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What People Really, Really Want.

Isn’t organized religion a handy contrivance?  There isn’t anything that you can say, not a single phrase you can mutter that can’t be tied into a phrase or idea in any grand holy book.  At the end of this article is a link.  For those entrepreneurs studying for the religion business, this link is a very poor example of how to structure your sermons.  It’s rather pathetic in terms of even religious symbolism.  If you want a high-calibre, self-serving sermon that’s going to make you extra relevant in the eyes of your parishioners, you might want to consult Joel Olsteen.  He’s got morons thinking they can find god on the radio for $5.95 a month.  Just a few platitude from a guy who learned his craft as his preacher Daddy’s sound man, and you too can find Jeeeeeeesus.

But the reason I included this clip at the end is because it demonstrates what people will swallow and what you can convince them of under the guise of “spiritual leadership”.  Most of the people in the “pastor’s” congregation that day knew that every word coming form his mouth was ridiculous.  A few, I’m sure, actually bought it.  There’s always a few.  But for all present, there was a reason to at least pretend they bought it.

At about 6:48 in the video, this “pastor” compares a punk and petty thief to that which is the model of perfection to Christians, the Christ figure himself.  This, he tells us, is the result of his conversation with the holy spirit.  His personal conversation that occurs because he is the guy on the podium and so much closer to the center of all existence than those to whom he speaks.  (If a word this guy said were true, you’d have to assume that the holy spirit has a serious problem communicating.) The comparisons he draws are even more stupid than the premise itself.  But, no matter, it was raw meat to those wanting to insinuate themselves into the narrative in front of the TV cameras. They wanted to be part of the hype supplied by this “pastor” and mob rat #7 and violent race baiter the “reverend” Al Sharpton.  This was a media party. This was the place, among many others, where people were getting “permission” from the charlatans to behave in any manner they wished with regard to the law and social norms.  And Al is a pro.  He has enriched himself making irresponsible accusations and encouraging hate and violence. He lacks the nads to take part in it.  But he didn’t mind seeing a Jewish shop burned down after he fired up some hate in a mob a few years back.

And even now, so many weeks after people rioted, burned shops and stole merchandise (because some punk they neither knew or cared about broke a cop’s face and ended up shot) the people of Ferguson look for any excuse the speak nonsense to power and try to provoke a confrontation with police.

There was a time when this would have been shocking.  But it is now a rather tame example of what has become the norm.

If you can convince a large groups of people in the middle east that stomping babies and beheading people because they won’t validate you and your stupid god, well then you could probably convince a few Americans to try it too.  It has already happened here.  If you can do that, then you could probably persuade your credulous followers to picket funerals and denounce soldiers because there are gay people in the military.  It follows that you could also convince people, having not a shred of evidence, that a man dying of a virus with a 50% kill rate was the result of racism.*  And if you can do all that, you can certainly use race baiting and emotional manipulation to get people to act like animals and tear their own town apart.  All you need do is pretend a worthless bully is a precious flower and spew stupid chants like, “No justice, No peace!”

Why?  Because that is what so many people want.  They WANT to be lied to.  They want to be led by the nose.  They want to feel like they are moving with the mob and are therefore more important than they once were.  They want to subjugate themselves to celebrity and call it religion.  They want to vote for political whores (statesmen require the listener to think).  They want to make as many decisions as possible based on pure emotion.  And they never want actions to have consequences.  So, when guys like mob rat #7 and the “pastor” tell them it is okay, they want to behave like mindless children.

To the looters and screamers in Ferguson, grow up. (It cannot be emphasized enough that the overwhelming majority of this cadre never knew the punk, Brown and don’t really care about him.) Learn to resent those who would separate you from the rest of society based on your skin color and join the rest of us at the grownups’ table.  Tell Shaprton, Farrakhan, et al to piss up a rope and sell their debasing shit somewhere else.

To the responsible citizens of Ferguson, I can only wish you well and assure you that eventually the others will run out of cool shit to steal and give themselves migraines screaming mindless chants.  When that day comes it will be up to you to rebuild you city.  It probably goes without saying, “no matter what your skin color” because that isn’t what makes you responsible or irresponsible.

To the rest of the country I can only suggest that you not draw the MSNBC lesson from Ferguson.  Justice doesn’t come from emotionalist rants and riots and mob mentality.  It comes from deliberative responses to crime and social ills.  By all means, monitor you police and government.  But don’t pretend you believe that the proper answer to the death of a punk is to praise the punk.  Wait until there is evidence before you decide to burn down your own neighborhood.

*”Reverend” Jesse Jackson, in a desperate bid to rebuild his own relevance blames the death of an ebola patient on racism.  But hey, he got on TV!  The collection plate and the next Rainbow Push rally should net a tidy profit.

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