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Since Everyone Else is Already Thinking About '16…

Alright, the speculation for 2016 has already started.  Pretty pointless because anyone who peaks now will be out of the race by the New Year.  But since were already engaging in the mental masturbation, there is a chance for me to impart some of my limitless wisdom on the arguments now shaping up.

First, everybody put their egos back in their pockets.  I keep hearing people over react to the prospect of a Paul, Bush or Romney.  Do the Republican Party a favor; tout who you think it should be. Don’t tell us who should not be nominated.  We have such propensity for shaping the argument for the opposition.  “Eeeeeew!  Not Bush!  We’ve had enough Bushes.”  “Eeeew!  Not Romney.  He only knows how to lose!”  Instead, don’t pretend these guys came down with the last drop of rain and at the same time, promote your guy.  My guy is Jindal.  He is by far the most underrated, under appreciated player on the field today.  He’s got executive experience and knows what he’s talking about.

Second, celebrate a strong field of recognizable names and punish severely the first one of them that seriously damages a Republican opponent.  We have so much to dump on the Democrats that any 10 Republicans can debate all night on 100 points, makes gains for themselves and never utter a single ill word toward another Republican.  But this will take vigilance on our part.  When I say punish, I mean when they get done bashing another Republican, we take to the web and talk shows until that guy couldn’t run for dog catcher.  Our candidates should fear us as much as the government should fear their citizenry.  Sadly neither entity is very scared of us right now because they know we (all of us in both parties) have had our heads up our asses since Reagan.  So let’s pull out heads out and exercise a bit of discipline for a year or two, eh?

Next, avoid small ball.  (You better sit down my Christian friends.  This will give you vapors.)  By small ball I mean all those things that subset politicians use to make you think they really give a shit about your single-issue narrow-mindedness.  Prayer in school, the ten commandments in front of Jerkwater city hall, American flags in HOA developments, gay marriage, Hollywood…these are drags to winning BIG in the general election.  Shame your mayors and governors and state and local legislatures into dealing with those issues.  That’s their job.  When national politicians jump on those band wagons, you are being played.  That applies to all of them. Yes, even (brace yourself) Ted Cruz.  I love the guy.  I want him to run as well.  He’s the shit, to put it in Navy terms.  But he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any of the things I just listed. He pretends to now and then.  But he is smart and he is a pragmatist.  He knows that if he is to make a difference and really nail his name in the pages of history, it won’t because he help Henry Overalls fly his VFW flag on his apartment balcony.  It will be because he kept this gargantuan monster we call the US government from sliding over a fiscal cliff, and then he butchered the monster.

So think big and sting the other guy with your worst venom.  Push fiscal conservatism, promote your Republican, get behind the nominee, then flay his Democratic opponent.  That’s how you win general elections.

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