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Ebama Takes On Obola "Scientifically"…

…(which is to say arbitrarily and without the capacity for reason)

Of all the scandals and crimes committed by the Obama administration, the ebola debacle shines as the most stupid.  AND IT AIN’T OVER.

What is the science here?

Let’s establish real parameters here.  The primary lies about ebola are the ways we are told the virus works.  We are told that if you don’t show symptoms in 21 days, you don’t have ebola.  The evidence for this is anecdotal.  No statistician can say otherwise.  The CDC admitted early on that there has been no study with a control group to prove the 21 day stat.  How the hell could you do that?  What they have as evidence is this:
Question:  When did your sister who had ebola last puke on you?
Answer:  About three weeks ago.
Question:  And you are just testing positive today?
Answer: Yes.
Comment to colleague:  Well that’s the longest lead time I’ve seen.  You?
From colleague:  Yep, 21 days;  I haven’t seen longer.  I’ll make a note of that.
The “science” surrounding the symptoms is even more deserving of ridicule.  We are told you ARE NOT contagious until you show symptoms (lately, among some commentators the phrase has been “until you have full-blown ebola”).  But no virus, including this nasty booger, works so mechanically. It’s not a trip wire.  You don’t walk down the street whistling and having sex with your girlfriend, then at 11:30:00 one morning develop a fever and 11:30:01become officially contagious.  If you have a strong constitution, you may feel a very slow onset (the doc who tested positive here most recently said he felt very fatigued while he was irresponsibly putting his friends at risk in the bowling alley). The truth is that around the time you start to feel some of the symptoms, sometime before or after, you are shedding virus.  You are contagious.
But the amateurs in the White House want you to believe they are fully in charge of the biology.  They are smarter and cooler than anyone, right?  But they can’t be “in charge” of something if it doesn’t conform to their narrative.  So, they make up a narrative.  Everyone around you is ebola proof until you have a specific temperature.  Before that…you’re good.
Another bit of science we are being treated to is, “Well, this thing just isn’t that terribly contagious.”  You’d think you would have to take a bath in the bodily fluids of someone with massive boils, bleeding from every orifice, and toss back a tumbler of it for good measure before you’d be in any danger of actually contracting the virus.

This virus is highly contagious.  Stop all traffic from West Africa until it is DECLINING.  I think the west will survive without all the dozens to tourist dollars we earn from that region.

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