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Complete Corruption

Just what, I wonder, do the character assassins have on Chief Justice John Roberts.  What twisted perversion did he get busted engaging in?  What bribe did they catch him taking?  What drug was he taped ingesting?

He once again, stepped into the well (see Obama’s Top 50 What?! in this blogspot) and changed the administration’s argument, rewrote the Obamacare law and then found his version of the law constitutional.

The first time, I figured he was just trying to create a co-presidency for himself.  But this new argument, in concert with the submissive Kennedy, goes against the very fabric of that which is John Roberts.

Well, no secret is safe.  Mark my words.  It will come out.  There is something extremely creepy about this guy. Unbelievably sad.

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Canard of the Week: Charity

If you believe the results of polls, early voting and paperless ballots, one must conclude that at least half of the people in this country love to be lied to.

Starting with an April 24, 2015 NYT article by award winning Clinton apologist Paul Krugman where he uses “alleged”a lot with the word “scandal”.  Further, Krugman concludes that there was never anything to the  Clinton scandals of the 90s and 08 when BJ Bill’s wife was lying her way through a failed WH run.

You’d think a guy as smart as Krugman thinks he is would remember that “alleged” is more associated with crimes or things to be proven, which could include events behind a scandal.  But scandals are scandals.  There is no such thing as an alleged scandal. They exist because people are talking about events surrounding a person or persons. In the case of the Clintons, they had lots and lots of scandals associated with them because they are scandalous people and the underlying allegations are almost always true. 

The most famous, of course was the blue dress.  It only surfaced because of the many women whose lives were ruined by the Clintons for speaking the truth about BJ Bill’s dalliances, only one happened to have physical proof.  Others had witnesses and corroborating evidence.  Several ( completely disassociated) women described Bill’s inadequate and somewhat odd appendage in identical terms.  A few of those with no knowledge of the others existence spoke of the Clinton method of lip-biting and inept groping, along with a completely narcissistic departure, in almost carbon-copy likeness. Check with Hitchens on this point; no wide-eyed conservative, he. The lives of most of those women were destroyed by the Clinton machine and accomplices in the press.

But evidence and witnesses, naked character assassination; those things are complex.  The lapdog press didn’t want to get into all that.  Neither did congress.  They wanted so much for this thing to just go away.  But Monica had the man juice on the dress!  Well, damn.  Now the press had to rewrite the whole narrative about how Bill was being picked on by a right-wing conspiracy to how you could only prove he did it once and she only gave him blow jobs so that’s not so bad, is it?
I’ve been struck by how many people fans and detractors alike look at “I did not have sex with that woman” and “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is,” and come away wide-eyed saying, “You gotta hand it to him, he (Clinton) is a genius at this game.”  More on that in a bit.

But there were other much worse, more complex “scandals” surrounding both Clinton and the woman who is, at least on paper, his wife.  The female Clinton was not alleged to have 1200 illegally obtained FBI files in the White House residence. She had them.  When she says herself that they were in her possession, it is no longer an allegation.  The most serious thing that Chuck Colson went to jail for was being in possession of ONE FBI record.  But one day (after years of behind-the-scenes negotiations  with the FBI and promises made to key Justice department slugs) Bill’s old lady looked down on her coffee table and exclaimed, “Oops, here they are, those silly FBI files!”  And all was forgiven.  It was all a silly mix up how those files went from the possession of the FBI to her house.

Not only did the press obediently let go off the story IMMEDIATELY, half of this country appreciated that their shrill and nasty queen lied to them so they could continue to act like they believed her and her husband.  Not to do so may have tugged at too many threads, thus causing them to actually question their own beliefs.  So yes, by all means, lie.  Politicians should lie, the press should lie.  It makes for a happier populace to just swallow the lies and bend our knees to our Royals.

Hilary has fleeced charity and civic groups for up to $200,000 for speaking fees.  Now that’s generosity in itself as her speeches read like elementary school book reports.

These are the creatures that control the Clinton Foundation and a number of shell companies that protect it.  It is fun to watch the MSM apologize for this “charity” organization.  They speak of the complexities involved with sending friends and political allies on around-the-world junkets to collect evidence to advance global warming propaganda.  As if they couldn’t bring those people in those parts of the world here for a “Clinton Initiative” wingding and get the “evidence” straight from the horse’s mouth.  Or better yet, video conference! It’s no surprise that a foundation worth hundreds of millions growing has actually given away a few tens of millions.  The rest has gone to washing cash back and forth between shell companies and keeping the Clintons in the lush comfort they have come to enjoy so much.

Anyway, the RICO trial starts in January.  Such kindness warms the heart.

As to the genius of it all – there is none.  They get away with this stuff because too many of us measure Clinton callousness against our own stupidity, making the naked lies appear to be brilliant. If a handful of people with position and balls wanted to, they could tear this diabolical duo to pieces in no time.  What those people fear is what the Clinton machine mighty dig up on them.

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Warping History for Ego and Political Gain.

If I believed in any type of spirit world, I would have to conclude that George Orwell was the greatest prophet of all time. There is so little left of his 1984 world yet unrealized.

Like all big news stories, throngs of Americans want so badly to insert themselves into the narrative, as if they were integral to the reality. Last week a racist nut bag killed nine people in a church in South Carolina. Within days, the nine were forgotten.  Real follow-up about the nut bag is forgotten.

The story has undergone mitosis and spawned deformed meanings at the hands of uninvited participants.  We now hear that racism still exists in this country.  To that, one can only say, well, no shit!  But Hillary, the most obnoxious of anti-intellectual interlopers says that institutionalized racism is still a problem, and says it in context of the nut bag having killed those people.   The nut bag evidently owned a Rebel flag.

This is, of course, total bullshit. In a country where the largest and most racist employer (the federal government) has strict quotas and point rigging in favor of minority hiring, where private companies no longer care who you are so long as you enhance their bottom line, where public figures are easily ruined for the least missteps on the subject of race, you can no longer honestly say that racism is institutionalized. You are free to lie about it in order to inspire hatred between races for your own political gain.  That’s what Bill Clinton’s sex partner from the early 1970s was trying to do in order to take advantage of the nine dead people.  But she is not entitled to her own facts.

But there is also another malformed message growing out of this incident.  It is not new, but it is reinvigorated now.  We are trying to un-write history.  Historical events that offend our fragile sensibilities are now to be expunged from visibility.  Flags, we are told, must be eliminated. And it is being done by people who know almost nothing of the “history” they are trying to erase.*  We want to tear down monuments that represent our past, good and bad, that are a part of our national conversation, and de-memorialize historical figures.  Where there is a statue of a historical figure that doesn’t represent everyone (little secret: no memorial does or ever will) tear it down.  Only keep memorials to people who never offended anyone. This will accomplish what?…forgetting that bad stuff? Well, what better way to see that very history repeated?!

Hell, if you want to un-write the positive contributions of slave-holders (Jefferson, Washngton, Jay, et al), why not just un-write slavery?  No one in this country can say they experienced it.  So why should we ever acknowledge its existence.  It’s bad, so let’s just get rid of it.



FDR was a four-term president.  He was popular at the time. More so than even Robert E. Lee in his.  He also exacerbated and prolonged the Great Depression much the same way our present wing nut has done to this economy. Save your breath, I won’t say the two are equal.  FDR was a much better president.

But FDR was also a fan of eugenics, not unusual at the time, but still a dangerous and ethically corrupt concept.  He was incredibly arrogant and as much a dictator as he could get away with being.  If you don’t believe me, read The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes. He was the king of dividing and subdividing the population for political exploitation. He was also in the top tier of the hated 1%.  We should definitely put him on the list of people to un-remember.

And JFK; total whore monger. The name of that airport has got to change.

You see where I am going with this.  No one alive has experienced slavery so to say you are traumatized by its mention is a LIE.  You are just trying to make a splash; maybe stroke your own ego. But we are a nation with a history. This attempt to make some of it go away sets an insane precedent that no thinking person would want to see.  Read 1984 by the great prophet, himself.

What’s more, we are once again becoming that which we say we reject. Who doesn’t remember our reaction when the mouth-breathing sons of pigs (Taliban and ISIS) blew up ancient statues and destroyed countless artifacts because they didn’t represent their stupid religion?  Why, dear reader, isn’t that justification to destroy images of the past?  I mean, this is religion we are talking about.  That’s supposed to be the most important of all things in this life.  Now, I grant you, the muslim religion is a concoction lifted from several earlier man-made constructs, as all religions are. But we are told that there is nothing more sacrosanct than the way one worships and the precepts they keep.  Shouldn’t we celebrate the way the sons of pigs proudly showed their devotion to allah with this childish vandalism writ large? This is spirit world stuff here!  Waaaay more important than the worldly tribulations endured by people 150 years ago.  C’mon!  Get some perspective!

Or should we say that the world would do better to clean up its modern day act by taking the lessons of history rather than trying to make history go away.


For the benefit of the ignorant:  This is the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.  Thousands fought and died honorably under it.  Less than 1% of those people were slave owners.  They fought valiantly in a losing cause and on the wrong side of history.
This is the flag of the Confederate States of America as of 1863.  This is the emblem of a society that among other things wanted to preserve slavery. Coincidentally, it was also in 1863 that ending slavery became an official part of the Union Army’s pursuits. Before that the war was being fought to prevent the destruction of the established political system. In the long view of history (there’s that word again) I would contend that the war probably didn’t need to be fought.  But the politicians at the time were pretty darn serious about keeping the lion’s share of trade in the north.  Can’t have those dirt scratchin’ southerners setting up foreign trade and competing with the North now. …And, oh yeah, that slavery thing is bad too.
So if you want to hate a part of our history so badly that you want the symbols un-remembered by all the other proles, at least get it straight what the hell it is you hate.
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