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Operation Moron

May ’15 Update:  The idea is catching on.  But your representatives don’t fear you yet.  So this sorry state of affairs will only continue until they hear from you.  Still, it’s good to see that most people are paying attention.

Sneak Preview

These are the key points of the project:
  • For my Democratic friends (this would be not fun without you) and my Republican friends, we have to dump the clowns who have headed up our congressional caucuses for the past several years.
    • Harry Reid – How did this whiney, mealy-mouth, lying little man ever land his position?  What did he and his Las Vegas people have on members of congress to cause them to put him a position of leadership?  He hasn’t uttered an honest worthwhile phrase in years.  Dump him!  Find a statesman!
    • Mitch McConnell – As I write I am listening to him making his acceptance speech.  The ONLY thing this pasty face, chinless non-player has going for him is his amazing wife.  He has been weak and useless throughout his entire tenure.  Dump him!  Find a statesman!
    • Nancy Pelosi – Shrill, idiotic, dishonest, staggeringly immature.  “Deemed to have voted” for Obamacare?  Is there a thinking person on the planet who doesn’t see how such disingenuousness does damage to the very fabric of this country?  If you can’t see it, go away.  I am not talking to you and you are of no value in this conversation. She is an embarrassment to her party and to this nation.  Dump her!  Find a statesman!
    • John Boehner – This guy can hardly walk. He has called on the President for “leadership”. He was the leader in the legislative process!  Does he not get this?  Does he understand a word of the Constitution of the United States?  Dump him!  Find a statesman!
  • Here’s the best part.  Under the Constitution that Mr. Suntan doesn’t understand, the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of Congress.  Draft a person of real political heft.  Condi Rice?  Bobby Jindal?  Chris Christie? W?  You tell me – WHO?  Put a name in the comment section.  We’ll get this as much exposure as we can and hit those goons inside the beltway with it.

What Else?

  • Keystone pipeline – no compromise!
  • Dump Obamacare – no compromise!
  • Slash corporate tax rates – Can you say automatic 2 Trillion Dollar stimulus without the public spending a dime?
We’ll get into investigations of crimes and incompetence over the next day or two.
To all, it is shaping up to be an interesting night.  What an amazing election season it has been.  But it is time to put the political prostitution behind us and get serious about pulling this economy out of the toilet.

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