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What Will Become of the Internet?

Don’t sit on your hands! Bottom line up front (BLUF): I am going to ask you most imperatively to write your congressmen – NOW!  I am also going to ask you to share this on all your social networks. If you already understand what the loss of ICANN means to our freedom of speech and […]

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Letter for Your Senators and Reps.

Go to your Senator and your House Rep contact pages. Cut and paste this letter. Dear Senator, If Congress had done its job when this idea was first floated, this letter would not have been necessary. But Congress did not, so as of September 2016, we will lose control of ICANN and the Domain Name […]

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DHS and FBI: Partners in Failure

What the Partners Failed to DO Well, almost 15 years after 9/11 national law enforcement and intelligence have still not learned the basic lesson it should not have needed to learn to begin with. No stove piping. On three occasions the FBI had the pleasure of Omar Mateen’s company. It seems this unworthy piece of […]

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Indicted? If only it were true!

Below is an interesting article floating around social media. It makes very good points about what BJ Bill’s wife should be facing. Sadly, the headline is somewhat misleading. If it were true – if the Justice Department already knew she was to be indicted – the word would be flooding out from everywhere. I’ll include […]

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Climate Hustle: Could Have Been Done Better.

I attended a showing of Climate Hustle on 2 May 16 at the Cinemark 16 in Gulfport. It was very instructive. In terms of content, Marc Morano did a very good job. Using evidence and argument, as opposed to the vitriol and emotionalism exhibited by climate alarmists, the film stepped through the history of the […]

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Why We All KNOW Apple is Right!

This call is not even close. Since when can we compel someone to fight crime as opposed to voluntarily getting involved. And how do we require someone to actively do what police should be doing at huge risk to their livelihood? No government has the authority, and before now even Stalinist Russia never served a […]

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New Video

I created this ad for a local TV market. To make it go national, I need your help. Please share this on all your social media sites. If it goes viral, we will change the game. Watch it here.

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Nino: The Kind-Hearted Communicator

Unlike many “conservatives” I am not a doctrinaire advocate of Antonin Scalia. Unlike constitutional deconstructionists, I don’t chose on whim to disagree with him. More on that in a bit. But we must first recognize the weight of the loss this country faces today. The literary loss easily matches that of Hitchens or Buckley. Scalia […]

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You are far more powerful than you may realize!

On the night of the Paris attacks, I posted an article in which I said I never wanted to be the idiot waiting for the shooter to deliver my bullet. None of us need to be that idiot. This is a long-overdue concept. The key is in what the author of the link below calls […]

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T'is the Season for Solipsistic Holiday Whining.

Say “Merry Christmas” to me, goddamn it! On which planet is it where we “can’t” or “must” say Merry Christmas? Some people don’t. But that’s certainly none of our business…unless you are a Hillary fan or a PC campus nut job.  They are the type who think they should decide for others what they must […]

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Wiggle E. Tooth: A Young Family's Must- Have Book

Rosemary Mele is a devoted mother of teenagers and a productive member of her community. She’s a lady with a good heart and a quirky sense of humor. Until recently, few knew she is also a writer of a children’s book. When her children were young, she used story-telling to help them understand the world […]

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The Potential Price of Ego: Geraldo Rivera's Most Idiotic Moment!

Rivera; What a Jackass! I have been watching Geraldo Rivera for decades. While he has ALWAYS been about inserting himself into the story, he has gotten some pretty good “gets” over the years. He’s also occasionally bombed. Still, he is usually interesting regardless of what position you may take on a given subject. But this […]

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Paris! This is Our Wake Up Call – Again!

BIG Update! I didn’t see this before. It was this paragraph that caught my attention: The brave men and women in our Armed Forces should not be left defenseless against terrorists on American soil. Local commanders now have the authority to allow service men and women to be armed while on base. Members of the […]

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For My Fellow Scribblers

Before leaving Virginia, I was a member of several writers’ groups in the area. Sadly, I didn’t have time to attend meetings with all the groups. But I haven’t forgotten about you all. I know many of you are working on your first books or trying to make yourselves visible on google machines. And I […]

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Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All…Stupid is Redefined!

TV’s Most Dangerous Night EVER! That’s the tag line for the stupidest thing TV producers have created since Jersey Shore…and it’s aimed at the same audience. I have always tried to avoid being too abrupt discussing religion. I have no attachment to the spirit world, but I know some folks get a little touchy when […]

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Is the Bikini the Burka of Western Culture?

NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK BECA– USE YOU AND YOUR COWORKERS PRETEND TO BE OFFENDED BY BODY PARTS WHEN, IN REALITY, YOU’RE NOT. In the civilized West, Americans are hands down the most prudish about the silliest things. It seems hard to believe, but we are so squeamish about the female breast it’s almost embarrassing to […]

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2014 – Then This Post – Then 2015

Resolutions I have but one New Year’s resolution: EFFING WRITE MORE!  I have been remiss, especially in the last month or so.   Review 2014 saw the launch of one of the most riveting and influential blogs in all of Thornburg, Va.  This one, Pedestrian Politics and Economics far outstrips the local competing blog Lawnmower Engines […]

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What People Really, Really Want.

Isn’t organized religion a handy contrivance?  There isn’t anything that you can say, not a single phrase you can mutter that can’t be tied into a phrase or idea in any grand holy book.  At the end of this article is a link.  For those entrepreneurs studying for the religion business, this link is a […]

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The Weird Shit Humans Do – Part I (Kissing)

The best thing about hosting a political blog is that when I grow weary of covering the political zoo, when I despair of ever finding an actual statesmen in this intellectual wasteland, I can occasionally avert my attention and just have fun.  To wit: Let’s Play Smashy Face! Have you ever sat back and taken […]

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Our Tradition

July 1st On our lawn in Thornburg, Virginia. July 4th Same lawn, same flag pole. Every year between July 1st and July 4th, Lyn and I (she is still Canadian and loyal subject of the Crown) stand on the lawn in period costume and beat the tar out of each other.  We call it a […]

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Caveats for the NOW…and the Chinese Crud.

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They say if you live long enough you get to see everything. Well, this Xi TB event has brought about some really mind-blowing revelations about just how stupid people can be. I’m not talking about you [looking askance]. You’re here with me right now so you are brilliant. But just in case you might be […]

Caveats for the NOW…and the Chinese Crud.

By Street Politics | March 24, 2020

They say if you live long enough you get to see everything. Well, this Xi TB event has brought about some really mind-blowing revelations about just how stupid people can be. I’m not talking about you [looking askance]. You’re here with me right now so you are brilliant. But just in case you might be […]


By Street Politics | October 9, 2019

Houston Rockets GM Apologizes for Being Right! Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All… Have you read Animal Farm yet? You should. If it’s been a while, reread it and think of today. But while saying that, I will throw out a spoiler at the same time. The pigs in the story are socialist […]

The United States on the World Stage: Slow-Motion Train Wreck

By Street Politics | October 8, 2019

7 October 2019 The Slow-Motion Train Wreck. Today’s foreign affairs headline reflects, in microcosm, our status as the “world super power.” We are no longer that, of course. We are an international train wreck. Specifically, what your are about to read is why I put chapter 16 in Street Politics: It Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP […]

Don’t Be A Political Pansy…on Election Day.

By Street Politics | November 4, 2018

The tag line I use to promote my book is “Don’t be a Political Pansy!” That is tongue-in-cheek advertising, and as much a joke as it is a challenge. But there really is a breed of political pansy out there. I normally serve up red meat on this site. There is so much we can […]

Ford vs Kavanaugh: #I Don’t Believe Her!

By Street Politics | September 18, 2018

When you don’t have an argument… …have a contrived scandal in your pocket ready to spring on your opponent.  There is no honor in it, but you might just get the worthless win anyway.  When you are without scruples taking the highroad has no appeal. Bottom Line Up Front. I have looked at the Ford […]

Vanity Fair Ought To Be More Careful

By Street Politics | August 26, 2018

One of my future books is going to deal with just how wrong so many people can be about so many things. The reasons for such wrong-headedness are simple: One is immature or unprofessional writers, either out of ignorance or agenda, splashing stupid all over the web. The second is that we, as information consumers, […]

My Facebook Friends Are Drones. An inner monologue.

By Street Politics | June 21, 2018

We are indeed a lovely lot of mindless drones. The state of our nation is in free-fall. This is the product of our own numb skulls.  Thank you Facebook! It would be one thing to say that we had no choice in the matter. Perhaps an evil government entity snuck some hypnotic substance into our […]

Sexual Counterfeiters

By Street Politics | January 5, 2018

I wrote this before leaving town for the holidays.  But check out the update at the end.  I love being right! Let’s pretend we’re Puritans and we’re irreparably offended by Roy Moore, et al! A good holiday read this year might be The Crucible: A play in four acts by Arthur Miller. Yes, the original […]

Why Everyone is Wrong About the NFL "Protests".

By Street Politics | November 7, 2017

This whole taking a knee stunt has more than worn out its welcome.  From the start it was missing the point of the playing of the National Anthem to begin with.  But so was almost all of the reaction to it. First let’s clarify what the “protest” has been from the beginning.  It was a […]

Why Everyone Is Wrong About "Tax Reform"

By Street Politics | November 7, 2017

So, What’s Wrong With “Tax Reform”? I’ll start with this little hint:  What we are seeing debated right now in the abortion we call Congress is not tax reform.  It isn’t even a significant tax reduction.  Okay, so that was more than a hint. Take a gander at my piece about Boris and Ivan.  When […]