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Everybody Take a Valium and Breath Slowly.

Once upon a time…

…a political party had a growing field of people who wanted to be President. It was, as these things usually are, a rather boring affair for everyone who wasn’t a political wonk.

Then one day, a man popped up who hadn’t had any real political experience and started to make waves. He was different, many said. And for that reason alone, huge numbers of people rushed to his side. They didn’t care that he never said anything of substance. All they cared about was that just by being there, he made a splash. There were times when he would say things that were outright stupid. His followers didn’t care. If you said anything bad about this new wonder on Facebook you were accused of being part of the establishment. Sometimes worse things would be said. But his followers asked for nothing other than that he be different. They didn’t ask for substance. They got angry when someone challenged their non-establisment guy. They cheered him without a single clue as to what he intended to do.  They went wild with his every word.  They need to take a Valium.

How will this story end boys and girls?

Actually, it may very well be a rerun. I am not talking about Trump here. Although the parallels are undeniable (empty rhetoric; adoring, credulous fans). I was talking about a community organizer, government grant scammer and absentee Senator, Barack Obama.

Check the old speeches. He offered only the thinnest of information if any at all. The only specifics he gave was a promise to wreck our economy, which he did. But we knew nothing of this guy.

But oh, he was so cool! And he was black! (as if that were some kind of achievement and not an accident of birth) And he turned out to be the front man for the most authoritarian cabal in American history. “We can’t wait for congress…” and all that. His administration is destructive and nakedly dishonest. His loyalties and certainly the loyalties of his handlers are not with this country. It could have been avoided, but too many Americans wanted to be lied to. They wanted to be swept away. Too many wanted to feel like they were a part of the story so badly, we ended up with a closet Muslim in the White House who systematically sold us and our allies down the river.

So, with that lesson still so fresh you can smell it, along comes “the Donald”.  Until now, his only claim to fame was a nose for good real estate and panchant for saying incredibly stupid things. He also had a “reality” TV show.

For the truly slow, reality TV isn’t real. It’s just like professional wrestling.

But, say his cult followers, he’s against illegal immigration!

Uh-huh. So? What does he intend to do about it? He has not said.

He wants to make America great! Uh, yeah, junior, the only politician who didn’t make that a cornerstone of his rhetoric was Obama. It’s his only honest quality. What else do you have?

He’s going to rebuild the military!

Right. So is Lindsay Graham.

I’ll tell you what else he is for: using taxes as a political and social tool. He said so quite loudly this week. Did any of the cult followers even notice? That makes him exactly the same as the system he rails against.

He engages in immature cat fights. Is that suddenly an admirable quality? When asked about positions held by Walker and Cruz, he said that he couldn’t say anything bad about them – “they’re nice to me?” WTF?! When asked about Bush’s policies, he says Bush is boring and falling in the polls. I agree, but again, WTF?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Understand, all of this is coming from a guy who VERY MUCH hopes that Trump is for real. But SO FAR, his ability to lead is as evident as Obama’s college transcripts. So far! Buying and selling properties is not an automatic qualifier for elected office. I admit, it’s infinitely more than Obama ever did, but it is not enough.

Lets, as a party and as voters in general, do ourselves a favor this election year. Let’s not turn a man into a cult figure and not require he step up to the plate and prove himself. Before we eliminate the possibility that he is a shill for the Clintons, let’s see how the next few months play out. Let’s at least make him and the rest of the bunch come out with more than just empty exclamations. Let’s ask more on illegal immigration than just “deport them”. More the economy than “China is ripping us.”

If we take the lazy, reality TV route to the election this year, we may end up worse off than we are already. Make the sonofabitch pay for your vote with reason and logic. Make all of them pay that price.

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Matt Jordan is a travel writer, political commentator and author of 16 20 24. Get your SIGNED copy here! A book on his travels in Mexico and Belize will be released in the Fall of 2015.

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My First Letter to Missisippi Delegation

Good evening, Senator.

I am one of your newest constituents.  I just moved to Vancleave.  So far, I love it here.  I am so new, in fact, that I am still waiting for paperwork from Virginia so I can get my driver’s license.  While I am a Republican, you may find me a bit of a spur in your saddle.  I write a blog called Pedestrian Politics and Economics and I have time on my hands.

I just posted a piece about mass data collection.  It is irreverent and flippant.  But that is the nature of the blog. Look for Canard of the Week.

I’d like your take on the meat of the post and where you stand on this issue.  I’d like a serious response, please.  If I get a boiler-plate email, I’ll post it and make fun of you.

Anyway, I wish you the best and hope to hear from you soon.


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Uncle Sam Wants Gutless, Witless Yes Men

28 May 2015

This year marked the second commencement address at a military academy during which the Muslim-in-chief wasted the time of all present and insulted the hard work of graduates, not to mention set back the concept of national defense immeasurable by telling the future officers of the Unites States Coast Guard the greatest threat to our security is climate change.  What a world-class moron!  This while what is left of Iraq sinks into the dark age grasp of Obama’s Iranian or ISIS allies.  He doesn’t seem to actually care which one wins.  As far as this administration is concerned, nut bag Muslim domination is nut bag Muslim domination.  It’s a win for Obama either way.

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Just a quick update

1 July 15

In my upcoming book, I will explain why we want libs to harp on Trump and how we (conservatives) benefit!  Keep an eye out for the announcement.  Enjoy your update.

They’ll Always Do Exactly as They Wish

Despite a law just passed by Congress, a judge has anointed himself as the Grand Ayatollah of the NSA and declared that the government can continue to collect all your phone and internet data. So my opening paragraph, here was correct.  I usually am.

Aren’t You Glad We Gave Up Control of Domains?

China Has announced a new policy to make networks “controllable”. These guys are almost as paranoid as our own government.

And look, they are even going to help ICANN in the event of an emergency! Those darn Chinese are so damn sweet, aren’t they?

It’s Not Like We’re Going To Open an Embassy!!! Geez!

After establishing ties with his communist betters in Havana, and saying that we were not going to open an embassy in Cuba, Comrade Obama announced that we are opening an embassy in Cuba. An unidentified aparaticik in the US regime was heard to say, “Ooooh!  You meant that Cuba.  Well, then yeah…”

The Merchant Muhammad, Pieces of the Middle East Be Upon Him, Was Counting On Barry.

After blowing past three pretend deadlines while ensuring Iran can get a nuke, the White House is so confident of success that they only set the next phony deadline at one week.  Imams are already passing out the party hats and balloons. Jarrett front man, Obama, is hoping to go down in Islamic history as the guy who brung ’em the bomb. Congrats, Valerie and Barry, on doing whatever the fuck you want while McConnell and Boehner stand by and play with themselves!

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Canard of the Week: a Little Privacy in Exchange for Security

Let me give you my down and dirty regarding the government collecting anything it wants electronically.  Yes, I did say anything it wants.  There are no legitimate controls in place.  One would hope that NSA domestic spying is dead, but let’s not assume anything.

We use this information to stop terrorism.  Urm, uh, Yeah.

  • The government has been vacuuming up your electronic data like my wife vacuums up my breakfast crumbs, for years.  I’m a very sloppy eater.  According to the FBI this has never led to a major breakthrough in a case to solve or prevent terrorism.
  • The Civil Liberties Oversight Committee has stated that there appear to be no instances where an attack has been thwarted by the use of mass data collection (probably true)…
  • …and that there have been no instances of abuse of the system.  This one is not true. There were cases of the very agents responsible for the collection and storage of the data using it to spy on their girlfriends and wives.  It is also too narrowly defined.  It doesn’t allow for patterns of abuse that would make the existence of this data a moral hazard.

Last year, the Obama administration through its drooling guard dog, Eric Holder used a similar program, far older than the NSA data mining program with greater safeguards, to illegally dig into the private life of James Rosen who was running a story uncomplimentary to the American Emperor.  To do this, they named Rosen as an un-indicted co-conspirator.  The NSA’s program needs only the approval of the rubber stamp FISA court to dig into anything it wants.

In any case the system is not designed to do any of the things listed above so it is no surprise that it hasn’t been of much value to date.

Why It Can’t Work as Sold:

Imagine you are an intelligence analyst responsible for gathering intel on Godammistan, an ancient sand pile in the armpit of the world whose government and other “bad actors” have it in for the United States.  You have a pile of information on the country and dossiers on the government and powerful citizens.  But you want to “spot patterns”.  So you tell your agents to get you every word ever written about the country, about every citizen, about every street corner, every pet, etc.  The more successful your agents are, the less successful you will be as an analyst. The reason is that you have burdened yourself with too much information.  From it you will not be able to produce a decent recipe for egg nog.  Good intel is knowing what you don’t need more than what you need.

Our government will have you believe that they are collecting everyone’s metadata so they can spot patterns and foil attacks on the homeland.  The problem is that such a mountain of data cannot be used for that purpose and they know it.  Its ONLY usefulness is to be stored for LATER use. They don’t need to keep such a gargantuan database to spot patterns.  It is too much information.  The assumptions needed to program a search in such a sea of data would be outlandish and unrealistic; worthless.  So would be the product.

Another reason they don’t need the metadata is that is already exists.  For all that data to be useful, the analyst first needs a name or a number that is already suspicious.  This can be presented to a phone company or service provider. And voila (that’s French for TA-DAAAA!) you have everything you need on your subject.

If there is a pattern of requests, even under warrant, that seems spurious or capricious, the provider will start to understandably balk and fight the requests.  ATT has.  This is because they have competitors that customers can go to if a provider seems to fast and loose with information and because of a fear of lawsuits.  In the case of ATT there is even talk about something called…let me think…the 4th amendment.  It’s in some kind of constitution thingie.

Government employees have only their jobs and pensions to think about. They will dig up anything they are told to dig up.  A warrant from a FISA court protects no one.

One warrant sent to Verizon asked them for everything they had on all their customers. What kind of a bullshit warrant is that?  Verizon, of course, asked for a tad more specificity.

But, you say, what if the information requested is time-sensitive?  The existing law already allows for post facto warrants.  Get the request in, get your info and cover everyone’s ass with a warrant later.

This is fishy too, but you can at least leave the government out of the spy-on-every-American business and still know they can access the stuff they need when they need it.  And we should require real specificity in these requests.  Besides, if I wanted a minute data point or an email based solely on a name or phone number, I damn sure would’t ask a govvie to get it.  Cheese ages faster.  I’d ask a professional at a private company.

Is it Google’s job to protect my interests?  No.  But it is in their best interest to not look like an extension of the FISA court lap dogs.  It is the governments job to protect us, you might argue.  Why not exchange a little privacy in the face of grave danger?

Kaffee:  Grave danger?

Jessup:  Is there any other kind?

God, I love that movie!

Two reasons:  It does not provide the protection and the system will not be used in that way anyway.  The system has only one value.

How Mass Metadata Will Work as Designed:

Let’s go back to Holder and his circus stunt warrant against Rosen.  To compel a real judge to grant his warrant, he had to LIE and say the Rosen was a target of a criminal investigation.  His excuse was that everyone does it and that he was going to correct the record later.  He then tore into every aspect of Rosen’s life that technology would allow.  But he is just a slimy, corrupt cog in a larger machine that has in recent years slouched into a norm of corruption.

When you find yourself at odds with these unethical creatures, do you think for one minute that they won’t use the data collected to pick you apart?  Do you really believe that every GS-9 clerk in DC or Fort Meade is another Snowden, ready to trade his career, and life as he knows it, to save you from harassment or character assassination?  If so, I will put you in for the Naive Dupe of the Decade Award now.  Of course the data will be teased out one way or another.  I trust Verizon more than Mary Punchkey in the NSA records department.

But it’s only “metadata” like the kind of information you find on the outside of a piece of mail.  It’s not like they are listening to our phone calls*.  Well, it’s a bit more specific than that.  As Charles Cooke says in his 29 May 15 National Review article:

“They know you called the suicide prevention hotline from the Golden Gate Bridge. But the topic of the call remains a secret.

“They know you spoke with an HIV testing service, then your doctor, then your health insurance company in the same hour. But they don’t know what was discussed.

“They know you received a call from the local NRA office while it was having a campaign against gun legislation, and then called your senators and congressional representatives immediately after. But the content of those calls remains safe from government intrusion.

“They know you called a gynecologist, spoke for a half hour, and then called the local Planned Parenthood’s number later that day. But nobody knows what you spoke about.”

In my case they may know that I subscribed to a dating site called “Middle-aged Leather Queers” and exchanged 42 emails with a guy named DungeonPete.  But they cannot, from that, determine my shoe size.

And again, FISA is not a real court set up to protect your rights. It is a sham to provide a paper trail for the government official hacking into your life.  But I suspect that when we finally see someone caught with their hands in the cookie jar, we’ll find they had been swimming in files without even a FISA warrant.  Sort of like Bill Clinton’s wife and the hundreds of FBI files she had hidden and then “found” in the White House residence.  Try a stunt like that in your residence and see how quickly you find yourself trading cigarettes for “favors” in poorly decorated surroundings.

So Rand Paul is on the right track.  He is pounding away at this issue.  He is trying to make it as difficult as possible for the government to continue the practice of mass data collection.  His detractors say that his argument is invalid because he is running for president and this is meant to bolster his numbers.  That is not a valid argument.  He is running for president, and a stunt this may very well be, but that doesn’t validate or invalidate Paul’s argument.  And he’s been standing up for these kinds of things for years.  The fact is, political stunt or not, he is the loudest voice standing against the government prick who will one day tear your life apart because you’re for gay marriage or reject global warming.

* A note about phone calls.  In the course of this debate, TV talking heads have said repeatedly that, “It is only metadata.  It’s not like they are listening to our phone calls.” (commentator smirks). That is half true. Under the Patriot Act there is no provision for warrantless wiretap of just anyone.  But the NSA has been listening to phone calls for decades.  Mostly these are calls between government officials, ours and theirs, members of the military, etc.  But they can listen to anyone they wish. So can any phone repair guy checking a line or looking for good stories for happy hour.  Both are true.

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Minimum Wage Laws = Minimum Thinking

3 Mar 14

George Will once posited this question: If by some miracle everyone’s net worth and income measured against purchasing power were to triple overnight,  would the howling about income disparity suddenly go away? The answer is, of course not.  The reason is because pundits and politicians favored by the non-thinking class would point out the lower third on the income ladder are still the lower third, and therefore cannot afford the four bedroom, three bathroom lake house the middle third now can.  And that isn’t fair.  One should fold one’s arms and stomp a foot when uttering that last sentence. Assume I’ve done that for you.

Continue reading Minimum Wage Laws = Minimum Thinking

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Toe is in the water

3 Mar 14

I have been reading The Economist quite a bit lately.  One might think with a name like that you’d find clear-eyed, conservative content; not at all.  It is a product from across the pond and is chock full of some of the most well-worn liberal drivel in print.  Last year they ran an article in which they made the case, not tongue-in-cheek, that the only thing wrong with Obama’s brilliant foreign policy programs is that they simple didn’t work.  Other than that they were remarkable.  The Economist has drunk of the global warming kool aid and gone back for seconds.  This exposure to “progressive” aspirations tarted up as journalism is not isolated.  But since the articles are well written the periodical has inspired me to a new mission.

I have decided to engage the political opposition in a blow-by-blow, ongoing discussion.  I will engage videos, satire, articles and entire publications in argument.  I will point out where they get it wrong and where they get it right.  I will be armed with my 55 years as a realist and an eye toward history.  I also invite readers from across the socio-political zoo to take me on.  You can push back on my assertions, suggest topics or lavish me with praise as you see fit.  I’ll get to as many as I can.  Early on that will be easy.  As we grow, it may become a challenge.  But we’ll make the trip together.

Look for posts to start appearing soon.

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The First Debate is in the Can!

Update: I am glad to say, I was wrong with my post debate predictions for Rubio, Fiorina and Carson. Congrats all three!

7 Aug 15

It wasn’t easy to avoid turning on the TV this morning to watch the fallout from last night. But now, the chores are done, workout finished and I can sit and discuss people, points and performance in the debate marathon last night.

Before critiquing the candidates, I have a few words for Fox News. Between the clear animus for Trump and the ham-handed start to the debate, I have to say that the overall performance by the host network was pretty poor. Kelly and Wallace demonstrated a clear animus toward Trump and Wallace’s handling of Trump was evident throughout the evening. Baer remained a gentleman as always. This is not to say that I felt sorry for Trump. He knew it was coming and still seemed to have not prepared for the setups.

Also, the opening moments were painful. They awkwardly bring out the candidates while announcing their names, then banter a bit while the candidates stand there with their faces hanging out. Then they read the rules and re-announce the candidates. Bad performance.

The take-away:

No one candidate had a real meltdown in either debate. It is my contention that as a party, Republicans vindicated themselves well and that is always a good thing. With what I am told is the largest debate audience in history, the country got to see what adults (mostly) look like in contested discourse.

I will also say, feigning no modesty whatsoever, the candidates validated the principal points set out in my book. Sadly, while one point was demonstrated by one candidate (Trump: get loud, lean in) another point would be another (Fiorina: think twice about what you are going to say and then say it). The one standout, putting most of the principal points in play was Rubio. He was a joy to watch.

Trump: I expected to see Trump’s boardroom face last night. Contentious would have been fine, and he was that. But he looked like he was facing an impromptu press conference, not a debate he had weeks to prepare for. He gave Wallace a well-deserved slap on the bankruptcy question and the childish I-didn’t-get-enough follow up. But overall he was flailing.  If you were looking for hard evidence that Trump is not a Dem shill, a fly in the ointment, you were sadly disappointed. He has yet to prove that he is anything more than loud.

Prediction: Slight drop in the polls.

Bush: Bush really hurt himself last night. As I have said, he is too business-as-usual and risk averse to really mix it up. If Fox had the kind of turnout that most early primary debates have, Bush would have come through without much damage. Bush also has a tell. In a previous post, I talked about Jay Carney’s tell; how he curls his lip and tilts his head when he is lying. When Bush is facing the least challenge, his shoulders go up to his ears. It might not indicate lying, but it belies confidence in himself and in hos own message. To see it all you have to do is turn on a camera or ask a slightly challenging question. W did it occasionally, but Jeb can’t control it. He will look bad before any Democrat if he can’t get it in check.

Prediction: Up to five points lost in the polls.

Huckabee: The surprise of the night. For the second time in as three weeks he came across as completely composed. That he had little to loose and a whole primary season ahead of him, he has positioned himself well. He won’t peak from this. But he show real staying power. For the record, he is also a business-as-usual politician in his social Security blather. Even when facing a candidate who says they have no interest in taking grandma’s SS check from her (Christie), Huck uses a Obama-like straw argument that the other want to take grandma’a SS check away from her.

Prediction: A few points up. (Perhaps at Bush’s expense)

Fiorina: Factually assertive and poised. She still needs to ratchet up the sparks several notches. Still, an impressive performance.

Prediction: Despite doing so well, position will remain static to maybe a point or two up.

Kasich: Good resume on display. Looked like he was suffering spasms while taking the first question. Whoever comes out on top among Dems, the only thing they’ll have to go on in the election is socialism, emotionalism and/or outright bullshit. But it will be delivered with real flourish. Kasich lacks fire I his belly and his delivery to stand against that. Bush shares that problem.

Prediction: Flat or down in the polls.

Rubio: Star of the late debate. Hard without being mean. Loud without shouting. Prepared and confident. 100% in the moment. He looked great. Now he must follow up. If he doesn’t become the distraction for the next several weeks, he will loose this bump quickly.

Prediction: Big bump and probably improved cashflow.

Carson: Also a standout performance. And a BIG finish. He is very likable and very bright. The clear winner in the “be yourself” category.

Prediction: A bump up in the polls.

Cruz: Good command of the facts. Well-prepared. the thing that troubled me was that standing next to the others he came off as an actor, playing the role of a politician. He was a slightly effete and snooty caricature of himself. Overall good, but a little creepy.

Prediction: flat to a small bump up

Jindal: another good resume. He was in the moment and appeared to enjoy the experience. Best of the governors performances, if not as forceful. Like Fiorina, needs to get much more demonstrative.

Prediction: Up a few points, likely taking a share from Christie, Bush and Walker.

Walker: Bush lite. Excellent pun if I do say so myself. He won’t loose followers based on last night, but he certainly didn’t gain any. Like most of the marginal performances, If other candidates pull big percentages in the polls, Walker stands to come out looking very bad in the polls. Damn shame. He is an excellent governor.

Graham: This man is not in to become president. He is in to make a case for war. So be it. But taking an abortion question and turning into an ISIS issue was so ham-handed that it hurt his primary mission.

Prediction: He will remain near the bottom.

Perry:  Strong in the Happy Hour Debate. He’ll take some of the few points Pataki, Graham and Gilmore might share. No headlines from his performance.

Prediction: Flatline.

Santorum: Howdy dootie.

Prediction: Flatline.

Remaining candidates and Graham need to go home.

Things to remember:  The polls are a bit skewed right now. As Hume pointed out on Wednesday, the bigs are polling likely primary voters. Being at 25 points, especially this early, doesn’t translate into big numbers among all likely voters. And there is such a thing as peaking too early. If Trump doesn’t bring a real game soon he’ll slide to the middle of the pack.

My new book is available here.

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See? This is Why I Can't Have Nice Things!

25 May 14

Reports say there is, yet again, an activity and some tools that people are employing for pleasure which have the added benefit of helping them end an unhealthy relationship with something harmful.  And here’s the worst part; they are doing it on their own without supervision and taxation, beyond sales tax, of the government!  This must not stand.  There is no justification for anyone to do anything that isn’t controlled and limited by the imperial nanny state and its self-important, nosey, insecure busybodies.

The independent press, what little is left of it, is already criticizing the important steps local governments are taking to put these individualists under the loving thumb of the state, as they should be.

Here’s an example of dangerous people advocating independent behavior.  It should be noted that none of this was ever a White House talking point and is therefore unauthorized!  You are permitted to watch it, but you are not permitted to think and must fall back on government approved information as soon as the video is over.

Crazy haters who hate the good people who know more about everything than you do.

This whole e-cigarette craze is doomed to fail because it lacks many important elements of the kinds of successful programs Big Brother, er…uh, the United States Government and all those cute little, pretend state and local governments have forced into your lives for your own good.  First, there is not enough law surrounding it.  The Dodd-Frank bill, which took over the financial segment of our economy is a 1200 page law, tens of thousands of pages of regulations and costs employers billions of dollars in compliance (Good!  We hate rich people anyway.  And what have those mean corporations ever done for us anyway?).  The new immigration bill, designed to create cheap labor for weak-kneed republican populists and voting slaves for morally bankrupt democrat populists, is 1700 pages long. Obamacare, designed to end quality health insurance as we know it, is 2700 pages long.  Two of those pages actually deal with health CARE.  The rest is about placing power with the government where it belongs. It has already spawned nearly 30,000 pages of exquisite regulation that will keep those stupid, out-of-control doctors and insurers too busy complying to exploit the poor people of the nation.

What follows is beyond treachery.  While the lion-hearted mayor of New Amsterdam, Nanny Bloomberg fought for the banning of e-cigarettes in public places, cars, homes, sewers, etc., Bloomberg news (THE SAME NAME AS HIS HOLINESS) has an independent thinker actually talking on a TV program.  And the hosts are not banning or insulting her!

Warning: Contains information which may lead to free decision making.

Do you remember the debate about how guns independently leap out of their boxes, load themselves and kill people?  We were told to be frightened by the semi-automatic assault weapons.  (I know there is no such thing.  That’s not the point.)  Even though they can’t fire like a machine gun, they kinda look like one.  And that’s scary!  The guts are the same as any hunting or plinking rifle of the same calibre, but it is how you feel that counts; not pertinent facts.  Well, if all of that doesn’t give you the vapors, look at this!

Clearly, this product has been designed and marketed in such way as to be attractive to its end user; the, forgive my course language, individual.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Because I said so.  I am with the government and I am here to make you afraid.


And this from a doctor; see if he ever gets any Obamacare money!


F*** your facts! The government wants more control over you.


Let’s get down to brass tacks.  It’s with big laws that the government finances the tens of thousands of little laws we use to tax you and punish you.  This e-cigarette thing has the potential of being really big. And the government needs your money!  Hey, cutting pay and benefits from the military and taxing medical device manufacturers only puts so much in our pocket.  We need more.  We’ve colluded with real cigarette companies for a century now.  We approve and handle their product and allow their market, while taxing the b’jesus out of YOU.  We say where you can smoke and make you pay for ever more pointless changes to the packaging and it’s still not enough.  We don’t care that wrecking this new concept will encourage people to continue smoking regular cigarettes.  We owe more favors to Marlboro than we do to some mom and pop vapor store.  By regulating and taxing the shit out of both houses, we get more of what we want; money and regulatory power, the latter which ultimately means more money.  We don’t care if nobody actually quits smoking.  We don’t have to.  We are the government.  And if you don’t see things our way, you are not patriotic.



Disclaimer for the truly slow:  The author doesn’t wish to see the electronic cigarette interfered with by the government.  They F-up EVERYTHING they touch.  Lot’s of people will walk away from traditional cigarettes using this technology.  It follows that the e-cig popularity will eventually die off.  If Big Brother starts getting its incompetent fingers into the mix, people won’t go to all the work of using these things while paying as much as they do for real smokes right now.  They’ll just keep smoking.  We have to be careful what we are encouraging.