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Obama and Iran Share Hostages for Mutual Ends

While Boehner and McConnell Continue to Play With Themselves.

This was too important to tack onto an older post as an update.

So, do you want to know how to spot a nasty political whore? See who votes to support Obama’s efforts to get a nuke for Iran. For the truly slow, that has been the point of all the phony negotiations. The idea was to slow-walk this thing, to thwart Congress and Israel and make sure the religious nut bags in Iran were close enough to obtaining a nuclear weapon that the theater could be abandoned and a “deal” inked.

With the announcement of the “agreement” that Iran won’t honor beyond tomorrow morning we got a surprise. Barry Obama, front man for the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, agreed to not only lift sanctions associated with the nuke talks, but to also lift the long-existing arms embargo against the Iran. That makes sense. He is more considerate of Iran’s military than he is of ours.

Here’s Obama’s Ace in the Hole.

Everyone was mystified that throughout “negotiations”, or even before, that Barry didn’t insist that the religious nut bags release all Americans being held in Iran. But that too, was never a goal of the administration.  And again, they were not real negotiations.

The idea was to arrive at this point and send a bogus agreement for Congress to chew on. In short order, as opposition builds, Obama will announce that congressional support of the nuke deal is the only hope of ever getting the Americans out of Iran. This will happen despite the fact that you now know it, that this post is out there and that the whole world will see the naked support and allegiance Obama holds to Iran.

Jarret/Obama need to keep those Americans on ice in Evin prison to ensure they could collect up enough swanky political whores to, at least, get this “agreement” past a veto.

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