion have disqualified themselves from race for the White House. Cruz and Huckabee, pandering to the FB crowd, pretending not to know and intellectually agree with the paragraphs above, made a spectacle of themselves today. You can know with total confidence two things about these men. They will not be the type who will set right the skewed responsibilities inside the Beltway. They will not reduce the size of the presidency. If they do anything in that regard it will be to expand it. Also, they are far too happy to play one religious sect against another, or the religious against the secular. This, at a time when we need steely-eyed reason and courage to carry the day and the next 4 – 8 years.

They join Santorum as people who would engage in theocratic nonsense if the political winds encouraged it.

Today we protest a correct sequence of events. An elected official refuses to do her assigned task. A judge orders her to do so. She refuses again. For refusing, she is found in contempt of the order. How many of you wailed, as loudly as I did, at Eric Holder’s disrespect toward his contempt charge? What of the endless string of imperial fiats from the regime? (Hey, they just couldn’t wait for Congress!) If what Davis did is okay, then all Obama’s pronouncements are okay. Or they are both not.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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Hillary for Middle School Class President!

When you start to see things like this, you know two things: 1) A campaign is coming unglued, and 2) no one associated with the candidate or the campaign is qualified to do anything but make mix tapes in their mom’s basement. But in this case the candidate would probably erase the tapes or steal them.

You’ll shake your head in disbelief.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

Find 16 20 24 on Amazon.

Find 16 20 24 at Barnes & Noble