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The Obama “Recovery” [smirking]

Why do people, including “experts”, including people like Grover Norquist, always refer to the Obama “recovery” as the weakest since World War II? Truth be told, the Obama “recovery” was the worst since the period between 1929 and 1940 when we had not one crash, but three (’29, ’32 and ’37)[1]  At least DURING WWII, […]
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Are You Woke, Woker or Wokest? [eye-roll]

Am I the only one who smirks when supposedly grown adults use the term “woke”? Granted, slang is slang. In that regard who cares if people slouch to the use of a weak term on occasion. But in present discourse people discuss, straight-faced who’s “woke”, who’s “woker” and who still needs to “get woke”. Then […]
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A Silly Summit

A Silly Summit Watching Joe Duh prepare to face China and Russia this week was chock full of cringe-worthy moments. Even with the limited exposure Duh’s handlers permit him, he managed to sound utterly befuddled and ill-prepared. But there was comic relief throughout. First was watching the press discuss the much-ballyhooed “summit” generally. For the […]
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