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Would you be walking free right now? Hillary is!

Hillary Clinton is a CRIMINAL!

Update: 30 Jan 16

Within the last two weeks we have learned that there were SAP level documents on Hillary Clinton’s server. We learned that BJ Bill’s hag told people to delete headings on sensitive documents and send them unclas (Intentional criminal activity – and we have it in writing). And this week, the State Dept. held back 22 documents from release because to do so would do grievous harm to national security. And the documents were on her illegal, unsecured server

Update: 10 Dec 15

I will have much more to say on this issue. As of this week I am beginning to suspect the FBI of slouching toward the Clinton vortex of corruption.

We have heard FBI Director Comey say repeatedly that the FBI was apolitical and above reproach on issues political. Then, oddly, we hear that same thing repeatedly from the Agent heading up the terror investigation in San Bernardino. Why the hell would he say that? He is investigating a multiple homicide.

I am beginning to suspect that we are being inoculated in preparation of the announcement that no charges will be recommended by the FBI.

This would, of course, would be ridiculous. No competent law enforcement officer can say that there has been no crime committed here. And those crimes are serious. The only question is how many.

If the FBI announces that no charges will be recommended, that will be the end of the disinterested, professional image of the entire organization. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will have sunk to the level of the IRS; drooling, political goons.


First Hillary said she didn’t have a private email account for State Department work.

Then she said she did.

Then she laughed at a questioner and said that she didn’t use a private server for official business.

Then she said she did.

Then she said the server was none of anyone’s business and she would never give it up.

Later, she gave it up.

Before she gave it up, she said there were no official emails on the server.

Then she said there were.

Then she said no emails were deleted.

Then she said emails were deleted.

Then she said it is required that an official had to oversee the deletion of emails and she was that official. But she had been out of government for two years at that point, so she was not an official of any kind.

Very recently she said that IT people were in charge of erasing the emails.

Then she said her lawyers were in charge of erasing emails.

Then she said there was no classified information on the server.

Then she said there were no classified emails that were classified at the time she wrote/replied/forwarded them.

Then we found out that much of the info she tossed around was “classified at birth”. Highly classified imagery, communications from heads of state, etc.

Then she said none of that mattered because it was all linked back to the State Department server anyway. Which of course is only true if an addressee was at the State Department. Many of her State Department emails had no links to State servers.

Then she said she turned over all official documents.

Then she started using numbers of pages to try to impress us, thereby demonstrating that she did not turn over all official documents.

Then she said she didn’t slick the server to hide evidence.

Then we found out she did.

All along she insisted she gave up all official material.

Then the FBI found a pile of emails Hillary tried to destroy, thereby interfering AGAIN in an official investigation. Many of them highly classified.

None of this is conjecture. She has said all of it publicly.

In the course of all this, she lied about receiving a subpoena and repeatedly lied to investigators.

How far down this list do you think you or I would have gotten before being handcuffed and bounced off the hood of an FBI car while our house was torn to pieces?

As I’ve said before, the Clintons are like Peanuts’ Pigpen. They walk in a filthy cloud of corruption, character assassination, misanthropic arrogance and death.

Here’s an irony. As of last Friday, 6 Nov 15, polls said that there were still 28% of the population who would be proud to have her as president. As sickeningly high as that number still is, she’ll probably get an uptick now that she is blaming the Republicans for her crimes.

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Be a SuperC hero.

Update: There is a lot of talk about making Ryan speaker. there are two things you can say about Ryan. 1) He’s a great numbers cruncher and is most effective right where he us. 2) Boehner is staying put hoping to talk Ryan into the job because politically, Ryan is a Boehner boy.

DRAFT AN OUTSIDER. Forward this to your congressmen. You don’t even need to write a letter. Just put his email in the To: line and paste this. It’s almost as easy as hitting the share button. Of course, with a lot of my friends, you’d think hitting the share button was akin to giving up a limb.

Become a Supercyrano hero! (PROJECT 1). Boehner is leaving! Operation Moron is 1/4 of the way to it’s goal. THIS IS OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE! You don’t have to be in Congress to be elected Speaker of the House. I believe the best candidate is Scott Walker. He knows when to dig in his heels and fight. He has held his ground as governor for years against challenges that would have wiped out most politicians. He is out of the race because he isn’t a bloviating jackass or a big money sponge. Fine. He also doesn’t have a posse of drooling sycophants to tend to in Congress.
If you agree with that assessment, call or email your Congressman and your Senators (of either party) and tell them to actively pursue a “Draft Walker” campaign. Tell them you WILL be watching! And here’s the tricky part. Share this post and challenge two people to share it, issue the same challenge to two more people and write their delegation as well, within the next 24 hours. But don’t give up until you have your two heroes. And you can challenge as many people as you wish directly.
When you’re done, scroll to the bottom of my homepage at and in the comment section write, “Operation Moron” or “Done”. You will be listed on the SuperC’s wall of honor for this project.

To challenge someone, just retweet or share the post that sent you here and name them.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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Is the National Fabric a Bit Threadbare?

I have wanted to start an essay that grew out of a discussion I had with Queen Brandi on Twitter. I had made a comment about Freddie Grey, jackpot justice and raising better kids. QB challenged this and suggested that I was likely being racist. Normally, I’d blow off such a comment or even make fun of it. But I had spoken to Brandi before, she’s nice, and I decided that 140 characters doesn’t allow for much elucidation. So I promised I’d write a more detailed critique.

Book obligations and other distractions intervened, so this is about 2 weeks late. It is also not what I first thought I’d write. An otherwise insignificant event intervened and changed the essential direction of my thoughts.

Late on a lazy afternoon, after a day on the beach, Lynn and I were trying to decide whether to have dinner out or grill up some steaks at the house. We compromised on cocktails and postponed the decision about where to eat.

We stopped at an Irish pub. There were a few people in the pub. Some coming from the same beach we just left. There were some crew members from an oil tanker tied up at Pascagoula and there was a sad barfly.

This creature was particularly pathetic. She looked to be about 30, going on 55. She was very pretty once, probably the apple of somebody’s eye. Now she was a cross-eyed drunk who, we learned later, had spent an entire beautiful day in a dark bar. She had no muscle tone and was wearing a dirty shirt and what looked like her mom’s stretchy pants.

We weren’t there a full minute when this clearly loaded creature yells out, ” I got niggers in my family tree. And they’re still hangin’ there.”

Now, I have gotten into more than my share of barroom brawls at times like this because I can’t resist telling a loud drunk to quit being an asshole. But on this day I had Lyn with me. The first thing I did was to step far enough from the bar to be sure that we would not be in the line of fire if a mug or a bottle were thrown at the drunk chick.

My second reaction occurred inside my head and surprised even me. I immediately thought, how many are there of “us” left?

By “us”, I mean normal, relatable people. This girl (too immature to be called a woman) suddenly represented far too many people in this country. I say that even setting her drunkenness aside. I say that even setting aside her dumb joke. (I’m not one to be shocked by jokes, even stupid ones. Show me a joke that doesn’t come at somebody’s expense and I’ll show you an unfunny joke.) Aside from her obvious intent to be offensive, no one was even paying attention to her.

The “us” I was thinking of are stable, productive, pleasant, mature adults. How many adults are there that don’t think Duck Dynasty, or the like, is a significant cultural signature of present-day America? Who actually believes that the standings in Dancing With the Stars should be in the headlines on news channels? How many are left who don’t live their lives inside the electronic echo chambers of their Facebook groups or Twitter follows? How many adults still even conscientiously notice race BEFORE getting to know someone? How many people actually believe that what a politician says about his/her religion is true? And despite the fact that we all know that the only real football fan is an Eagles fan, how many fully functional adults still truly realize that the measure of a person is not indicated by the team one chooses to follow? And on the subject of sports, who is left sickened by the amount of our hard-earned treasure being heaped on professional sports figures? How many pay it without a thought? How many folks are more concerned by that which entertains than they are the impact they’ll leave when they assume room temperature?

In case you are asking if I truly mean to offend; YES! I am comparing you/us to the drunk chick. Because if I have offended you, if I have lost more than half my readership with my last paragraph, that speaks not well about where we are as a people; not well at all. I’m the guy who thinks the film Idiocracy is a documentary.

I have had conversations with responsible people, people who work in important posts vis a vis the military and the government, who think UFC and MMA on TV is more than just steroid induced lunacy intended to entertain a drooling, unthinking public; bread and circus. They discuss reality TV as if it were real. They are actually held in suspense about outcomes. Am I crazy to be disturbed by this?

So what the hell does all this have to do with Grey and Baltimore and my discussions with Brandy? Well. I’ll tell you.

I think the most important question I asked above was about leaving an impact. Let’s face it, not everyone can be a political leader or sports legend or a V-shaped, laureate writer like myself. (Of course I am kidding about being V-shaped or a laureate. And as a writer, I am a legend in my own mind.)

No, we the unwashed must satisfy ourselves with making right that small corner of the world we inhabit. And the most important thing we can do there is raising proper kids. But do we?

In the interest of full disclosure, I got off easy, in a manner of speaking. My kids grew up with me 300 miles of more away for much of their lives. Their mother did an amazing job. Again, easy only in a manner of speaking. But I contributed what I could.

But, by and large, when we see tragedies like Freddie Grey, the bulk of the commentary is on Freddie or the cops.

Before I ask the obvious question, let us all stipulate that when you lock eyes with a police officer and then bolt, even the most honest and forthright cop is going to give chase. Whatever was on Freddie’s mind that day, we’ll never know. But it wasn’t good. He had a record and, for some reason, thought someone had gotten the drop on him for something else, I know not what. Too many people try to make the excuse that all black men fear cops and that’s why he ran. If that were the case, you wouldn’t be able to swing a cat in most places and not hit a black guy running down the street like his hair was on fire. And happily, that is not the world we actually live in.

So who raised Freddie Grey? And while my real disgust is reserved for the City of Baltimore, and the mayor and prosecutor who took a tragedy and turned it into a circus by making themselves the stars of the show, I was also critical of Grey’s family and called the $6.4M buy out for what it was: jackpot justice.

Brandy asked if I had no heart for the family. Generically, of course I did. To lose a son, no matter the circumstances, is a heartache no parent should bear. But the story ends the way it does because two things happened. Somebody raised Freddie (the parents’ contribution) and the City of Baltimore turned his death into a circus and gave credence to all the scum that used the circus as an excuse to steal and destroy (the inexcusable result).

Under these circumstances it is standard procedure for cities, indeed legal necessity, to avoid admitting or paying on anything for as long as possible; years perhaps. To do other would open up an avenue for less than honest citizens to empty the city coffers. If you don’t think there are shyster lawyers and cynical citizens praying for a misstep by the Baltimore police right now, you are pathetically naive.

And that’s just one of what is becoming the common example of the pebble effect. We don’t teach our kids, they grow without direction, and more than our little corner of the world gets messed up. Then the ripples start to merge. Tell me how hard it is to raise a kid. I’ll show you no heart. It has to be done. And a better job was done consistently, decades ago than is done now, and with a tenth of the help now available.

AND…all that was just one example inspired by my friend Brandi’s question. But, with that in mind, go back and look at my questions in paragraph 10 again. Extract any one as an example as I did with the parenting question. To what influences are we subjecting ourselves and our kids? Are we in the Idiocracy? Or is there a colony of regular people standing by to show me the error of my assessments and complaints?

I REALLY want to know what you think.

In the meantime, I have to run. There’s a Dawg the Bounty Hunter rerun coming on and I have to catch up on my Trump tweets.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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How Low Can BHO and Congress Go?

Important stuff first:

On the recommendation of my friend and widely respected philosopher, Tom Martin, I thought this an excellent opportunity to weigh in on some significant social issues.

  • Kim Kardashian is a fat-assed bimbo.
  • Bruce Jenner is still a guy in a dress.
  • In the last debate, Donald Trump looked like Joe Pesci imitating Donald Trump.
  • Fluffy kittens make me sneeze and serve no useful purpose.

Now the we have the important stuff out of the way…

Well, it was finally said. But worse than I expected, the dirty work was done, not by Obama, but by one of the Four Morons. I fully expected Obama to drop this one on Congress, but the chinless, worthless, gutless McConnell? I didn’t see that coming. Still, the result is the same and it was of course, done in close coordination between the two ethically bankrupt snakes.

I wrote here that Obama never wanted the hostages released from Iran. He knew he would need them later to have leverage to ensure Iran got their nukes as soon as possible, and with no interference. I said he would counter opposition from congress by dangling the hostages as bait.

Well, McConnell has shown where his loyalty lies by conspiring with Obama and the Iranians with a ham-handed bit of misdirection. This had to be facilitated by his not doing his job in the first place, and not moving quickly to have the Iran deal handled as a treaty. His hesitation was intended to allow time for the White House to buy off or threaten corrupt members of the Democrat caucus, like Bob Casey, Jr. (D-PA) and create a filibuster against a proper vote. Let’s be honest here. McConnell had no intentions of allowing his own party to have a proper vote on this issue. He is a member of the governing class, not a Republican.

But there were still maneuvers afoot to thwart Obama’s attempt to provide nukes and money to Iran.

So yesterday McConnell announced the Senate would vote next week on a resolution saying, get this: We won’t release $150 billion in assets to Iran until they release the hostages. Did you see that? We’re no longer talking about nukes. He is trading $150B for four hostages.

The Four Morons (Congress) Lend a Hand

When Harry Reid, McConnell’s coconspirator, was Senate Majority Leader, he voted away the filibuster rule to pass appointments. If there was ever an issue upon which the Republican should have responded in kind, it was this one. Obama, with the loyal assistance of the Four Morons (Pelosi, Boenher, McConnell and Reid), is working tirelessly against the interest of the American people and our allies to PROVIDE Iran with nukes and money. And now, their hostages, the ones they share with their Iranian partners are being dangled over the heads of Congress, not to stop the provision of nuclear weapons but to reward Iran with vast amounts of money. As far as the weapons are concerned, Obama and the Four Morons consider that mission accomplished.

I always felt the slavery exclusion for the southern states was a low point for our government, defacing the most amazing article of governance in history, which they had just created. But what we’re seeing here is worse. The utterly corrupt rodents at the center of our government are precipitating a wide-scale conflict that would cause untold loss of life and destruction.

What should happen immediately is the suspension of the filibuster and a vote to declare the nuke deal what it is, a treaty. Then vote down the treaty. (The Iranians already violated the terms anyway. That was part of the Administrations plans too. More on that in a minute.) Then, hold a vote calling on Obama to start reducing Iranian military targets to rubble if the hostage are not released in 72 hours.

Why is 72 hours important? Well, in the process of violating the agreement Obama arranged for his betters in Iran, the Quds commander struck a deal with Russia for surface-to-air missiles. Any thing we can do would be best done before those missiles become operational, if they haven’t already. Either way, the duty of Congress is to kill this suicidal treaty and make it clear to the Iranians that we are done mucking about. They release the hostage now. They get their money when the centrifuges and fissile material is turned over to a Western power.

Also, 72 hours indicates that we are serious. Iran is not yet the kind of player Russia and China would go “all in” with if we are engaged in a finite mission to muscle the release of hostages.

If McConnell had the fortitude to do this, it would leave Obama standing alone and trying to justify his collusion with a foreign power, against the interests of the United States. I seriously doubt McConnell’s courage, much less his fortitude.

If Obama and the Four Morons continue on the present path, prepare yourselves for large-scale, theater war. This will be real war. It won’t be like Iraq and Afghanistan, where three casualties would make the evening news. We will be talking about single engagements to dwarf Antietam and  Monte Cassino. The front will stretch from Finland to the Arabian Peninsula and from North Africa to South Asia.  And the primary aggressor, no matter what their ally in the White House tells you, is spinning centrifuges with gleeful abandon as you read this.

History vindicates this assessment. Weak, vacillating, narcissistic politicians, like those that are metastasizing in our government today, lead their countries to war and ruin. For the facts on the ground to support these assertions, we need an officer of flag rank, to stand up and alert the country directly. It may cost his commission. In the sea of post-Vietnam “yes” men wearing the uniform, I doubt that officer exists.

I’ve never wanted to be so wrong on anything in my life.  Sadly, it would take a major sea-change, and very soon, to change the equation.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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Are You a Groupie, or an Adult?

The last week has demonstrated how easy it is for someone to gain notoriety with a credulous public. And I was just starting to warm up to Trump. Dang.

In Kentucky, an elected official decides unilaterally to stop issuing licenses to gay couples wishing to marry. Sounds awfully Obama-esque. And the woman uses Christianity as her excuse for doing so. Not only does half of all cyberspace dive in and say she’s right (the same people should and do go batshit when Valerie Jarrett orders her lap dog, Barry, to ignore the law) but they automatically believe everything Kim Davis says because she invokes religion for having done it.

Last time I checked, the applicable admonition here was “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”, or was that a line from War and Peace?

If this woman was a woman of principle, she should have resigned her post rather than take a paycheck for not being able to do her job. She knows that. She also knows that her post is one that represents all the people in her jurisdiction – even the gay ones. She knows all this if she is not irretrievably stupid.

I am guessing she is not stupid. So that leaves her groping for her 15 minutes of fame and/or setting up her reelection among voters she considers religious rubes. And why not? She is a Democrat. But all that is just a guess. She may indeed be stupid.

I am not saying this because she is opposed to gay marriage. I am criticizing her approach to her job and her dilemma. Instead of employing reason and ethics, she instead uses petulant emotionalism and extreme shortsightedness.

But to a greater extent, I criticize my fellow conservatives. Will we never evaluate and analyze an emerging figure before rushing out to lionize that figure on Twitter and Facebook? We immediately become groupies of those who we think are the least like us. We see it as validation. It is in these moments, those who observe us, considering whether to join us, must wonder how easily distracted we are from the greater causes at hand. And further how blind we must be to the possible consequences.

If today, it is right that a clerk not issue something as banal as a marriage license, as an act of faith, why not tomorrow deny a Jew a building permit. After all, in the heavily edited European version of the bible, the Jews did say that the blood of the Christ was forever upon their heads and the heads of their children. Cannot a devout Baptist claim the mantel of god and be right in making a Jew’s life difficult? How could we dare question an act of faith? It’s of no importance who signs the official’s paycheck if he is only acting to please his god.

Cannot a devout Christian county supervisor ban my books in public libraries? I live in a conservative county and there is little light between me and my neighbors on most issues. But I am a blasted Atheist. I can only poison the minds of the god-fearing. Wouldn’t it only be right for the county official to declare his office a minor Christian principality and ban my work? It is against the law to do so, but isn’t he just expressing himself religiously?

Think! No more Ready, Fire, Aim!

Finally, this. Two politicians, in my opinion have disqualified themselves from race for the White House. Cruz and Huckabee, pandering to the FB crowd, pretending not to know and intellectually agree with the paragraphs above, made a spectacle of themselves today. You can know with total confidence two things about these men. They will not be the type who will set right the skewed responsibilities inside the Beltway. They will not reduce the size of the presidency. If they do anything in that regard it will be to expand it. Also, they are far too happy to play one religious sect against another, or the religious against the secular. This, at a time when we need steely-eyed reason and courage to carry the day and the next 4 – 8 years.

They join Santorum as people who would engage in theocratic nonsense if the political winds encouraged it.

Today we protest a correct sequence of events. An elected official refuses to do her assigned task. A judge orders her to do so. She refuses again. For refusing, she is found in contempt of the order. How many of you wailed, as loudly as I did, at Eric Holder’s disrespect toward his contempt charge? What of the endless string of imperial fiats from the regime? (Hey, they just couldn’t wait for Congress!) If what Davis did is okay, then all Obama’s pronouncements are okay. Or they are both not.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

16 20 24: A Path to Consistent Conservative Victory

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Hillary for Middle School Class President!

When you start to see things like this, you know two things: 1) A campaign is coming unglued, and 2) no one associated with the candidate or the campaign is qualified to do anything but make mix tapes in their mom’s basement. But in this case the candidate would probably erase the tapes or steal them.

You’ll shake your head in disbelief.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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And Still, Some Will Actually Vote for this Cow.

From the author of 16 20 24

I happened across the 2015 National Book Fair on CSPAN yesterday. The two, featured interviews were Tom Brokaw and Evan Thomas.

Brokaw was asked about his experience with cancer, and a progression of questions about “The Greatest Generation”, the Vietnam generation, the “boomers” and “millennials”. It was insightful.

Evans was hawking his book, Being Nixon: A Man Divided. This too, was interesting to listen to.

As it happened, conversation during both interviews got around to the Nixon White House and Nixon, himself before and during Watergate.

What was said was illuminating, what was avoided in the conversation would make any thinking person’s head spin. First, with both interviews being conducted from a historical context, at no time did the interviewer draw inference to the wholesale corruption on the part of the present administration, and more to the point, the fiasco we call Hillary.

It was finally a caller, during the Thomas interview, who broached the subject of comparing Watergate to the laws Clinton has broken.

Evan Thomas responded by calling the improper basement server and the unprotected backup server a “mistake”. He said she MIGHT have made a “tactical error” or even a “strategic error” by having the server in the first place. [emphasis mine] And of course, Thomas says he can understand her not wanting her communications to get all wrapped up in the State Department bureaucracy. WTF?! She sat atop the bureaucracy! If that was the problem, couldn’t the smartest, most important woman ever born have seen this as a good reason to reduce the red tape?

What was most disturbing about the interviewer and both guests, no political neophytes they, was the intentional pretense of ignorance and phony naiveté on display.

Comparisons of Type

While discussing Nixon, Thomas repeatedly referred to Nixon being crazy, but in an almost endearing way. RMN was an introverted man and yet couldn’t live outside the limelight. Was his pursuit of politics a means of trying to become the better man he was obsessed with in his own writings? But oh, yes, of course the things he said and did were just terrible, there’s no denying that. [sentiments and emphasis, Thomas’]

Let’s pause there and deal with “crazy”, shall we? Nixon was definitely a man of odd insecurities. They may be the chief reason for his downfall. Thomas points out nothing new in his revelation that RMN hated confrontation. Many believe, with great credibility, that by orchestrating the grand cover-up of a two-bit break-in, he was avoiding a riotous confrontation with and among his own subordinates, one in which loyalties would have been strained or skewed.

Now let’s address HRC’s brand of crazy. Most, if not all of her drones, 35 and older, have probably worked hard to un-remember the episodes when government employees were told not to look directly at the Hillary when she passed by. Equally so, the episodes where employees, trusted adults, were shooed from the hallways and into any nearby office when Herself was to pass, so as not to disturb Her Wonderfulness with their presence. And this was when she was just the First Lady! Hell, how many times did Nixon put the press in a moving rope cage during a public appearance? No politician, in either party would have been stupid or crazy enough to do or allow that! If Nixon’s insecurities made him desperate, Hillary’s delusional imperiousness and sense of entitlement make her psychotic.

And yet, these two veteran “newsmen” CSPAN was talking to; these finger-on-the-pulse legends didn’t see a parallel worth mention. Even as august, elders of the media, they reverted to type and acted as Democratic press hacks.

It leaves even the least initiated shaking his head.

Comparisons of Crime

Before we get down to the nut of legality in Hillary Clinton’s willful actions, let’s look at comparisons from a standpoint of severity.

During the ’72 campaign, ham-handed, almost delusional zealots working for Nixon’s reelection burgled the Dem HQ in DC. No one disputes that Nixon found out about it after the fact. The tapes are quite clear on this. At that point, and for the next year and a half, the White House took on a bunker mentality and spent tremendous energy in an effort to make the whole thing go away. They failed, of course, and in the process condemned themselves.

Of the many, more serious crimes committed by Clinton, we have the illegal server set up in her home. On it, were tens of thousands of pages of sensitive information, put there to circumvent mandated oversight by congress and to hide possible malfeasance on the part of the Clinton foundation. When this woman left office, she didn’t lift a finger to get the contents of the server to the State Department. When word of the sever first surfaced, she denied it existed. Then she had staff come in, without consideration of appropriate clearance, and start to delete anything that might be incriminating or embarrassing. When they were done trying to hide evidence, Clinton turned over PDF copies of some of the official emails (not the email threads themselves) to the State Department. Then an attempt was made to destroy evidence by slicking the server.

What else was she doing during this time? An interesting question. I have always wondered what she was doing as First Lady, between the time that she and BJ Bill were accused of holding 1700 FBI files, illegally, inside the White House; and the time those files were returned.

Here lies a two-fer for an enterprising, young, well-connect reporter who might want to be the next Bob Woodward. It is my belief the Clintons, specifically Hillary (Bill is just too stupid for this kind of dance), were in a string of negotiations with a progression of officials, making promises and hatching deals until they reached an office with the authority to declare, no harm – no foul, in the event the illegally held material was returned. I believe this occurred with both the sever and the FBI files. A real reporter might be able to cull records and find out who the Clinton’s reached out to and when, in each case. See where the careers of their contacts bloomed. Who did these erstwhile government officials end up working for in the months and years following the “investigations”?

It doesn’t take much imagination to reconstruct the events. One contact and deal leads to the next climbing a corrupt chain of command, until one day Hillary says, “Oopsie! Here’s those silly FBI files. They were right here in the residence the whole time. Tsk! Silly files!” Or “Come to think of it, ya know, I did have a server in my basement. Most of the contents have been erased but I’ll be glad to share some of what’s left in a secondary format.”

And what of Nixon’s attempts to smear Ellsberg and John Dean?

In Hillary land, going as far back as the bimbo eruptions and land scandals, character assassination is called…Tuesday.

The Actual Offenses

I love how people talk of the “mistake” when discussing the server in the Clinton’s home. It’s as if one of them tripped on the sidewalk and accidentally built a server – and a back up at a remote location. The building of the server was a willful act.

I can only feel sorry for Clinton as she continues to use the “convenience of one device” defense. Not only is this immaterial to the offense, it is also a lie. We now know she had been seen using at least two devices. Some say she had three. But it is so sad to see it paraded out again and again. Hmmm, let me see. What would be more convenient, using two devices and communicating in the proper legal fashion with my own government department, or wiring the hell out of my basement and having a server built so I can have communications all jumbled up in a way that would be difficult to untangle if I ever had to? I chose wiring my basement!

 Clinton has played a constant game of misdirection since this scandal broke. Referring to emails when asked about the server. Insisting that it is not against the law to have a private email account (server) in your home. And it is not. However, it is about the server, stupid. And what is against the law is to have a server in your house for the purpose of holding official government information and not following the requirements regarding the security of that server.

There are things one MUST do before installing such a server in one’s home.

A short list includes:

  • The U.S. Government must supply the server.
  • It must be in a room built as a SCIF, which is to say secured in a very specific, government approved fashion.
  • It must be configured and the hard drive “built” by the government.
  • People with access to the server must have the proper clearance AND the “need to know” regarding the information on the server.
  • There are forms to fill out and procedures that must followed in creating the list of who can access, or even know of the server’s existence or the email accounts held there.
  • If she wanted to have a PDA with more than one email account, and on which government work was to be done, that device must be supplied by the government, be armed with the needed encryption or it would only be usable for unclassified communication. By Clinton’s own admission, her communications were not restricted to unclass. But her server was not secure. And despite her amateurish protestations, she knew she was flashing documents, secure at birth, into cyberspace without proper, legally mandated safeguards. If she truly didn’t know, she isn’t qualified to work as a government office clerk much less Secretary of State or President.

To follow these regulations is required by law. Clinton did not, ergo she broke the law. Whether breaking the law was intentional is of little consequence. Whether she committed an act of criminal intent or criminal negligence does not save her from what SHOULD be the consequences of her activity. There is not grey area here. There are no, “yeah but…” considerations.

And we wonder why no one trusts the government anymore. A former Secretary of State is found to have been working counter to the law for her entire tenure in office. There is no search warrant or arrest warrant issued and the Department of “Justice” gives the perp ample opportunity to destroy evidence before asking for the wiped server to be handed over. In press conferences they hardly mention the backup server and the press drops the subject of the backup after two news cycles.

Trust me, dear reader, had it been you, conservative or liberal, in possession of classified information, not to mention the bloody servers, your house would be raided, your dog shot. You’d be arrested and the entire contents of your home tossed until agents had every last shred of evidence they could find or produce. Ground level and helicopter shots would be run for days on TV and the net. The backup location would endure a similar fate.

But not Empress Hillary. This is because the FBI, IRS, NSA and every other police arm of the government, along with the media, have been coopted as a tool for the preservation of the governing class, no longer a shield for your rights.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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What Price Treason, Bob?

Sometimes, you can’t outlive being surprised. When Fox news recently discussed the holdouts on the Iran Nuke Sellout, Bob Casey (D-Pa) popped up. My immediate reaction was, “Well, there’s one they won’t get.”

But lo and behold, today it was announced that Casey, along with a Delaware idiot signed onto a process that guarantees an enemy of America nuclear weapons.

What the hell do they have on you, Bob? Video of you snorting coke from a prostitute’s naval? Soliciting sex in a men’s room? What?

Or is it even sadder than that? Did someone tell you they’d support your stupid safe oil railcars idea (that, instead of a pipeline, which would hardly ever derail)? Did someone promise a nice honorarium? Or several? Maybe a bump up in the governing class? Seriously, I’d love to know the going rate for selling out your state and your country. Maybe your betters told you that you are not up for reelection this year so you need to kneel before Dear Leader, Obama.

When I was a boy, and my family was Democrat, I knew of your father. My mother worked for his campaigns. As I grew older, I disassociated myself from the Dem party. But your father was one of those Democrats I held in esteem like Pat Moynihan or Tip O’Neill. He was a man of conviction. Your father cashed in all his political chips based on his convictions.

What kind of a twisted thing have you become? You waited. Held out on this vote. In the interim, you learned the Iranians would surely cheat on the deal, and indeed, already had. You know as well as I do that they won’t wait ten years to weaponize. They won’t wait five. So what did you get for helping sell your country out to a bunch of phony Imams? There are no convictions in play here. Just empty rhetoric which no one is buying. The choice was never this sham agreement or war. There is a huge chasm between rejecting the nuke sellout and going to war. You know that too.

If your father were alive today, he’d punch out your running lights. That’s Navy talk for smashing your stupid face. You only have a political career thanks to him. You’ve disgraced the legacy.

To my Democrat friends in Pennsylvania, and I still have a bunch, primary this sorry bastard in ’18. He should represent an embarrassment to anyone associated with him. To my Republican friends, in the event this creep survives the primary, have a candidate ready with today’s news cycle on video. My old home state isn’t perfect, but I don’t think they take kindly to this sort of naked treachery.

Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

Find 16 20 24 on Amazon.

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