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Simple but Critical Economic Awareness

This comes to us from Jessica Burns, of St. Louis, MO, a wonderful lady and always the smartest duck in the room.

One of the reasons we end up in a snit during a market correction and politicians start mucking about with the economy is because we fail to realize how important the corrections are and because we don’t understand economic laws.   The politicians, taking advantage of the panic for short term gain, invariably make things much worse and drag out what would be a normal, almost painless recovery.  We must learn that when things turn down as they occasionally MUST do, all of us – producers, retailers, consumers – must learn to keep our heads and not scream for incompetent beltway idiots to do ANYTHING at all.

It wouldn’t hurt to take some personal responsibility and sock some cash away when times are flush.

Watch-Learn-Share…then watch it again.

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