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Just a Quick Update

In my upcoming book, I will explain why we want libs to harp on Trump and how we (conservatives) benefit!  Keep an eye out for the announcement.  Enjoy your update.

They’ll Always Do Exactly as They Wish

Despite a law just passed by Congress, a judge has anointed himself as the Grand Ayatollah of the NSA and declared that the government can continue to collect all your phone and internet data. So my opening paragraph, here was correct.  I usually am.

Aren’t You Glad We Gave Up Control of Domains?

China Has announced a new policy to make networks “controllable”. These guys are almost as paranoid as our own government.
And look, they are even going to help ICANN in the event of an emergency! Those darn Chinese are so damn sweet, aren’t they?

It’s Not Like We’re Going To Open an Embassy!!! Geez!

After establishing ties with his communist betters in Havana, and saying that we were not going to open an embassy in Cuba, Comrade Obama announced that we are opening an embassy in Cuba. An unidentified aparaticik in the US regime was heard to say, “Ooooh!  You meant that Cuba.  Well, then yeah…”

The Merchant Muhammad, Pieces of the Middle East Be Upon Him, Was Counting On Barry.

After blowing past three pretend deadlines while ensuring Iran can get a nuke, the White House is so confident of success that they only set the next phony deadline at one week.  Imams are already passing out the party hats and balloons. Jarrett front man, Obama, is hoping to go down in Islamic history as the guy who brung ’em the bomb. Congrats, Valerie and Barry, on doing whatever the fuck you want while McConnell and Boehner stand by and play with themselves!
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