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My First Letter to Missisippi Delegation

Good evening, Senator.

I am one of your newest constituents.  I just moved to Vancleave.  So far, I love it here.  I am so new, in fact, that I am still waiting for paperwork from Virginia so I can get my driver’s license.  While I am a Republican, you may find me a bit of a spur in your saddle.  I write a blog called Pedestrian Politics and Economics and I have time on my hands.

I just posted a piece about mass data collection.  It is irreverent and flippant.  But that is the nature of the blog. Look for Canard of the Week.

I’d like your take on the meat of the post and where you stand on this issue.  I’d like a serious response, please.  If I get a boiler-plate email, I’ll post it and make fun of you.

Anyway, I wish you the best and hope to hear from you soon.


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