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He's going to do it!

I have said here and to friends many times that the only way Obama enacts the policies issued to him by Valerie Jarrett is through authoritarianism.  I also said I suspect the cabal in the White House to be arrogant enough to thwart the election process.

Obama has a large ego but it is as delicate as a light bulb.  He is easily manipulated while at the same time believing that he is relevant.  Before the end of 2015 he will say words to this effect:  “Things are just too crazy.  Look at the border.  People are flocking in because the Republicans refuse to pass comprehensive immigration reform.  The Tea Party is causing unrest.  Ebola is spreading.  We are at war with ISIS (pick your phony crisis).  I’m sorry, but we just cannot have an election in 2016. We can’t have that divisiveness in this crisis!” He is that dim-witted.  He is that easily handled. The real power behind him is that hungry for power.

The “executive actions” are just trial balloons.  The term executive action has been reduced to mere euphemism here.  Executive implies he is carrying out the will of congress.  That is his only function as Chief Executive.  He can suggest legislation till the cows come home and advocate for it.  But he cannot create the laws to execute.  So these actions, “agreements” with China* that break it off in our asses while they pretend to think about doing anything, extending the business mandate, and especially the freebies for illegals, are just a test to see if he will get away with the big announcement next year.

Are you, the American voter (white, black, hispanic, male, female, liberal, conservative, Cubs fan); are you stupid enough to let it all slide by?

Support Operation Moron!!!  Stay tuned here!

* The agreement with China over green house emissions is so lop-sided as to be laughable.  It will be handed to the EPA for action and congress will be ignored.  That’s because McConnell and Boehner lack the sack to do their jobs.

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