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Do You Want to WIN This Month? Well, Do you?!?!

Let’s Start With Assumptions.

I’m going out on a limb and assuming that republican women take their voting franchise more seriously than men.   So I will address the men here.
I am further assuming you want to know what it takes to sweep the midterms and create a different political environment.
Well, then, I tell you the secret…

Turn out!!!!!!!

Don’t be a lame ass.  Don’t skip the polls on the way to work by convincing yourself the democracy will collapse if you are not at you desk at 0630.  Hell, Valerie Jarrett’s puppet hasn’t been at his desk in six years.  We’re still afloat – barely.  And don’t tell yourself that there might be a line at the polls in the evening.  Hell, most of those reading this have as much as a month to actually vote.  So do it!
But why should you, really?
Well, do you want to stop the IRS from being used as a weapon against political enemies?  TURN OUT!  Sure the Republicans could do it too.  But they don’t know the post election surprise we are cooking up.  Neither do you, although the more astute among you may have figured it out.
Do you want to smack the State Department whole hand in the side of the head and REALLY prevent another Benghazi?  TURN OUT!
Do you want to track down and imprison the people who got Brian Terry killed by running guns to Mexico to create a political narrative?  TURN OUT!
Do you want to shut down travel from West Africa?  TURN OUT!
Do you want to shut down the Department of Education?  They haven’t educated a single child or done anything any state can do.  In fact, everything they touch turns to shit.  TURN OUT!
Do you want to shut down the Jarrett Administration?  TURN OUT!
Do you want to see ISIS treated like the dogs shit they are?  TURN OUT!
Do you want to see the senate actually vote on something of significance and find out just how many surviving dems will actually vote for a Republican initiative and not go home to their voters and explain why they chose to keep Obamacare alive?   TURN OUT!
For that matter, do you want to see Obamacare replaced by tort reform and interstate, competitive insurance as opposed to crony capitalist insurance? TURN OUT!
D you want to stop worthless, stupid, race-baiting, sissy-boy punks from standing in front of polling places with clubs?  TURN OUT!  That’s correct.  To the members of the New Black Panthers; you are 
worthless, stupid, race-baiting, sissy-boy punks!
I could go on all night.  If you want to see all the garbage I just outlined continue, then by all means, be pussies and stay home.  But if any of the above rings a bell, put on your big boy pants and vote.
I can hear it already.  Some of you will say that I am just mean and that isn’t doing anyone any good.  We must be affirming and uplifting in order to get out the vote.  Well, I feel your pain.  And I have given the a lot of thought.  My carefully considered response to you is…SHUT UP!!!!!!
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