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A common sense, real world look at the political zoo.  We cut through the BS and work to deny the cronies and political whores the power they covet. 



If I have something serious to say that isn't about politics or economics (I know, what isn't. Right?) I'll say it here.



Classicist economics. Most things political are economic issues as well, but sometimes economics, based on reality, stands alone.



Fart jokes, bad puns and any other silly thing that pops into my head.

The Democrat Party: One Big, Giant, Political Memory Hole

A list of things to be flushed down the memory hole. I think I final have the Democrat playbook figured out. It’s all about building a giant chasm between you and their miserable record. It’s the Memory Hole. They NEED you to forget their green tinker toy fetish, Hillary, the list of people who raped […]
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FALL IN! The REAL Energy Revolt

If you scanned a QR on the side of a vehicle you saw the FALL IN, The REAL Energy Revolt in action. We are a movement committed to restoring our country to energy independence and our economy to some semblance of sanity. Join our movement. We will drive on all interstates, highways and major roads […]
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Sponsors Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday Party

Woodworkers treat yourself to this program with huge extras and make some serious sawdust. Increase Joy! Reduce frustration!       I hope you are enjoying the holidays.  I broke out some ideas and suggestions below.  But lots of folks prefer to browse, discover that perfect gift on their own.  I do.  If that’s you, […]
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