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Be a SuperC hero.

Update: There is a lot of talk about making Ryan speaker. there are two things you can say about Ryan. 1) He’s a great numbers cruncher and is most effective right where he us. 2) Boehner is staying put hoping to talk Ryan into the job because politically, Ryan is a Boehner boy.

DRAFT AN OUTSIDER. Forward this to your congressmen. You don’t even need to write a letter. Just put his email in the To: line and paste this. It’s almost as easy as hitting the share button. Of course, with a lot of my friends, you’d think hitting the share button was akin to giving up a limb.

Become a Supercyrano hero! (PROJECT 1). Boehner is leaving! Operation Moron is 1/4 of the way to it’s goal. THIS IS OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE! You don’t have to be in Congress to be elected Speaker of the House. I believe the best candidate is Scott Walker. He knows when to dig in his heels and fight. He has held his ground as governor for years against challenges that would have wiped out most politicians. He is out of the race because he isn’t a bloviating jackass or a big money sponge. Fine. He also doesn’t have a posse of drooling sycophants to tend to in Congress.
If you agree with that assessment, call or email your Congressman and your Senators (of either party) and tell them to actively pursue a “Draft Walker” campaign. Tell them you WILL be watching! And here’s the tricky part. Share this post and challenge two people to share it, issue the same challenge to two more people and write their delegation as well, within the next 24 hours. But don’t give up until you have your two heroes. And you can challenge as many people as you wish directly.
When you’re done, scroll to the bottom of my homepage at and in the comment section write, “Operation Moron” or “Done”. You will be listed on the SuperC’s wall of honor for this project.

To challenge someone, just retweet or share the post that sent you here and name them.

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