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Don't Eat Your Young! Please, No Fratricide!

My goodness!  Operation Moron is waaay behind schedule.  Give me a break on that.  My day job kept me away and I just moved to a new house.

Let’s Employ the Reagan Rule.

The Republican field is shaping up nicely.  Pay no attention to the early poles.  Especially where it applies to your favorite candidate.  You don’t want your guy to peak too early. I have my favorites and will do my level best to NOT trash the others too forcefully.  There are two exceptions to that. (Oh hush! There are always exceptions.)  One is Huckabee.  How in the hell did he ever get himself seen as a conservative.  He’s a progressive who uses Jesus a lot in order to pander to the Christian right.  He’s not a conservative.  My Christian friends will have to look elsewhere for a candidate who is both Christian – the authenticity of which is hard to measure – and a conservative which is easy to measure.  Cruz, maybe?  The other exception is Santorum.  This guy has theocracy written all over him.

Other than those, I will argue policy and ideas with the Republican field, but I won’t break their stones.
I’ll save my real wrath for people like Bill Clinton’s old lady.

In a previous post I admonished my fellow voters to not spend their time bashing every republican wannabe who is not their guy (or gal).  I have similar advise for the candidates.  Let’s start now to get candidates thinking along those lines.  That’s part of what Operation Moron is about.  Not just dumping the big four in congress (good for every single American) but having a more civilized and productive approach to politics (which is good for Republicans). That means layout your positives and comparing yourself positively to all opponents.  But save the big guns for the slime that currently hold the highest offices right now.


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