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Quick Hits

Muddled Interpretaions In my upcoming book, I talk about political imagery and how it acts upon the political ignorance of too many of our voters.  But the ignorance is not limited to voters. Some supposedly smart people have a real hard time getting it. This morning Stuart Varney, fairly well respected, counted Robert Francis O’Rourke […]
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Part 3: I Am Throwing My Hands Into the Air. The Imperial Trump

  What did I tell you? What the HELL did I tell you? This is part 3 in my discussion about our acceptance of extra-constitutional bullshit and how we think it’s okay when our guy does it. The Imperial Trump is not a good thing, no more than the Imperial BHO. In part 2 I […]
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Trump’s Potential Fatal Errors Part 2: Martial law

In part 2, I am going to veer from talk of deficits and crash into the border wall. I will tie it all up in part 3. Well, it’s this or martial law. I said last time that the Trump administration could pose a much greater danger to our country long term, than anything this […]
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