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A common sense, real world look at the political zoo.  We cut through the BS and work to deny the cronies and political whores the power they covet. 



If I have something serious to say that isn't about politics or economics (I know, what isn't. Right?) I'll say it here.



Classicist economics. Most things political are economic issues as well, but sometimes economics, based on reality, stands alone.



Fart jokes, bad puns and any other silly thing that pops into my head.

Let’s Not Relearn All the Same Lessons! 2020

We saw it all coming! I wrapped up the second edition of this book during the 2016 general election.  In it, I got one key prediction wrong.  I said Trump was looking weak going into the fall and might well loose the election to BJ Bill’s wife. Then, the FBI found criminal evidence against Hillary […]
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Rocky VIII: An Economic Metaphor Part 2

8/14/19 4:27 The markets have closed down 800+. And no, it still isn’t the Hong Kong riots that caused the drop. That is just another symptom. In Hong Kong, as with all drawn-out protests by youth, a Lord of the Flies mentality has set in. Agitators in their little corners of the conflict are fighting […]
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Rocky VIII: An Economic Metaphor Part 1

8/14/19 It is 1:14 PM. The Dow is off 722 points after an already crappy previous week. You’ve missed me haven’t you? I have been away too long. I have been toiling away in the shop making furniture and trinkets. I do that to get away from the moronspeak[1] that is American politics. And there […]
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